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January 15, 2008

Fred Thompson Is Fading into The Abyss…

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My Candidate Of Choice Is losing Miserably

Well, after a very long day of travelling, that began with waking up late, 0340, to get to the airport with a 40 minute drive in the fog to catch my 0610 flight to Louisville, Kentucky (see below post), I got settled into my hotel after being met at the airport by my friends very beautiful girlfriend who is one of the key members of the cast, who drove me in, had a lovely conversation and took me to my room which they had all set up for me.  I tell you, I have some of the greatest friends in the world.  Yes, they are all Conservatives, and really know how to be there for you and know what exactly you need and when not to impose.  My buddy got done with his work call, met me in my room and we went down to the lobby and I got a sumptuous meal of “Easy Mac” and some tuna and crackers, my mandatory staple that is always on hand, Diet Pepsi, and i went to my room and collapsed.

Here is a little secret.  This big, brave fireman, who will rush into a burning building, rappel off a 90 story building, crawl through a collapsed skyscraper and show no fear in an emergency…is deathly terrified of flying.  Yup…straight on panic attacks just being in an airport.  So, I had to take a couple of Ativans in order to make my journey, which, of course, left me a drooling mess.  Made the flight though, however, I needed to sleep.  Ate my  “Meal of the Gods”, crawled into the bed…very comfy, even though it was not my “Select Comfort” bed that I have at home for my back, and passed out.  I mean I was sleeping the sleep of the dead.  Even now I struggle to stay awake.  The jet lag is not helping any either.  I woke when my friend called, this night’s show being over and the cast and crew being in another room wanting me to come over.  I begged off, stating that I am just too tired, and he understood, saying we would get together tomorrow, and his girlfriend would meet me for breakfast.  I fired off some e-mails to my daughters, who already are missing me big time as their daddy is never the one to go on trips.  They are not used to it.  Turned on the TV to catch the news.  Oh my…it was Primary night once again, and what did I see?  My boy Thompson once again took a pounding in Michigan.

Now, Romney took the Republican win, and it has yet to be decided if the Kos Children’s little immature stunt of Voter Fraud had anything to do with it, but that is another post.  And Clinton took the Democrats, but as I recall, Obama was not on this ticket, but I am not sure, and too tired right now to verify.  My concern is with Thompson and why he once again placed so low.  While there are still many states left, the chances of him pulling out from behind and pulling off some sort of miracle and becoming the Republican Candidate for President is somewhere between me becoming a billionaire while I am here in Kentucky, and me getting a sex change before I get back on that plane to come home.  Translated, that means slim to none.

There was an article linked from Drudge over the weekend where other Thompson supporters were telling him to get off his ass and take this fight to the Dems and yes, the other Republicans.  We want him to be the fighter we know he is.  The fact is, the only ones who know who he is are the people who are already supporting him.  Well, you do not win elections by only having people who already support you, vote for you.  You have to win over all the people supporting the other guys.  You have to win over all those “Undecideds”  You have to sway the Democrats.  You have to sprout a pair, start thumping your hand on that podium, calling the Dems the wussies they are, calling them on all the high taxes they want to impose, all their entitlements and the “Nanny State” and how to pay for it, calling them on how they will hand this country over to the enemy and get scores of Americans, uniformed and civilian, slaughtered as soon as they take office, and convince Americans that you and only you are the only person that can take care of all these things, and do it in a loud, commanding voice.  Just saying you refuse to raise your hand is not enough.  That is already yesterday’s news.

Senator Thompson, We support you.  We honestly and truly feel you would be the best, brightest and strongest man for this job.  We feel you are the man that respects the military, the police and firemen of this country.  We feel you understand the burdens that families face.  We feel that there is no better person to run this country financially, militarily, domestically, or in foreign affairs at this time, at this place, at this point in history.  We have done our job, put forth our efforts, done what we were supposed to do.

 Now it is your turn.  Time is running out.  There are no more tomorrows.  Please;  I and others are begging you.  Starting tomorrow, come out swinging.  Be the NEW SENATOR THOMPSON!!  Be the candidate that we have been waiting for.  Be the candidate that we all signed on for.  Be the candidate that will not send us home sad and dejected, feeling like we backed the wrong horse, feeling like we really did not know what we were doing.  It is time to get off the bench, stop sitting on your hands and come in for the big win…NOW!!!!

 Go out tomorrow and fight for the Presidency, fight to win and do not stop until you stand on that podium, right hand raised, taking that oath, and then fight for this country night and day until the enemies are defeated and we can once again say the world is safe, Liberals were wrong and you were one of the greatest Presidents of all time.



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