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January 4, 2008

Blood Money From Moveon.Org…Is It Really Worth It?

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A very lively debate got going over at Michelle Malkins site, and rather than continue with my ranting there, I chose to continue it with a legthier post of my own here. 

 To fill folks in that don’t know, while I was perusing Michelle’s site yesterday, she had a post up yesterday that told of a alleged gift that made to the USO of some $350,000 to buy phone cards for the troops serving overseas in the War on Terror…the very same War on Terror that has been saying was just a ploy by the Bush Administration to get the oil from Iraq, was an illegal war, was being fought under illegal means, was being done under the guise of lies from Bush and the Bush administration, was being fought by a military staffed by idiots, morons and other people that could barely tie there shoes, let alone sign their names with anything other than an “X”, had been sponsoring protests, rallies, insurections of all kinds that had lead our enemies strength and power by helping them to believe that this country was not united in this effort, and by Moveon’s deeds, words, sponsrships and various other actions have wither sirectly or indirectly caused the maiming, injuring and deaths of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces in this War Against Islamic Aggression and Global Domination. was brought about during the Impeachment of Bill Clinton and has been stirring up Liberal lies ever since.  It is financed by George Soros, a well known Liberal Billionaire freak and SOcialist, whose only goal is to turn this country into a Socialist utopia…kinda the opposite thing to do if one is so wealthy, but then again, I did say he was a freak, and they are also behind such outrageous claims as 9-11 being an inside job, that Bush knew about it, that he could have prevented it, and that it was not committed by Muslims, and that Muslims do not committ terrorist acts unless provoked by us evil Imperialistic Americans.

Also, on December 20th, the very same day the was giving the USO this money, in order to show the entire country the Liberal lie about how Liberals “Support the Troops, but Hate the War”, was busy strong-arming Democrats in Congress to make them cut funding for the Military in Iraq.  They were threatening the Democrats, trying to make them Fillibuster, trying to force them to do all they could in order NOT to pass any bills that would send money to the troops that would give them body armor, ammunition, replacement parts for vehicles, food, clothing, necessities, trying to force the Military into declaring defeat, making us surrender to our enemies due to lack of funding, turning tail, pulling out of Iraq and the Middle East like cowards, dooming us and the entire world to the fate of Islamic Justice for countless years to come.

That is exactly the caring, loving Liberals that was trying to give these cards to the USO, and then to the soldiers.

Apparently, the head of the USO accepted this donation which has lead to an uproar, and rightly so.  Seems that even people that did not know about all the anti-American, traitorous, seditious actions that had been doing for so long prior to when General Petreus spoke to the Senate in September, all found out about them when, on the first day of his testimony, took out a full page ad in the New York Times (at an illegal…or unethical, I never really heard which one it was…discount) that insulted, embarrassed, lied about and basically committed blatant treason on a highly decorated American General who was leading a successful campaign and leading our troops in Iraq.  Tthe people who heard of this “donation” were furious, and could not believ that an honorable organization with such a long history of doing such good deeds for our Military, with such a spotless and untarnished record, could stoop so low as to accept such tainted money, dripping with so much blood from our soldiers.

One of the Directors of the USO,  Vietnam Veteran John Gioia,had this to say about USO President Edward Powell’s decision to “Team up” with this organization known for such anti-American activities:

“USO is partnering with an anti-war, anti-administration organization that castigates the efforts of General Petraeus and our troops – past and present – who have served in Iraq,” Gioia said in an e-mail to other USO directors and employees. “I am disgusted by this action.”

There are supporters of Powell on the board as well.  There are those that feel it should not matter where the money comes from, so long as the troops get cards, and that’s the important thing.

Oh reeeeeeeally.

Well, that was exactly the same reaction I expected from the resident Liberal trolls over at Michelle’s as well.  They never see anything wrong with anything their side does.  As far as they are concerned, when they use the bathroom, everything smells like fresh, bakery fresh cinnamon rolls.  Forget for a moment the cries of hypocrisy, should the rolls be reversed.  I expected the postings of, “So what, the cards are for the troops, who cares, you guys should be happy.” and, “See, you guys are always saying that Moveon is bad, and look what they did, look how much they raised,” ($350,000 from all the members they have?  That’s like, what, $0.03 a person?  Gosh, could they spare it?)  And then the ever popular, “See, it’s like we said, we all support the troops, not the war, and this proves it.”

No, this proves nothing of the sort.  Not stacked up against all the other truly horrible, heinous, murderous things this organization has done and is guilty of.  Not when you consider what it was doing THE EXACT MOMENT it was giving the USO the money for these cards.  What this was, was a publicity stunt, pure and simple.  This was a way to try and get the heat off of them for what they did to Petraeus.  This was the best that they could come up with, some cheap little gimmick to try and say, “Look at us, ain’t we the greatest, we luvs us sum troops…(Hope nobody is watching C-Span.).

What is even MORE troubling to me, is the response I got from my fellow “Conservatives” over at Michelle’s.  This is an actual post/question that I had received after I gave an analogy, which I will give in just a second:

“But I’ll tell you this, if it helps build up troop morale and helps us show a united front, then I don’t see any harm OTHER than political. Political harm is secondary to me. National objectives are primary, and I don’t see any downside for our nation from these calling cards.

Maybe conservatives can praise moveon and begin claiming that they have now “switched sides” and supports our troops. This would force moveon to allow that perception to stick by accepting the credit from conservatives (which would be devastating to our enemies) or they would have to clearly correct the mischaracterization of switching sides.

Such a correction would give you what you’re looking for, Retfireman, since the public would perceive a correction as a confirmation that they really don’t support the troops. The best thing they could do in such a situation would be to claim that they’ve always supported the troops. But even that message would be great to hear from them.

Am I the only person that sees potential gain to our country and to Republicans by offering the olive branch to liberals now?”

Yup, that’s right.  This guy considers himself to be a Conservative, and is wanting to treat this as the big end-all, be-all “Olive Branch” moment with the Liberals, and if we don’t seize this moment to take them in our arms, hug them and call them, “Brother”, then it is us that are the right bastards.


Well no wonder the Democrats are kicking our butts in the Primaries, the Congressional and Senate races.  No wonder they are saying we don’t have a chance in Hell of winning the White House next year.

When people like this, take an empty, shallow, transparent thing such as an anti-American, Seditious, lying, traitorous organizations word that they are doing this “For the troops,” when all they have ever done in the past is their very best to get the troops killed and get us to lose the war, then all hope is lost.

When people in this country have lost their moral compass, and can not see the problem with accepting dirty, tainted, blood stainsed money, no matter how noble the cause is that the money may be used for, then all hope is lost. 

Would you accept money from the North American Man/Boy Love Association?  The Ku Klux Klan?  White Arryan Resistance?  Nation of Islam?  Symbianese Liberation Army?  Hammas?  Palestinian Liberation Army?  National Socialist Party?  Larry Flynt?

Would you vote for a Republican candidate whose major contributions came from those people or organizations?  Why not?  After all, the money would be going towards a good cause?  If they kept the money, it would only be going towards bad things, this way, it would be doing good.  So why the big moral delimma? 

As I have said, has hands that are stained with the stench and the blood of our injured, our maimed for life and killed Military men and women.  Their words, actions, parades, sit-ins, rallies, ads, and othe forms of stupidity has been noted by our enemies, or as has referred to them in the past…the Freedom Fighters, it has inspired them, enraged them and driven them to seek out and slaughter, maim and wound the sons and daughters of your friends and neighbors.  Some of the people who donated to this cause may even be the same people who donated the money that went to the Iraqi “Freedom Fighters” in Fallujah to rearm them, fill their coffers to buy more ammunition, milles, RPG’s, IED’s and cure their wounded all to kill and maim your neighbor’s sons and daughters.

As I said, I respect all the members of the Military serving overseas and at home.  I sympathize with their needs to call home and speak to their loved ones, to connect with those they miss dearly.  However, to do so at the cost of those you are serving with is just unconscionable.  Who knows, really, how they got the money for those cards.  What rally it came from.  What was going on when it was collected, or how many lives were lost as a result of that particular drive for the cards.  Is that phone call home worth that IED going off?  All for some Liberal who really hates you anyway and wants you to kill your officer to assuage his/her guilt?  This broken down, disabled fireman just doesn’t think it is.

I hope the USO thinks twice the next time it thinks about offering up it’s soul to Satan.  Satan always has a price for his generosity.  Nothing is free when you make a deal with him, and the USO just signed off with their blood.  Moveon will definately use this controversy to their advantage…showing the heartlessness of us Conservatives.  Be strong, and always be prepared to explain in great detail the evil that is the blood dripping off the donated money from, and the actual Support of the troops that has been there from DAY 1 and from which side of the aisle it has always come from…and never just for publicity or to cover up a guilty conscience.



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