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January 13, 2008

Where Have I been?

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Retired Fireman's Helmet 

I have to apologize to all of you.  I have seen that people have been coming by, expecting some sort of consistency, and normally I like to post at least every other day…sometimes as many as several times a day depending on what is bugging me in the world that day…however, things have been a bit hectic in the Fire House for the last two weeks.

 I would truly like to go into it with my readers, as I feel you deserve an explanation, seeing as how I set this up, invited you over to read my writings and then…POOF…nothing, but if I have learned ANYTHING from my experiences with my stalkers, it is not to expose anything on the Internet.  The last thing I need to do is to feed the Trolls or to give any stalkers potential material.  And so, I will just have to ask your patience and trust that there will be articles, commentary and postings coming, just not with much regularity.  Just keep checking back, you won’t be disappointed.

 Now, I gotta say something.  You gotta love the Liberal mind.  Nothing pisses off a Liberal on the Internet more than taking away their self-imposed rule that they are permitted to comment on anyone’s blog, any time, any where they see fit.  If you do not allow them to, boy, they just plain come unglued.  Now, on my first post here, I had clearly stated the rules for my blog.  I had clearly stated that this is a somewhat family friendly blog, that certain language is not permitted, that you do not have the right to post here if I do not feel that you are sticking to the format..etc, and at any time I will yank you off if I saw fit.  I even put up a comment asking how long anyone thought it would take before I got my first one.  Well, took about 10 minutes.

 That person has almost turned into a stalker, has definitely shown stalker like tendencies, has repeatedly asked to “play”, used pretty childish names, uses that incredibly childish, immature ‘Net-Speak” that is an annoyance to anyone with an IQ over room temperature, and does not know how to take a hint.  She has tried everything in the book to get me to allow her to comment on my site.  Why she feels I would want her to, when I have demonstrated that she is not welcome, is beyond me.  As this is a political site, clearly not her strong suit, she would not do well here.  As she is a Liberal, though, she feels it is her God-given right to be allowed onto any Internet site she wants.  She tried the “You hate girls” ploy, “You don’t want to play” ploy, “You are scared” ploy…just about all of them.  I am still waiting for the “You are violating my right to Free Speech” ploy, but frankly, I don’t think she is smart enough to know about the Bill of Rights yet.  They may not have covered that at her continuation school.

Then there are the trolls from Michelle’s site.  The trolls have followed over here as well.  Since they are making their first comment here, and it is a new site, I do not know what their IP’s are from Michelle’s, and they know that, so they have seen fit to say some of the most “colorful” things to me here that they have been just DYING to say from over there.  Oh my, but the language that comes from the mouths of those peace loving, Kumbaya singing, hand-holding, patchouli oil wearing, no violence, no war for oil, cowardly punks…Just amazing.

Too scared to even use the same name here that they use at Michelle’s so that I will be able to know them and confront them on what they have said;  Snickering over there in their mom’s basement,  you can just see them too…next to the washing machine as their mom washes their Spider-man jammies and their Star Wars sheets,  “Boy, I really got that Fireman…I called him a  ^$^&@%!! That will show him.  I’m so tough…he’ll never even know it was me. Tee hee hee hee.  Mommy…can I have some more marshmallows for my cocoa?”

Yeah…you guys…I mean, it clearly isn’t anything as mean, nasty, sexist, violent or horrible as what you Liberals send to Michelle.  Clearly I have not reached the level of venomous hatred that she has reached, but how on Earth can you childish little animals live with yourselves?  The amount of vile hatred that oozes forth out of every pore of your systems, well it makes you just ugly.  Ugly through and through.  It is why women on the left tend to be so ugly by the time they are middle-aged.  Look at Susan Estrich.  Look at all the Pundits that are female on the Left.  How many can you find that are super attractive?  Then look at all the female pundits on the Right…Same problem?  No, I don’t think so.  It is because we on the Right are NOT filled with hate.  We do not hate, you guys just think we do.  You guys just think that since you are so filled with hate, rage, racism, vengeance, jealousy and the like, that everyone must operate that way…and it just is not true.  We on the Right actually want people to succeed.  This is what you need to get into your head.  WE WANT PEOPLE TO SUCCEED ON THEIR OWN!  We want to push them, to make them go, to get them to get ahead, to make them get rich, to invest, to put money away for retirement…TO SUCCEED!  NO HANDOUTS!  TO TURN DOWN HANDOUTS AND WORK FOR A LIVING TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!  NOT BLAME EVERY FAILURE YOU HAVE ON EVERYONE ELSE!

This is the major difference between us and you.  You blame, we accept.  You hate, we don’t.  You separate people by class and race (racism/racist) we don’t, we treat everyone the same, give everyone the same chance (equality).  We are what you claim to be.  You are what you claim us to be.  Until you realize that, you will do nothing but be eaten alive by your own self-loathing, your own guilt, your own hatred until your Party and your friends implode.  After that…the shattered remains will form God knows what, but Socialists have already failed everywhere in the world, so you gotta find something other than that.

It is time to grow up, accept responsibility for your own actions, and stop blaming people for things that happen in life.  It is time to stop hating, stop treating people differently based on race, and stop acting as if everyone owes you a favor and the world owes you a living.  Nobody owes you squat.  You don’t get squat without working hard for it.  Stop being such hypocrites, stop with the lies and for God’s sake, open your freaking eyes and see that the enemy is in the Middle East, not the Mid-West, and not in Washington D.C..  The enemy has been there for over 1400 years, and has been working on this plan for at least that long.  the plan is called “World Domination in theName of Islam”.  Stop helping them, start helping us.  It is not Bush that is fiddling while Rome burns, it is the Liberals who have an entire orchestra of violins playing while America gets overtaken with the rest of the world.



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  1. Good luck! Glad to see the new site.

    Comment by Machinist — January 13, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

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