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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

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Well, here it is.  A brand new year, all fresh and clean.  It even still has that “New Year Smell”.   I guess I should also clarify this blog a bit as well.  It is not like most other blogs you see out there.  I do not post news articles per se.  Basically this tends to be an op-ed site, where I rant and rave about what is going on in the news as I see it, getting things off my chest so that I do not bug my family and do not explode.   I will, however, occasionally post someone else’s article simply because it will be too damn important, too damn good, or I am being too damn lazy, but those times will be extreeeeeemely rare and I will notify people about those times when they happen and, of course, beg forgiveness.

Think of it as sort of a Dennis Miller rant without the words that you need and encyclopaedia and a dictionary to understand and without quite the same level of humor.  Yes, there will be humor, but I only wish I could be as funny as he is.  If I was as funny as Dennis, then I, too, would be bouncing from network to network, show to show, trying to find my niche in the world of entertainment just like him…except I don’t know enough about football to have made it on “Monday Night Football”.

 Anyway, I truly hope everyone’s New Year got off to a good start, and no one had any run-ins with any drunks or knows any who did.  Lord knows I had my share of digging people out of cars who met those types of people and those images are forever burned into my sub-conscience.

 Though my New Years has been nothing at all like I wanted it to be, believe me when I tell you, it could be oh so much better, I will say this…and this is something I want everyone to remember…that no matter how horrible, how awful, how terrible you think you life is, there is always someone who is doing much worse and would trade anything to be in your shoes, and your life is never so horribly bad, that it can’t do with a little more pain, suffering, and horror.

So be thankful for the problems that you have.  Be thankful for all that is, be thankful for your health, no matter how bad it is, how good it is.  Be thankful for your wife,you never know when she may be gone…the same for your husband.  Look at them now.  You never know when that may be the last time you see them, or the last time they come through the door.  Hug your children and give them a kiss every day, especially when they leave to go play or go to school.  Give them a kiss at night. 

If you never make a single New Year’s resolution, then do it this year.  Make this resolution.  Make the resolution to never, ever let your husband or wife leave the house without saying good-bye and giving them a kiss.  Even if you are having an argument.  Never let your children leave the house without giving them a good-bye and giving them a kiss.  At night, make every effort, even if you go to bed at different times, to say goodnight to your spouse, and give them a goodnight kiss.  The same for your children.

You just never know, when that may be the very last time you will be able to give your spouse that kiss, that good-bye, that little hug…the same with your kids…and if it is, would you like it that the last thing was a kiss, a hug and a good-bye?  Or something trivial…or worse?

On that note, I finish my New Year’s post to you guys.  The next one will return to the political realm.  Wish I could elaborate on the mushiness of this one, but I just can’t.  I hope this finds you all healthy, happy and at least getting over the hang-over.  If you are hung-over, might I recommend a breakfast of cornbeef hash, scrambled eggs, hash browns, rye toast, OJ, and tobasco sauce.  Works like a charm kiddies.

 Happy New Years



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  1. WOW!!!!

    I just popped over here to see if there were any comments and got the shock of my life. Apparently, someone does not like you using their pictures.

    Well, that is fine and I can understand that. First, I want to apologize whole heartedly to anyone who happened by and saw the incredibly disgusting picture that was up. I was absolutely horrified. I can imagine if anyone else was. thank God i haven’t sent this site to my kids yet.

    Second I just want to say to the people who do such things, that kind of thing is just plain not necessary. You can get your message across the same way by making the picture go blank, by putting something else up or a million other ways. However, making the picture change into some sort of hideouslyu disgusting pornographic picture where it may be seen by children is just plain unforgiveable. Especially when there was no warnings on your site that asks people not to link to the pictures you have in the first place. Had there been one, I never would have linked the very nice “Happy New Years” picture that was there in the first place. So it just was plain uncalled for.

    Again folks, I really do apologize to anyone who might have seen that. It was pretty bad. I have been away from blogging for almost a year and had forgotten all about it. For a second there I thought I had been hacked until I remembered about he little time bombs that jerks put on their pictures.

    Well, Happy New Years any way. I’ll try and find another one and this time, one that won’t offend anyone due to some foul brained idiot’s idea of funny.

    (Gee, I wonder who that guy is voting for in November?)

    Comment by Retired Fireman — January 1, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

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