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January 21, 2008

Farewell Louisville, Kentucky…It’s Been A Blast

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Kentucky State Flag

Well, my week has come to an end.  I left my home last Tuesday morning at 0610 on a Southwest flight out of California, headed for Louisville, Kentucky in order to get away from some really stressful things, to get my head clear and straight, to visit my best friend who I knew would allow me to just re-ground myself, find my center and all that other New Age talk for just re-setting my batteries.  I had reached the point in my life where things just weren’t making much sense and were falling apart around me and just needed to get away to clear my head.  My friend is the head pyro-technician for a stage show and allowed me to stay with his girlfriend and himself while they were in town and I took him up on it.  I had been wanting to hook up with him out on the road for the last eight years, and just always found excuses not to do it.  Well, this time, my fingers went faster than my head, and I had purchased the airline tickets before I could rethink the plan, and next thing I knew, I was at the Louisville Airport, trying to find my ride.

 I gotta admit, I had no idea what to expect when I got here.  There were some pre-conceived notions as to just what Kentucky was.  I had envisioned a lot of trees, rolling hills, beautiful horse ranches and the like.  I had been watching the weather reports for the week prior to my coming out, and it had been stating that it was supposed to snow the entire time I was to be here, so I was expecting a large amount of white stuff all over the ground, the trees and cars.  I was expecting a fair amount of Southern Drawls from the people I talked to and plenty of that “Down Home Southern Hospitality” I had heard so much about.  Well, I was not too far off about that much, but still, I couldn’t have been farther from the truth of the place.

First off, let me say that I have not one bad thing to say about the parts of Kentucky that I experienced.  I enjoyed my entire time here, and I am really sad to be leaving.  I really wish I could be staying at least another week, maybe two.  I have been getting plenty of rest, lots of relaxation and really, really enjoying my time with my friend.  He has been helping me in the exact way I knew he would.  Nothing is more reliable that a best friend, I tell you, and he is the best.  He has that “old soul” that is comforting to you just by being around you, just by sitting in the same room.  When I leave here in the morning, I leave a new human being, I leave the way I was 20 years ago, not the way I was or have been the last 4, and I owe it all to the two of them.  His girlfriend has been like the older sister I never had, but always wished I could have.  I can never be or repay them for the love and friend ship they have been or shown.

 Now, Louisville, what can I say about this town.  It is so spread out, it appears as though the entire town was picked up by a huge helicopter, raised up to 20,000 feet up in the air and dropped, and wherever everything landed, that’s where it stayed.  It just splayed all out.  Nothing is near anything else.  It is just plain spread out.  I am used to my own city, obviously, where there are restaurants everywhere downtown.  Here, there is one restaurant, then nothing for a long time.  I feel sorry for the office workers.  they don’t have much choice at lunch.  However, I am sure they have it all figured out.

There does seem to be plenty of nightlife, and in the outlying areas, it is just beautiful.  The houses and such are old and well kept.  Just beautiful.  The city, though, appears as if it is going through a major renovation.. ALL of it, everywhere.  There does not seem to be anywhere in the downton area that is not boarded up and being redone.  This looks as if it holds a great deal of promise for this city for the near future when it is all done, and they have a grand “re-opening” of the city.

 Just tonight, we ate at the “Maker’s Mark” restaurant, and I gotta tell you, the food was outstanding.  The steak I had with the bourbon sauce was to die for.  If you come to this city, you gotta go to Fourth Street, just down from “The Hard Rock Cafe” and eat at that restaurant.  The plates are about 30-35 bucks each, but well worth the price.

It never did snow, though my second day here had some sleet in the morning.  I visited the Louisville Slugger factory, got my picture taken with Colonel Sanders by Susie, the really friendly staff person at the Louisville Visitor’s Center (If you stop in, be sure to ask her about her Bourbon Happy Balls), and took a trip out to Churchill Downs and walked out onto the track and touched 134 years of horse racing history.  I walked the streets and never once felt worried or frightened of being mugged.  The people were very friendly, though no one really had much of a “Southern Drawl”.  I got a great scenic tour with explanations of historical sights from my cab driver on the way to Churchill Downs, and he got a 100% tip for his trouble, found out that Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco is a valuable commodity. 

All in all, I am really, really happy that I came here and really sad to have to leave and return home.  I miss my daughters terribly, but wish I could be here one more week.  I could really do with one more week of rest, and hey, I just found a bunch more things only today to explore and play at.

Louisville, thank you so much for your hospitality, and the use of your city.  I hope one day to return and even make it to the Derby and have a Mint Julep with one of your Kentucky Belles in their fabulous hats. 

Yes, I can actually see buying a house in this state.  The landscape and countryside is everything I thought and hoped it could and would be and even when it was 19 degrees last night, it was still a wonderful place to be.

If you ever get the opportunity to come to Kentucky, do not pass up the chance, and have a great time.



January 18, 2008

Now It’s Hill-Dawg’s Turn To Use Lewinski…And Wastes No Time

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Somtimes a cigar is just a cigar...

So, you knew it would happen.  You knew that with this being an election year, with Hillary running for President…the “Ultimate Goal” the entire reason that she stuck it out with Bill all these years, put up with all his crap, was forced to spit forth all that “Oh how I love and support that man of mine” bile that you KNOW just stuck in her throat like a fish bone the size of the Loch Ness Monster, how she has smiled through all those public appearances with him, the “Look what a happy couple we still are” photo ops, just for this moment in time when she can actually feed her narcissistic hunger, her megalomaniacal need to be that First Woman President that fought through all those horrible things that happened to her along the way…the poor dear…that this was going to happen.

The “Ten Year Anniversary Of The Monica Lewinski Scandal”!!!!  YAY!!!!  Yup, that time when she was able to coin the term, “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” that had obviously planted this whole thing, had set her husband up, had been doing all it could to get him out of office.  He, being such an innocent little angel…never having done ANYTHING wrong, never raping, fondling, groping, cheating, sexually harassing, making women in his employ feel uncomfortable or ANYTHING like that.  Her NEVER having to come up with a War Room that had to handle the women that were going to come forth to denounce him, that were going to come forth with the truth as to what a rapist, sexual harassing fondling, groping, sexist philandering beast he is.  No, because that would put them in the way of her “Ultimate Goal”  POWER!!!

Well, where do all serious Presidential candidates who want to be Leader of the Free World, especially in a time of war go to talk about the real important topics that matter to this country?  Do they go to FOX News?  No, because the Democrats wet their pants in fear of that channel.  They might actually be asked a real question and not worshipped by the moderator as a god.  Do they go to any of the other news organizations or the alphabet networks?  No…that’s been done and it’s boring. I mean, who wants to hear about the economy, health-care, the elderly, and after all, the Democrats do not believe that Islam is a problem, they do not believe in the War of Islamic Fundamentalism and Islamic Aggression Towards Global Domination as they think it is a Bush only thing and as soon as Bush is gone, Islam will all join hands with us, sing Kumbaya and see we are all good friends and everything will be hunky-dorry.

Why, the Front-Runner, Mrs Bill Clinton herself, goes on the TYRA BANKS SHOW!!!!  THAT is where she goes to talk about such things as what Bill will be called if she wins the Presidency.  And how will she handle such a crucial decision?   Well, she CAN’T handle that decision.  She wants YOU to handle it.  She wants it to be a CONTEST!

But back to this anniversary.

On the Tyra banks show, poor little Hillary sat there and did not utter a single truthful word the entire time she was there.  Now, this may not come as a surprise to most of you, I know it didn’t for me, but it was what she was saying that left my jaw on the floor.  Such lies that honestly were meant to tug at the heart strings of little Miss Middle-America who has had the Big Ugly Brute of a Beau-Hunk Husband who never says “I Love You” type…or so Hillary thinks.  That is the way I envisioned her handlers feel that these people in Middle America live, and that is how she was told to play this.  Take a gander and tell me that isn’t what they were trying to do.

“Exactly a decade after the Monica Lewinsky affair was first reported, the former first lady candidly revealed how she worked through the inner torment it caused, as she battles Barack Obama for the Democratic White House nomination.

“I really had to dig down deep and think hard about what was right for me, what was right for my family,” Clinton said on the Tyra Banks talk show on Fox television.

“I never doubted Bill’s love for me, ever, and I never doubted my faith and my commitment to our daughter and our extended family.

“But I had to decide what I ought to do, I think it is so important to be able to hear yourself at a moment when it is hard … there are so many times when you really have to listen to yourself.”

Oh now COME ON!!!!  YOU had to decide???  YOU had to think???  YOU had to do what was best???  INNER TORMENT???  The only “Inner Torment” she felt was whether or not this meant she was going to have to be thrown out on her well padded butt thanks to her husband, squashing her hopes of future power grabs and her self-thought place in history.  The only thing SHE had to do was to figure out which one of her handlers and advisers to listen to and which one’s advice to take first.  There was no decision of her own made at all!  Frankly, if she had made the decision to get a divorce, she would have made strides for the women’s movement like no one’s business.  She would not be struggling in the polls anywhere near as bad,  and she would not be having to fight anything about her husband’s shadow.

Instead, what she did was set the entire Women’s movement back DECADES.  She allowed someone who was A KNOWN SEX OFFENDER to get one over on her, to USE a woman FOR SEX and DISCARD her, to ABUSE women, to shut them up and try to intimidate them out of testifying against him, and so many other things, and now she is saying that “I never doubted my husband’s love for me” and all that other crap?  How she shouldn’t make rash decisions?  Look, the only decisions she was making was how it was going to affect the Greek Tragedy that she calls her Political Career.

The disgusting fact that there are so many women in this country that fall for her line, that think she is “such a trooper”, that she is “such a strong woman” that has “weathered such a storm” is just so painful to hear about or to witness.  It just shows how many women out there are susceptible to being taken advantage of by slimy, phillandering, abusive men.

Now, my marriage is not perfect by any means.  I have my own problems, as does everyone else.  However, one thing is for DAMN sure, I would never cheat on my wife, I would NEVER give her a reason to doubt my love for her, and I would NEVER use my marriage and family as a marriage and family of convenience…as a “prop”… as this Hillary and Bill are doing. 

I love my wife and children with every ounce of my being.  Look around you.  It is not hard to tell the families, the husbands, the wives, that honestly and truly love each other.  Even when they are not getting along, you can see that they still love each other, deep down inside.

Now look at these two people.  Look at them over the years.  You tell me in all honesty…do you really believe it when either one of them say they have any love for the other person?  Can you honestly say there is anything there but what they can get off the other one financially and politically?  Christ, they didn’t even have the same bedroom in the White House or sleep in the same bed…BEFORE Lewinski.  That’s a loving devoted marriage?

There was a great deal more to this Tyra Banks interview, and it is just disgusting.  For her to be using this now, to try and garner votes, to be trying to play the sympathy card now…the “Vote for me, because I am a poor, cheated on wife” is just pathetic, dishonest, a straight up lie and pure wrong in every sense of the word.  Any of you women out there that even CONSIDER, let alone actually vote for her because of this should be ashamed of yourselves.  She should be punished for using this ploy, not rewarded.  If she is so hurt by it, she should have done something about it ten years ago.  I am sorry, you do not elect someone President because their husband had an affair in the Oval Office.  If anything, that is another reason not to let them anywhere near the place again. 

If she cannot handle the pressures of campaigning, cannot handle the pressures of being a Senator, cannot handle the pressures of being a parent and cannot handle the pressures of being a wife and control her own husband and family, then why do you people that want to vote for her in the Primaries and then again next November really think she can handle the pressures of being President, defend us against the enemies we are facing, handle the pressures of our economy and all that being the Leader of the Free World and the only Super Power left requires?  Hell, she starts crying every time she starts to talk now.  Do you think that conveys strength to Islam?


And Bill?  Happy Anniversary.  Have a cigar on me.


Walking Amongst the Greats

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Louiseville Slugger Factory 1-17-08

No trip to Louisville, Kentucky would be complete without making a pilgrimage to the factory where the wands that created so many Summers filled with magic are made.  Now, I have never been one to be considered the biggest baseball fan, however I used to play Little League like every good all American boy, have downed my share of beers playing softball on a crazy summer afternoon with friends and/or family, and nothing beats going to the baseball park, sitting in the stands and eating all the hot dogs you can stuff in your face, drinking a cold beer or soda, and eating hot, fresh peanuts and looking at people all day on a warm, summer afternoon.

Growing up as poor as I did, I did not have that many opportunities to go to many games.  My first Major League game was when I visited family one Summer in Cleveland, Ohio.  My mom had taken a job working for her aunt in a tavern, cooking, and my little brother and I spent the Summer either weeding her dilapidated garden, or sitting on some old whiskey boxes during the lunch rush in order to stay out of the way.  This was 1978, and I was 10 years old. 

My cousin took pity on us, and the lousy Summer we were having, and decided to take us to see the Cleveland Indians play.  They played the Minnesota Twins.  I remember watching Rod Carew bat…I remember seeing “Chief Wahoo”.  I remember watching the guys in the Center Field stands with their headdresses, the drums, banging away, the big sign with “Chief Wahoo” animated, doing all sorts of things, the souvenirs…oh man, what an experience.

My uncle, the man who took over for my father growing up when he could, would try to take my brothers and I to the minor league games, before they were sold to Japan.  We would go to all the special games…the helmet days, the ball days, and especially…the bat days.  To this day, I still have the little bat that I got that day, in my truck, under the seat.  It is one of my most prized possessions.  I keep it there, because it is the only place I can be sure that my daughters will not get it and ruin it or lose it.

Where was that bat made some 35 or so years ago?  Right here in the city that I am visiting, and the factory that I was fortunate enough to pay my $9.00 and take a tour of…the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Factory.

The huge bat out front was neat, but inside, the history hit you…well it hit you like a bat.  Along the wall is a piece of bat with the signature burned in of every player that every used a Louisville Slugger bat all the way up to 2007.  There was a special section in black for the “Hall of Fame”‘ers.  Once in the factory, you got to see how it was all done.  Amazingly, up until just a couple of years ago, they were still hand lathing every bat.  Now, only two hand lathes remain, and only used for demonstration purposes.  Now, everything is done by computer, of course, making every bat come out within a margin of error of the thickness of two pieces of paper.  Pretty phenomenal.

We got to see bats of actual Major Leaguers being made.  Can’t remember their names, but wouldn’t drop the names anyway.  Amazingly enough, found out that even when making bats, the Minor Leaguers can’t catch a break.  The bats aren’t made quite as good as the Majors are.There are several ways of making them, and the higher quality bats go to the higher quality players.  The highest being the Major Leagues.  Sorry Bush Leaguers. 

Along one wall though, was the most amazing thing of the entire tour.  It housed every signature of every baseball player that every played the game dating all the way back to 1905.  The collection could not ever have a price put on it.  There would be no way to replace it,and nowhere else in the world has one.  Only a few people have ever been able to touch them.  Just think, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Dizzy Dean, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson…all right there, ready to be engraved/burned into a bat.  Priceless.

The worst part of the tour…no pictures.  No one could take any pictures of any kind in the factory.  Not sure why, I mean, the factory had huge window that looked out onto the street, so if you really wanted, to, you could stand outside and take them, but hey, always one to follow the rules, none were taken.

At the end of the tour, we were given these tiny little souvenir bats, which were cute, but just weren’t gonna cut it.  This was not going to be the souvinier to take home to the girls that said, “Hey, Daddy loves you and you’ll treasure this always”.  So, off to the gift shop I went.  Inside, they allow you to buy a regulation Louiseville Slugger bat, and then have your name and then nickname or other saying burned/etched into it on the end like a regular Major League signature.

$200.00 and 20 minutes later, I proudly walked out of the factory with my friend and four Powerized, beautiful Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats, freshly made straight from the factory for myslef, and my three daughters with our names and the nicknames I have had for all three of them since each of the were born, proudly emblazoned on each bat, carfully packaged in a box to be checked onto the plane.  Why checked luggage you ask?  Because baseball bats are Verboten…forbidden.  Might be used to hijack the plane, and wouldn’t want DHS to confiscate them.  I can’t wait to see the look on their faces, especially the ten year old’s who used to play Little League when they see their own personalized baseball bats, and see them hanging on their walls.

 So finally, went out and had a great day.  Fought through the Global Warming, (Otherwise known as rain/snow/sleet) and had to go into an Army/Navy store and buy a Field Jacket as I forgot to pack my jackets for the trip, and basically enjoyed walking around a great American Historical Landmark, one that truly represents “America’s Favorite Past-Time”…Baseball.

Thanks Louisville Slugger.


January 16, 2008

Dip-less In Kentucky?

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Smokeless In Kentucky

So here I am, a “Pilgrim in an Unholy land” as the case may be.  A Native Californian, alone except for another Native Californian and his Native New Yorker girlfriend here in Louisville, Kentucky.  So far, I have enjoyed myself immensely.  I have been doing exactly what I have come here to do.  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I got off the plane and, other than the mix up as to how I was going to get to the hotel, how my Metro PCS Wireless phone was going to work out here, and why Louisville Airport was the only airport that did not have free wireless service, met my buddy’s girlfriend, made it to the hotel, met my friend, made with the pleasantries, got out of my road clothes and proceeded to immediately pass out in bed, having been up since around 0300 that morning.

I awoke around 2300 hrs Kentucky time, which was 8pm California time, not knowing where I was, what was going on or anything.  talked to my daughters, realized there was nothing good on because this hotel has crappy channels, (no Spongebob) and then toured the Internet for awhile.  I proceeded to drift in and out of consciousness like that all night and most of the day.  My friend would check on me, making sure I was alright, as he had to work.  I skipped breakfast and such.  His girlfriend called around 1pm when she got back from the doctor, and still I slept.

I had not been away from home, the family, kids, dog, cats, fish and other “hangers-on” in quite some time and never for this long.  Even when I had, I always felt guilty about it and felt a need to go right home.  When on vacation, I always felt the need to do something.  Had to go sightseeing, couldn’t waste the trip, had to go, go, go.  Well, not this time.  I had no kids to deal with, no wife, no chores, no complaining, no whining, no, “I’m bored”, no “I’m hungry”, no nothing.  Just the TV, the computer and a bed, although nowhere near as comfortable and good for my destroyed back as my “Select Comfort” one at home, but a bed that was raping me none-the-less. 

 Until IT happened.

I reached over to the nightstand, where I kept my trusty can of Copenhagen Long Cut tobacco, needing to put that pinch between my cheek and gum to satisfy my every need at that moment, to make the moment I was having of cartoon watching in my nice, warm bed perfect…when I saw…it…was…EMPTY!!!!! GASP!!!!  HORROR OF HORRORS!!!!

But this cannot be!  This would mean I would have to get out of bed, get dressed, leave my room, go out into the unknown world and find someplace that had it.  Oh woe is me.  I knew I should have hit up Sam’s Club before I left.  Oh well, this is Kentucky, right?  Surely all I would have to do is go outside, kick over a rock and there would be an underground river flowing with cans of chew.  It’s not like in California where the Tobacco Police cruise the streets, making you feel guilty about “Second Hand Smoke” and how you are destroying everything known to man and science by utilizing the gift the Native Americans gave us that drove this country’s economy for hundreds of years and was used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes for eons.  Here, they still grow the stuff for gosh sakes.  Why, I bet I could even find it in fresh cans on trees if I looked hard enough.

So, I hoped in the shower, got dressed, feeling more rested than I have felt in about a year, feeling like I could take on the world, called my friend’s girlfriend, since he was at work, asked if she wanted to show me to the store.  She said she would and away we went, on a nice, brisk afternoon.  We went to the first liquor store we came to, a mere two blocks away.  I got four 20oz. Diet Pepsi’s, a staple of my existence, and asked for my can.  Alas, they had none.  I was shocked…they didn’t carry it.  However, the nice gentleman pointed us in the direction of a smoke shop that surely would have one, only a mere four blocks away, past a firehouse.  Hey, great for me, right?  Off we went. 

Upon entering the smoke shop, our nostrils were hit with the aromatic smell of several of the worlds most wonderful cigars.  no El Ropos in here.  Not one, but four carved Indians inside adorned this establishment, and several walk-in humidors.  There was a large case of Meerschaum pipes to die for.  Smokes of all tastes and makes.  Surely my quest was at an end.  After all, Kentucky=fine tobacco products.

“Nope, we don’t carry Copenhagen.  It’s a dated product.  If it don’t sell we get stuck with it.  Then we’uns gets screwed.  Ya’ll might wanna try the fillin station down yonder.  Might be ’bout 5 blocks dat’a ways.”  

By now I was aghast.  Now, those of you who do not use tobacco or who do not chew may be thinking to yourself that I could just use any product.  After all, it is all the same.  Well, it is not.  It is all different, and it all matters.  If I am going to run the risk of having my face fall off, I might as well do so with the thing I like and enjoy, and not some cheap crap that I hate and doesn’t taste good.

By this time, his girlfriend wanted to go back and get the car.  I still had a bag full of Diet Pepsi.  I insisted on walking, as I was enjoying the excersise.  I had not had much lately and was liking being out and about, getting a look at all the locals.  The locals, mind you, kinda reminded me of a homeless camp, but that’s another story.  Anyway, we went off “yonder” towards the gas station, passing the firehouse, which allowed me to shoot some bull with the guys there.  Let me tell you, no matter where you are, identify yourself as a fireman, or retired fireman, and you are a brother…period, and it is a great feeling.  Anyway, we finally made it to the gas staion where finally, they had it.  We found the Grail.  the bonus was that it was in the convinient Money Saving Two Pack.  However, they do not give money back at the register, and their ATM machine was not taking my card.  The cashier had to do it for me.  Yup, couldn’t have felt more like a tourist if I had Bermuda shorts on, a Panama hat and a camera around my neck.

So, quest over, the Grail returning home in pocket, and a stunning walk taken on an overcast, chilly Kentucky day, I learned one thing…Kentucky does not like chewing tobacco.  I mean, what is it about this town?  They went smokeless, so you would have thought the stuff would be everywhere.  It is Kentucky, one of the last bastions of where real people in this country live…and a guy couldn’t even get a can of Copenhagen Long Cutto save his life, not even in a smoke shop or a liquor store.

The moral to this story is, if you travel to Kentucky, bring your own tobacco products.  As for me and my plans for tomorrow…I am staying in bed.

Good night everybody.  And Fred Thompson…WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!


January 15, 2008

Fred Thompson Is Fading into The Abyss…

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My Candidate Of Choice Is losing Miserably

Well, after a very long day of travelling, that began with waking up late, 0340, to get to the airport with a 40 minute drive in the fog to catch my 0610 flight to Louisville, Kentucky (see below post), I got settled into my hotel after being met at the airport by my friends very beautiful girlfriend who is one of the key members of the cast, who drove me in, had a lovely conversation and took me to my room which they had all set up for me.  I tell you, I have some of the greatest friends in the world.  Yes, they are all Conservatives, and really know how to be there for you and know what exactly you need and when not to impose.  My buddy got done with his work call, met me in my room and we went down to the lobby and I got a sumptuous meal of “Easy Mac” and some tuna and crackers, my mandatory staple that is always on hand, Diet Pepsi, and i went to my room and collapsed.

Here is a little secret.  This big, brave fireman, who will rush into a burning building, rappel off a 90 story building, crawl through a collapsed skyscraper and show no fear in an emergency…is deathly terrified of flying.  Yup…straight on panic attacks just being in an airport.  So, I had to take a couple of Ativans in order to make my journey, which, of course, left me a drooling mess.  Made the flight though, however, I needed to sleep.  Ate my  “Meal of the Gods”, crawled into the bed…very comfy, even though it was not my “Select Comfort” bed that I have at home for my back, and passed out.  I mean I was sleeping the sleep of the dead.  Even now I struggle to stay awake.  The jet lag is not helping any either.  I woke when my friend called, this night’s show being over and the cast and crew being in another room wanting me to come over.  I begged off, stating that I am just too tired, and he understood, saying we would get together tomorrow, and his girlfriend would meet me for breakfast.  I fired off some e-mails to my daughters, who already are missing me big time as their daddy is never the one to go on trips.  They are not used to it.  Turned on the TV to catch the news.  Oh my…it was Primary night once again, and what did I see?  My boy Thompson once again took a pounding in Michigan.

Now, Romney took the Republican win, and it has yet to be decided if the Kos Children’s little immature stunt of Voter Fraud had anything to do with it, but that is another post.  And Clinton took the Democrats, but as I recall, Obama was not on this ticket, but I am not sure, and too tired right now to verify.  My concern is with Thompson and why he once again placed so low.  While there are still many states left, the chances of him pulling out from behind and pulling off some sort of miracle and becoming the Republican Candidate for President is somewhere between me becoming a billionaire while I am here in Kentucky, and me getting a sex change before I get back on that plane to come home.  Translated, that means slim to none.

There was an article linked from Drudge over the weekend where other Thompson supporters were telling him to get off his ass and take this fight to the Dems and yes, the other Republicans.  We want him to be the fighter we know he is.  The fact is, the only ones who know who he is are the people who are already supporting him.  Well, you do not win elections by only having people who already support you, vote for you.  You have to win over all the people supporting the other guys.  You have to win over all those “Undecideds”  You have to sway the Democrats.  You have to sprout a pair, start thumping your hand on that podium, calling the Dems the wussies they are, calling them on all the high taxes they want to impose, all their entitlements and the “Nanny State” and how to pay for it, calling them on how they will hand this country over to the enemy and get scores of Americans, uniformed and civilian, slaughtered as soon as they take office, and convince Americans that you and only you are the only person that can take care of all these things, and do it in a loud, commanding voice.  Just saying you refuse to raise your hand is not enough.  That is already yesterday’s news.

Senator Thompson, We support you.  We honestly and truly feel you would be the best, brightest and strongest man for this job.  We feel you are the man that respects the military, the police and firemen of this country.  We feel you understand the burdens that families face.  We feel that there is no better person to run this country financially, militarily, domestically, or in foreign affairs at this time, at this place, at this point in history.  We have done our job, put forth our efforts, done what we were supposed to do.

 Now it is your turn.  Time is running out.  There are no more tomorrows.  Please;  I and others are begging you.  Starting tomorrow, come out swinging.  Be the NEW SENATOR THOMPSON!!  Be the candidate that we have been waiting for.  Be the candidate that we all signed on for.  Be the candidate that will not send us home sad and dejected, feeling like we backed the wrong horse, feeling like we really did not know what we were doing.  It is time to get off the bench, stop sitting on your hands and come in for the big win…NOW!!!!

 Go out tomorrow and fight for the Presidency, fight to win and do not stop until you stand on that podium, right hand raised, taking that oath, and then fight for this country night and day until the enemies are defeated and we can once again say the world is safe, Liberals were wrong and you were one of the greatest Presidents of all time.


January 14, 2008

This Retired Fireman Is Heading For Kentucky!

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Only Kentucky Picture Worth A Damn I Could Find

 So, the time has come for me to get away.  As I mentioned in a previous post, and in my New Year’s post, things are not going as well as I had hoped they would or as I would like them to be going.  There is definitely some serious issues.  Did I say issues?  More like full on subscriptions.  Massive subscriptions.  I mean, like when those guys come to your door in poorly fitting shirts, looking like a bad imitation of "Peter Griffin" from "Family Guy" with some sob story about why they are trying to sell you magazines and how it is keeping them off of crack so you buy several magazines that you don’t want at over-inflated prices for several years kind of subscriptions.  OK?  Lots of stress.

 I have been dealing with the Worker’s Compensation system in the State of California for, as of tomorrow it will be exactly 4 years since my injury that sidelined me, crippled me and forced me into retirement, and has completely wore me, my wife and my family out.  Thanks to both former Governor Davis and current Governor Schwarzenegger, it has now become impossible for a truly legitimately injured employee in the State of California to be treated for their injuries, to receive compensation for their injuries, to receive medication for their injuries or anything for that matter without having to obtain an attorney and go to court every time anything is done or required, and even then that is no guarantee.

Yes, the Liberals and the Lobbyist truly won out on this one.  Not the Unions though.  Truly, this is one where what the Unions wanted needed to be heeded. 

Now, I am one of those weird nuts on the tree.  I am a dyed in the wool Conservative Republican, but I am also a Union member who believes in Unionism.  However, I believe in Unions for what unions were SUPPOSED to be for.  They are there to protect the employees against the management and keep management from abusing the employees, which they will do if given the chance, and to make sure that the workers are paid a "Fair Day’s Wage for a Fair Day’s Work".  That’s it.  Somewhere along the lines, power corrupted the Unions, organized crime got involved, lazy men who did not want to work got involved and the Internationals and main bodies got greedy.  Also, it is the individual locals of the Unions that tend to be screwed for the workes as well.  the union is only as strong as it’s membership and it’s governing body.  A local bought and paid for by the company, or a local that is milk-toast weak will never be worth a damn. 

The unions got very greedy when it came to Worker’s Compensation in California, and all the weak, lazy people who did not want to work, would stub their toes and then work the system.  Fraud ran amok in this state, doctors were prescribing anything and everything, money was flowing like a waterfall, and it became too expensive for businesses to operate in this state due to the insurance premiums thanks to the smae people who now are cheating the Welfare system.  Welfare cheats and Worker’s Comp cheats are all the same people.  They vote Democrat and believe that the wolrd owes them, they are all into the entitlement programs and do not believe they need to work.  They want all the money and want none of the effort.

 Well, the two Governors of California set out to fix it.  And fix it they did.  Now, nobody gets anything.  The Insurance companies are bragging how they have saved 10 BILLION DOLLARS last year.  Well duuuuhhhh…of course you did.  You are not helping anyone, and people who need treatment like me, get nothing, so yes, you will save money.  In the mean time, families are destoyed, jobs are lost, lives are ruined..and the Governor sits in his office, smokes his cigar from Casillas Hand Rolled Cuban Cigars in Sacramento, and back-slaps him Liberal friends in the California Legislature who helped him write this legislation which completed the damage that Davis started before we summarily kicked him out of office.

So,  I have had enough.  Tomorrow night, at around 1910 hrs. (That is 7:10pm for those of you that don’t do military time) it will mark the four year anniversary of when I slid my patient from my gurney to the hospital bed in the ED.  He was a pretty big guy, abot 6’4", 240-250 pounds, in end stage of throat cancer.  He was being suctioned in a "Skilled Nursing Facility" (Convalescent Home) by one of those imported nurses who speak very little English, that never know anything about the patients when you get there, and always seem to be "Just coming on/off duty" and thus know nothing about whoever it is you are there for.  Anyway, she also didn’t seem to know how to suction mucus out of the throat of a throat cancer patient, went in wrong and tore the back of his throat.  He was now basically drowning on his own blood, and we had to take him to the ED to get it fixed.  That’s right…I am crippled because a "Registered Nurse" did not know how to suction a patient…a basic EMT skill.

So my partner and I got there, went ot do the slide which we had performed a million and one times before with no problems…me being 6’2" tall and he being about 5’8" and we had worked out the mechanics just fine, when right at the last minute, like a flash of light, out of nowhere, another RN came over to my side of the patient, just as we executed the maneuver, grabbed the sheet at the patients legs and helped slide him over.  Now, normaly the help would be welcomed…BEFORE we are in motion, as we would be ready for it and would adjust for the help.  However, she seemed to throw something off.  That was it.  It was just that simple.  Something went, and I felt the pain.  It was a different pain in the small of my back.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before.  It was not a muscle pain…not a pop, not anything I could descripe.  More like an electrical pain…like someone had stuck a 220v cable directly into my spine.  I didn’t yell, I didn’t go down, I simply looked at my partner and said, "Uh oh…that was bad…that was different". 

He looked back and replied,”Was that your back?”

I said, “Yeah.  Why, did you hear something?”

“No.  I just saw the look on your face when we went over and I knew something happened.”

I finished my shift, trying to get the docs at the ED’s to give me something for the pain, but they wouldn’t unless I signed in and was seen.  I didn’t want to be seen because I didn’t want to be sent home, I didn’t want paperwork and didn’t want to go on W.C. at all.  I got back to the station and in the morning, when the Captain woke up, I thought it best to let him know about it.  I told him that I didn’t want to see a doc, that I had some muscle relaxants at home and I would try those…I was sure they would do the trick…even though I knew that something was very, every wrong.  I put on my running shoes and went for a run.  By the mile and a half mark, I just could go no farther.  I was in excruciating pain.  I went back to the station and the process towards my retirement started.

I was off for a month, on light duty for a month and then returned to full duty after lying to the doctor and telling him I could do it.  In fact, i was in pain, and spent all my off-duty time resting up and recovering just enough to be able to go back to work.  Eventually I got so bad, that by January 8th of 2005, I was working out in the Apparatus bay of my station and that was it.  I did something where I was incapable of moving for 20 minutes and finished the shift and never returned to the station in uniform again.  It was my last day as a fireman. 

I spent the next two and a half years fighting with the Department, the City Workman’s Comp System and everything else related, their company they use that authorizes anything from medications to treatments and surgeries etc., trying to get fixed, get better and return to work.  Just so you know, if you tell Worker’s Compensation that you do not want their money, that you do not want to retire and that you actually want to return to work…they have no idea how to deal with you.  They are so used to people wanting to just take the money and run, that they are not set up at all for repairing injured workers and getting them back to work.  that was the major problem I was up against.  My fighting to keep my job, my dream job, the best job in the world which I loved as much as my wife and kids, earned me a reputation of having an "Anger Issue" with them.  I told them I have no anger issue, what I have is a frustration issue of dealing with their constant "Delay and Denial" system when it comes to injured employees.


What it boils down to is this.

When it comes to the Firefighters in this country, we are everyone’s heroes.  9-11 brought us into the forefront.  People never before had a better chance to see what it was that we did.  We go in while people run out.  We do not run screaming from danger.  We are not there to die…we want to go home to our family and friends just like everyone else.  However, should the need arise, we will give our lives for our fellow man.  Sometimes, giving your life for your fellow man means that you are no longer breathing and are buried six feet under, sometimes it means that your life as you knew it is over and you can no longer pick you children up and play with them, you can no longer run, you can no longer play, you can no longer do so many of the things you once did.  Your life with your family is not what it was, your wife and children suffer daily because their father and husband has changed and is not what he was.

For the families of the firefighters who are dead…killed in the line of duty, there are plenty of programs available.  The children can go to college for free, there are scholorships available, there are "Widow and Orphan Funds", there are firemen that come and look out for the families, there are awards, there are so many things.

But what about the firefighter who have lost their lives but are still alive?  What is there for us?  Nothing.  there is only bills that continue to stack up because we have lost the salary we once had.  There is the daily frustrations that we face of or new handicaps.  There are the looks on the faces of our loved ones of the words they cannot say.  There are the baseball games that are missed, that tickle fights that go to the wayside, there is the loss of the camaraderie that was once had in the firehouse.  There are still the bills from all he medical things that the Department and W.C. will not pick up that are still required.  Sure, they are being fought over with lawyers and eventually they may be paid for, but for now…it is all out of pocket.  There is the constant strain on the marriages.  There is the former work buddies telling you, "They do this to everyone, you aren’t the only one to go through this" as if that is supposed to make it OK.

There are no scholarships.  There are no plaques.  there are no walls with ceremonies where the wives and children go to see their father’s names honored.

There is only the constant reminder of the pain and suffering that their father goes through every day, and thus…they must go through every day while thanks to the Governor and the Insurance Companies…it will go on for a long time.


And so, I am going to Kentucky…to see and visit with a good friend of mine who is touring with a show that is playing there for awhile.  I am taking my laptop with me, and may be reporting from there…or maybe not.  I hope all is well for everyone while I am gone…me, well I am going to be enjoying the snow that I understand is falling.  It will remind me of an all new, clean slate which I hope this new year will bring.  It will be nice to be around the theatre again.  I did that for a career for 20 years.  I can’t wait for the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd once again.

Now if I could just get over my fear of flying…


January 13, 2008

I Am Now An Official Capitalist

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Mickey Rat

Nothing says that you are a Republican and a Conservative more than investing in the Stock Market.  Nothing says that you are an American more than Disneyland and anything having to do with Walt Disney and that whiny voiced little rodent that he turned into a global phenomenon that even Hammas has used to convert their children into future murderous thugs.  One day, it has been foretold by grea sages and hermits upon snow capped mountain tops in far off lands, the world will one day have a Buena Vista Copyright emblem on it and Tinker Belle will come out, fly around sprinkling her dust everywhere, starting every morning because Disney has purchased the world, and all that which inhabits it.

Back when I was 19-20, I fell in love with a gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed dazzling young lass who went to U.C. San Diego.  I followed her home and ended up living in the Los Angeles area.  Well, no young person living on his own in the South Land can call his life complete without working for the Rat, so I ended up working across the street at the Disneyland Hotel.  At the time it was owned by the Wrather Corporation, and was about to be bought out by the Disney Corp.  This was when there was still a patch of land across the street that was growing strawberries, where the family that owned it swore they would NEVER sell to Disney.  I believe at the time it was considered “The Most Expensive Piece of Land” or something like that.  It is now a parking garage and lot for Disneyland.  So much for never.  No telling how much they eventually sold it for.  I would imagine it was enough to buy Nicaragua AND Morocco, but that is just a rough guess.

I was the Supervisor of the Parking Department for the Hotel.  I was in the Union and still a  Supervisor, yet a non-Management position.  Kinda weird, but making good money.  The only thing it taught me to do was smoke a pack a day.  It also allowed me to look my childhood baseball hero right in the face, and tell him I didn’t give a flying “F” who the Hell he was but he needed to move his car now because he was holding up traffic.  Yeah…not a real good moment, since it was Reggie Jackson and it was a Weight Lifting show, and though I have since quit smoking about ten years ago, I still use Copenhagen Long Cut…a life long battle with nicotine all from my time with Wrather Corp .  No…I am not pulling a Liberal and blaming my addiction to nicotine on Wrather Corporation…just saying that’s when it started.  The Reggie Jackson story…well there is actually comedy behind that, but it is a long story and for another day.

Eventually, one of the Wrathers died, and finally they were able to do what they said couldn’t be done.  Wrather Corp was able to sell out to Disney.  This included the much desired Hotel as well as the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose attractions.  Disney had always resented not owning the Hotel, as they really had no control over the standards of the rooms, food or anything else.  Thus, when the standards were low, the customers complained to Disney, and Wrather got off scott free.  Well, when Disney came in, Disney decided not to honor any of the union contracts that were in place with Wrather.  All of a sudden, everyone was going to be absorbed under the Disney unions and have to follow the Disney rules of conduct and dress codes.  No make-up, women in skirts, no long hair and…bum bum bum bum….no moustaches.  Well, our security guards were pretty much 99% all Gunnery Sergeants from 29 Palms moonlighting.  All of them had moustaches.  Including my good friend, Biscuit.  Yup, that was his name.  7′ tall, weighed about 180 pounds, black Gunny with a God given name of Biscuit.  There was also a maintenance worker named Mike who had his moustache for the last 25 years.  It was truly a glorious moustache.  It was the type of moustache that songs were written about.  It was a handle bar style, groomed and waxed in a perfect curl. 

The word came down, shave them or lose your job.  We went through the “Disney Brain Washing” classes, otherwise known as “Disney University, that taught us how to smile and become mindless meat puppets and all the perfect Disney tricks, we went and saw all the neat Disney stuff “Backstage” and still, we refused to shave our staches, based on principal.  So, we left.  I, well,  didn’t get fired for my stache.  Instead, just before I did, I got a job at Rockwell Semi-Conductor making computer chips that went into PacMan games, Zenith Computers, and Missile Guidance Systems.  The other mustachioed workers?  Well, they went to God knows where.

Anyway, life went on, and no matter what, I never lost my love for Disney, nor for Disneyland.  I have always had fond memories of night after night, watching those beautiful fireworks going off, of all those tourists coming in the morning, and going away in the evening.  All those children, wide-eyed, happy and just bursting at the seams with finally getting to see their favorite creatures in the world, up close and personal.

Even today, if I could manage it, I would go to Disneyland every year.  I would go once in the summer and then again at Christmas time when the park is all decorated up and looking incredibly beautiful.  Nothing beats the “Phantasmic” show they have as it truly is the most incredible thing they have ever done, and the lights and decorations at Christmas will bring out the Spirit in even the most hardened Scrooge.

One thing I have always wanted to do, but never knew how, was to own a little piece of that magic.  I always wanted to be a share holder in the Disney Company.  I never knew how to go about owning stock, and I sure as heck never wanted to become a “Day Trader” or have to come up with several thousand dollars that i would need to get a broker.  Lord knows I am no financial genius, else i would not be sitting here in a house in Northern California bitching about Liberals.  I would be sitting in the Caribbean bitching about the alcohol in my Froo-froo drink and why there are too many tourists blocking my view of the scantily clad co-eds there on Spring Break.  However, the other day, I finally decided on a whim, to do a little search.  Yup, the “Evil Google Search Engine”, the one who is slowly but surely turning into the Orwellian Nightmare people always predicted while dancing on Bill Gate’s fortune’s grave, came through.  Apparently, Disney allows you to buy stock directly from them.

This is not one of those “Buy one share of stock and give it as a gift” deals.  Not at all.  It acts two ways.  You can either open the account with a minimum $1000, or you can open it with an automatic rotating deduction from your bank account of $100 every month.  The dividends automatically go towards buying more shares, and you can either keep the share certificates yourself, or you can arrange for them to keep them safe for you.  I, personally, will want them myself, because i want to feel them in my hands.  I want to know what it is like to own a piece of one of the largest corporations in the world…to be part owner of the company that once wanted to fire me for the simple fact that I had a cheesy, first time 19 year old’s moustache and refused to conform because I was a dumb and rebellious teen-ager in love with a hot blonde.

The web-site is linked here:

 I recommend checking it out.  They have a decent track record, they have alot in the works and hey, you know they are not about to go out of business anytime soon.  Besides…It is just really cool being able to say, “Hey…I own a piece of Disney”


Where Have I been?

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Retired Fireman's Helmet 

I have to apologize to all of you.  I have seen that people have been coming by, expecting some sort of consistency, and normally I like to post at least every other day…sometimes as many as several times a day depending on what is bugging me in the world that day…however, things have been a bit hectic in the Fire House for the last two weeks.

 I would truly like to go into it with my readers, as I feel you deserve an explanation, seeing as how I set this up, invited you over to read my writings and then…POOF…nothing, but if I have learned ANYTHING from my experiences with my stalkers, it is not to expose anything on the Internet.  The last thing I need to do is to feed the Trolls or to give any stalkers potential material.  And so, I will just have to ask your patience and trust that there will be articles, commentary and postings coming, just not with much regularity.  Just keep checking back, you won’t be disappointed.

 Now, I gotta say something.  You gotta love the Liberal mind.  Nothing pisses off a Liberal on the Internet more than taking away their self-imposed rule that they are permitted to comment on anyone’s blog, any time, any where they see fit.  If you do not allow them to, boy, they just plain come unglued.  Now, on my first post here, I had clearly stated the rules for my blog.  I had clearly stated that this is a somewhat family friendly blog, that certain language is not permitted, that you do not have the right to post here if I do not feel that you are sticking to the format..etc, and at any time I will yank you off if I saw fit.  I even put up a comment asking how long anyone thought it would take before I got my first one.  Well, took about 10 minutes.

 That person has almost turned into a stalker, has definitely shown stalker like tendencies, has repeatedly asked to “play”, used pretty childish names, uses that incredibly childish, immature ‘Net-Speak” that is an annoyance to anyone with an IQ over room temperature, and does not know how to take a hint.  She has tried everything in the book to get me to allow her to comment on my site.  Why she feels I would want her to, when I have demonstrated that she is not welcome, is beyond me.  As this is a political site, clearly not her strong suit, she would not do well here.  As she is a Liberal, though, she feels it is her God-given right to be allowed onto any Internet site she wants.  She tried the “You hate girls” ploy, “You don’t want to play” ploy, “You are scared” ploy…just about all of them.  I am still waiting for the “You are violating my right to Free Speech” ploy, but frankly, I don’t think she is smart enough to know about the Bill of Rights yet.  They may not have covered that at her continuation school.

Then there are the trolls from Michelle’s site.  The trolls have followed over here as well.  Since they are making their first comment here, and it is a new site, I do not know what their IP’s are from Michelle’s, and they know that, so they have seen fit to say some of the most “colorful” things to me here that they have been just DYING to say from over there.  Oh my, but the language that comes from the mouths of those peace loving, Kumbaya singing, hand-holding, patchouli oil wearing, no violence, no war for oil, cowardly punks…Just amazing.

Too scared to even use the same name here that they use at Michelle’s so that I will be able to know them and confront them on what they have said;  Snickering over there in their mom’s basement,  you can just see them too…next to the washing machine as their mom washes their Spider-man jammies and their Star Wars sheets,  “Boy, I really got that Fireman…I called him a  ^$^&@%!! That will show him.  I’m so tough…he’ll never even know it was me. Tee hee hee hee.  Mommy…can I have some more marshmallows for my cocoa?”

Yeah…you guys…I mean, it clearly isn’t anything as mean, nasty, sexist, violent or horrible as what you Liberals send to Michelle.  Clearly I have not reached the level of venomous hatred that she has reached, but how on Earth can you childish little animals live with yourselves?  The amount of vile hatred that oozes forth out of every pore of your systems, well it makes you just ugly.  Ugly through and through.  It is why women on the left tend to be so ugly by the time they are middle-aged.  Look at Susan Estrich.  Look at all the Pundits that are female on the Left.  How many can you find that are super attractive?  Then look at all the female pundits on the Right…Same problem?  No, I don’t think so.  It is because we on the Right are NOT filled with hate.  We do not hate, you guys just think we do.  You guys just think that since you are so filled with hate, rage, racism, vengeance, jealousy and the like, that everyone must operate that way…and it just is not true.  We on the Right actually want people to succeed.  This is what you need to get into your head.  WE WANT PEOPLE TO SUCCEED ON THEIR OWN!  We want to push them, to make them go, to get them to get ahead, to make them get rich, to invest, to put money away for retirement…TO SUCCEED!  NO HANDOUTS!  TO TURN DOWN HANDOUTS AND WORK FOR A LIVING TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!  NOT BLAME EVERY FAILURE YOU HAVE ON EVERYONE ELSE!

This is the major difference between us and you.  You blame, we accept.  You hate, we don’t.  You separate people by class and race (racism/racist) we don’t, we treat everyone the same, give everyone the same chance (equality).  We are what you claim to be.  You are what you claim us to be.  Until you realize that, you will do nothing but be eaten alive by your own self-loathing, your own guilt, your own hatred until your Party and your friends implode.  After that…the shattered remains will form God knows what, but Socialists have already failed everywhere in the world, so you gotta find something other than that.

It is time to grow up, accept responsibility for your own actions, and stop blaming people for things that happen in life.  It is time to stop hating, stop treating people differently based on race, and stop acting as if everyone owes you a favor and the world owes you a living.  Nobody owes you squat.  You don’t get squat without working hard for it.  Stop being such hypocrites, stop with the lies and for God’s sake, open your freaking eyes and see that the enemy is in the Middle East, not the Mid-West, and not in Washington D.C..  The enemy has been there for over 1400 years, and has been working on this plan for at least that long.  the plan is called “World Domination in theName of Islam”.  Stop helping them, start helping us.  It is not Bush that is fiddling while Rome burns, it is the Liberals who have an entire orchestra of violins playing while America gets overtaken with the rest of the world.


January 4, 2008

Blood Money From Moveon.Org…Is It Really Worth It?

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A very lively debate got going over at Michelle Malkins site, and rather than continue with my ranting there, I chose to continue it with a legthier post of my own here. 

 To fill folks in that don’t know, while I was perusing Michelle’s site yesterday, she had a post up yesterday that told of a alleged gift that made to the USO of some $350,000 to buy phone cards for the troops serving overseas in the War on Terror…the very same War on Terror that has been saying was just a ploy by the Bush Administration to get the oil from Iraq, was an illegal war, was being fought under illegal means, was being done under the guise of lies from Bush and the Bush administration, was being fought by a military staffed by idiots, morons and other people that could barely tie there shoes, let alone sign their names with anything other than an “X”, had been sponsoring protests, rallies, insurections of all kinds that had lead our enemies strength and power by helping them to believe that this country was not united in this effort, and by Moveon’s deeds, words, sponsrships and various other actions have wither sirectly or indirectly caused the maiming, injuring and deaths of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces in this War Against Islamic Aggression and Global Domination. was brought about during the Impeachment of Bill Clinton and has been stirring up Liberal lies ever since.  It is financed by George Soros, a well known Liberal Billionaire freak and SOcialist, whose only goal is to turn this country into a Socialist utopia…kinda the opposite thing to do if one is so wealthy, but then again, I did say he was a freak, and they are also behind such outrageous claims as 9-11 being an inside job, that Bush knew about it, that he could have prevented it, and that it was not committed by Muslims, and that Muslims do not committ terrorist acts unless provoked by us evil Imperialistic Americans.

Also, on December 20th, the very same day the was giving the USO this money, in order to show the entire country the Liberal lie about how Liberals “Support the Troops, but Hate the War”, was busy strong-arming Democrats in Congress to make them cut funding for the Military in Iraq.  They were threatening the Democrats, trying to make them Fillibuster, trying to force them to do all they could in order NOT to pass any bills that would send money to the troops that would give them body armor, ammunition, replacement parts for vehicles, food, clothing, necessities, trying to force the Military into declaring defeat, making us surrender to our enemies due to lack of funding, turning tail, pulling out of Iraq and the Middle East like cowards, dooming us and the entire world to the fate of Islamic Justice for countless years to come.

That is exactly the caring, loving Liberals that was trying to give these cards to the USO, and then to the soldiers.

Apparently, the head of the USO accepted this donation which has lead to an uproar, and rightly so.  Seems that even people that did not know about all the anti-American, traitorous, seditious actions that had been doing for so long prior to when General Petreus spoke to the Senate in September, all found out about them when, on the first day of his testimony, took out a full page ad in the New York Times (at an illegal…or unethical, I never really heard which one it was…discount) that insulted, embarrassed, lied about and basically committed blatant treason on a highly decorated American General who was leading a successful campaign and leading our troops in Iraq.  Tthe people who heard of this “donation” were furious, and could not believ that an honorable organization with such a long history of doing such good deeds for our Military, with such a spotless and untarnished record, could stoop so low as to accept such tainted money, dripping with so much blood from our soldiers.

One of the Directors of the USO,  Vietnam Veteran John Gioia,had this to say about USO President Edward Powell’s decision to “Team up” with this organization known for such anti-American activities:

“USO is partnering with an anti-war, anti-administration organization that castigates the efforts of General Petraeus and our troops – past and present – who have served in Iraq,” Gioia said in an e-mail to other USO directors and employees. “I am disgusted by this action.”

There are supporters of Powell on the board as well.  There are those that feel it should not matter where the money comes from, so long as the troops get cards, and that’s the important thing.

Oh reeeeeeeally.

Well, that was exactly the same reaction I expected from the resident Liberal trolls over at Michelle’s as well.  They never see anything wrong with anything their side does.  As far as they are concerned, when they use the bathroom, everything smells like fresh, bakery fresh cinnamon rolls.  Forget for a moment the cries of hypocrisy, should the rolls be reversed.  I expected the postings of, “So what, the cards are for the troops, who cares, you guys should be happy.” and, “See, you guys are always saying that Moveon is bad, and look what they did, look how much they raised,” ($350,000 from all the members they have?  That’s like, what, $0.03 a person?  Gosh, could they spare it?)  And then the ever popular, “See, it’s like we said, we all support the troops, not the war, and this proves it.”

No, this proves nothing of the sort.  Not stacked up against all the other truly horrible, heinous, murderous things this organization has done and is guilty of.  Not when you consider what it was doing THE EXACT MOMENT it was giving the USO the money for these cards.  What this was, was a publicity stunt, pure and simple.  This was a way to try and get the heat off of them for what they did to Petraeus.  This was the best that they could come up with, some cheap little gimmick to try and say, “Look at us, ain’t we the greatest, we luvs us sum troops…(Hope nobody is watching C-Span.).

What is even MORE troubling to me, is the response I got from my fellow “Conservatives” over at Michelle’s.  This is an actual post/question that I had received after I gave an analogy, which I will give in just a second:

“But I’ll tell you this, if it helps build up troop morale and helps us show a united front, then I don’t see any harm OTHER than political. Political harm is secondary to me. National objectives are primary, and I don’t see any downside for our nation from these calling cards.

Maybe conservatives can praise moveon and begin claiming that they have now “switched sides” and supports our troops. This would force moveon to allow that perception to stick by accepting the credit from conservatives (which would be devastating to our enemies) or they would have to clearly correct the mischaracterization of switching sides.

Such a correction would give you what you’re looking for, Retfireman, since the public would perceive a correction as a confirmation that they really don’t support the troops. The best thing they could do in such a situation would be to claim that they’ve always supported the troops. But even that message would be great to hear from them.

Am I the only person that sees potential gain to our country and to Republicans by offering the olive branch to liberals now?”

Yup, that’s right.  This guy considers himself to be a Conservative, and is wanting to treat this as the big end-all, be-all “Olive Branch” moment with the Liberals, and if we don’t seize this moment to take them in our arms, hug them and call them, “Brother”, then it is us that are the right bastards.


Well no wonder the Democrats are kicking our butts in the Primaries, the Congressional and Senate races.  No wonder they are saying we don’t have a chance in Hell of winning the White House next year.

When people like this, take an empty, shallow, transparent thing such as an anti-American, Seditious, lying, traitorous organizations word that they are doing this “For the troops,” when all they have ever done in the past is their very best to get the troops killed and get us to lose the war, then all hope is lost.

When people in this country have lost their moral compass, and can not see the problem with accepting dirty, tainted, blood stainsed money, no matter how noble the cause is that the money may be used for, then all hope is lost. 

Would you accept money from the North American Man/Boy Love Association?  The Ku Klux Klan?  White Arryan Resistance?  Nation of Islam?  Symbianese Liberation Army?  Hammas?  Palestinian Liberation Army?  National Socialist Party?  Larry Flynt?

Would you vote for a Republican candidate whose major contributions came from those people or organizations?  Why not?  After all, the money would be going towards a good cause?  If they kept the money, it would only be going towards bad things, this way, it would be doing good.  So why the big moral delimma? 

As I have said, has hands that are stained with the stench and the blood of our injured, our maimed for life and killed Military men and women.  Their words, actions, parades, sit-ins, rallies, ads, and othe forms of stupidity has been noted by our enemies, or as has referred to them in the past…the Freedom Fighters, it has inspired them, enraged them and driven them to seek out and slaughter, maim and wound the sons and daughters of your friends and neighbors.  Some of the people who donated to this cause may even be the same people who donated the money that went to the Iraqi “Freedom Fighters” in Fallujah to rearm them, fill their coffers to buy more ammunition, milles, RPG’s, IED’s and cure their wounded all to kill and maim your neighbor’s sons and daughters.

As I said, I respect all the members of the Military serving overseas and at home.  I sympathize with their needs to call home and speak to their loved ones, to connect with those they miss dearly.  However, to do so at the cost of those you are serving with is just unconscionable.  Who knows, really, how they got the money for those cards.  What rally it came from.  What was going on when it was collected, or how many lives were lost as a result of that particular drive for the cards.  Is that phone call home worth that IED going off?  All for some Liberal who really hates you anyway and wants you to kill your officer to assuage his/her guilt?  This broken down, disabled fireman just doesn’t think it is.

I hope the USO thinks twice the next time it thinks about offering up it’s soul to Satan.  Satan always has a price for his generosity.  Nothing is free when you make a deal with him, and the USO just signed off with their blood.  Moveon will definately use this controversy to their advantage…showing the heartlessness of us Conservatives.  Be strong, and always be prepared to explain in great detail the evil that is the blood dripping off the donated money from, and the actual Support of the troops that has been there from DAY 1 and from which side of the aisle it has always come from…and never just for publicity or to cover up a guilty conscience.


January 1, 2008

Oh, Those Hypocrites The Clintons!

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You know, it has been awhile since Chelsea has been in the news.  Of course, we have all forgotten that when the Co-Presidents slithered and oozed around the White House…one of them snapping the Whale Tails of interns while the other plotted the demise of her enemies, that they protected the proof of at least one night of drunken passion together from the media with all the gusto of a mother bear in the woods from the wayward campers trying to get a snapshot of her cubs.  If you recall, Chelsea was off limits.  No one could talk to her, take her picture, question her…NOTHING.  This was a iron clad rule that none in the MSM ever questioned nor dare to break. 

Well, one would think that when Chelsea turned 18 that those rules would become null and void.  After all, she was now legally an adult and could handle herself.  She could vote, she could go into the military and fight for her country, (A-ha ha ha ha ha) and basically deal with the press.  However, the Clintons are like the Mafia.  Nobody crosses them.  Not even the MSM.  Chelsea was still off limits.  “DO NOT TOUCH” is the rule.  Not even when she turned 21.  Heck, not even when she turned 25.

Say, now, you would think that such a respect for a Presidents children would then be shown to EVERy President’s children…especially their daughters.  After all, these are their DAUGHTERS for crying out loud.  Daddy’s little angels.  the last thing that should be shown to the world is the Leader of the Free World’s children in an embarrassing light which might embarrass the President and thus embarrass and weaken the President and the country in the eyes of the world.  That is pretty much the way it was viewed under the Clintons, after all, right?

Oh contraire.  George W. Bush had not even been sworn into office yet before the young twin daughters of the Bushes were splashed all over the tabloids gossiping about what horrible little children they were.  The first four years, regardless of how many times the MSM was asked to leave the Bush daughters alone and no matter how many times the MSM was told that the Bush twind were completely “OFF LIMITS”, the tabloids were filled with stories of what little party animals the Bush twins were.  What little sluts they were.  How they were just like their daddy was when he was an alcoholic etc.  Why, there are even pictures circulating the Internet of Jenna Bush changing on the beach, cathing her nude. 

Can you just imagine what would have happened had the Clintons had such disrespect shown them?  What were the Bush’s told when they repeatedly asked for the same respect that the MSM showed the bulldog faced Chelsea for 8+ years?  Why, they were told that their daughters were public figures and therefore, they were open game.  they were told that since the girls decided to go out and go to school, go to parties, go on dates, that they made themselves available to the media and that made them open game.  Yes, that is the respect…the further respect that Liberalism has shown George Bush and his family.  They decided that two young girls, who were only guilty of being young girls, of doing exactly what every other young person their same age was doing, needed to be publically humiliated for the supreme enjoyment of the Liberals of this country and the humiliation and destruction of these girls and the father that these Liberals hate so very much.

But surely I am going somewhere with this.  Surely I ahve a reason for dredging up this old news.  Well indeed I do have a reason. 

It seems that dear old Chelsea, who is now a young woman of 27, (my where DOES the time go) is making public appearances with her mother for the Caucuses.  She is standing up on the stage behind her mother, as her mother gives her Socialist speeches, promising the Populace the world, telling them that the Government will do everything for them, except cleanse them after a trip to the restroom…but they have the finest experts working night and day on a solution for that problem and the Government will soon be able to do that for them as well.  Chelsea will not speak at all during these times.  She does not take the microphone.  However she does press the flesh.

Except she will not talk to the press.

The gag rule IS STILL in place. 


You heard me right.  When a fourth grader approached her with a question, Chelsea shut her right down, leaving the little 9 year old crestfallen.  Those whacky Clintons.  Always for the little people they are.  The confrontation went like this:

“Sydney Rieckhoff, a Cedar Rapids fourth grader and “kid reporter” for Scholastic News, has posed questions to seven Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls as they’ve campaigned across Iowa this year. But when she approached the 27-year-old Chelsea after a campaign event Sunday, she got a different response.

“Do you think your dad would be a good ‘first man’ in the White House?” Sydney asked, but Chelsea brushed her question aside.

“I’m sorry, I don’t talk to the press and that applies to you, unfortunately. Even though I think you’re cute,” Chelsea told the pint-sized journalist.”

That’s the Clintons.  That’s Hillary and the daughter they raised.  She is still off limits.  Had she been Jenna or Barbara, they would have been ripped to shreds in the Tabs, or actually on the front page of the Times, talking about how this poor little girl was scarred for life, and how the mom was never going to vote Republican again.

But this woman, the mom of this girl…what did she have to say about still voting for Hillary?  Is she upset with what happened?  Is she pissed off at how Chelsea treated a fourth grader and how Chelsea couldn’t even take the time to answer a child’s simple little questions, realizing how this ittle girl does not actually qualify as a reporter?  How does she repond to this elitist snob who obviously has no time for an innocent child’s question that would have made her whole year and guaranteed her vote forever?  Do you think she is mad?  Do you think she walked out in a huff?  Do you think she finally realized the fake veneer that covers these Liberals and how fake and shallow their whole “Family Values” garbage is?

Well, here is what this little girls mother had to say about this incident.  After reading it, you will understand why Hill-Dawg is still so high in the polls and is, in fact, even a Senator and running in the first place.

“For her part, Sydney looked a bit crestfallen after Chelsea turned her away. But luckily for Hillary Clinton, Sydney’s mother has made up her mind to caucus for the former first lady.

“I like her position on family values and health care. And I think it’s time we have a female president,” Robyn Rieckhoff said. “

Yes, Liberals and Democrats are just that stupid.  This woman just had her daughter’s face euphamistically spit in by Hillary Clinton’s own daughter.  She saw the results of Hill-Dawg’s “Family Values”.  She just had her daughter’s heart crushed by them…and yet she is proud of this woman and the job she did raising her own daughter, and see’s her as a great role model and believes it is “Time we have a female President”, regardless of who that female is, regardless of  just how much damage that woman will do to this country and others.

Yup, there is no thought process at all going on in the Democrats kids…

And Chelsea is off limits.

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