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February 5, 2008

Not-So Super Tuesday

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 Super Tuesday Map

Well, here it is.  The moment every candidate that is left has been waiting for.  The largest amount of states in the nation having their primaries all on the same day.  The closest thing to the General Election we will have, and hopefully, we can stop hearing about how Hill-Dawg, Obama and everyone else is crying everytime they open their mouths. 

 Since my candidate, the man I had been wanting to run for quite some time, the man who I felt was the best and brightest hope for this country  dropped out a couple of Tuesdays ago…and in true MSM fashion, was not even announced, I had to find out about it when I went to his web site…they stayed true to how they had been treating him all the way to the end, I am left with the question of who to go and vote for today in California’s primary.

California had finally moved their primary up to a decent date.  It is no longer in June or May like it used to be, far beyond the time when it even mattered anymore, long after every other candidate had left the race, and I was really, really hoping that this year, we would actually have a chance, have the options that everyone else in the country had.  I looked forward to finally being able to vote for the man I wanted this year, that we were going to be early enough, and that no one would have really dropped out yet, except for that lunatic Ron Paul who is nothing but a screaming Liberal hippie stuffed into a Republican suit. 

So, just imagine my disappointment to find that everyone save for one person that I had considered voting for, has already dropped out of the race EXCEPT that tiny little Oompa Loompa from hell Ron Paul, who actually was doing BETTER than Fred Thompson.  The perceived front runner all year, up until the primaries had been rudy Guilliani, yet he was running last the whole time, and he dropped out the day after Fred.  What are we, here in California and the other states that are voting on “Not-So Super Tuesday” left with?  John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul.

There is no way in HELL I will vote for either Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee.  Between the two of them, they should be sharing a room at Bellevue or Napa State hospitals. 

This leaves either John McCain or Mitt Romney.  To me, there really is no choice.

Mitt was actually the guy I was leaning towards until Fred had announced his candidacy.  There has been a great deal that has been made about his being a Mormon, but frankly, all that has shown me is how many hate-filled religious bigots there are in this country.  He is a member of a religion, whether you believe it is a cult or not, that is a Christian based religion that believes strongly in the strength of the family.  They believe in spending time with the parents and the children; they don’t believe in cursing, drugs, alcohol etc.  That right there, shows he is a core Conservative.  He has a great many qualities and beliefs that I follow and believe in myself.  He has run businesses, which is important when you want to run this country. You need to run this country AS a business, and he has the experience that even includes firing people.  Something that Democrats are immune to, and McCain has never done.

McCain is someone that I supported in the 2000 race.  I watched him very closely in the following eight years, just to see if I had made the right choice, to see if the country had screwed up or not.  What I found was that we had dodged a bullet.  The guy is a fruit loop.  I don’t know if it is his age or what, but he is definitely a few fries shy of a Happy Meal.  I have a definite problem with voting for someone who has insulted me and my beliefs.  I have a distinct issue voting for a guy running as a Republican, trying to convince people he is THE Conservative when eight years ago he threatened to switch parties and four years ago was negotiating to run as Kerry’s Vice President.  He tried to let 20 million illegals into this country and grant them amnesty and yelled at all of us for being upset about it.  He screwed up the Campaign Finance laws, he violated my rights of Free Speech in that regard, he has flopped over to the Liberal side more times than my dog flops down to sleep by the front door.  He has said you can judge him by the company he keeps.  Well, the company he keeps is Teddy Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Schumer, Rangle, Feingold, John F’n Kerry, and the rest of the biggest Liberals in the Senate…he calls them all good friends.  Not only that, but he is the darling of the MSM.  If that doesn’t say it all, then I don’t know what does.

 So today, in just a short time, after I go to pick up my beautiful daughters from school, I will be voting in the California Primaries.  When I do, I will be casting my vote for Mitt Romney, and praying that John McCain DOES NOT get the nomination for Republican Candidate in the General Election for 2008.  I thank John McCain for his service to this country, for the sacrifice and suffering he dealt with in Viet Nam, but that does not make him qualified, nor does it anoint him the best possible person to be the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  We have too much riding on this election.  We have too much at stake in the future of this country.  It is bad enough that the country is buying into the Obama and Clinton lies, and there is a serious, serious chance that one of them could be in the Oval Office this time next year.  We really cannot afford to make as big of a mistake as having McCain be our nominee.

Stand up those of you who have yet to vote.  Stand up and join with me, pull that lever, fill that bubble, touch that screen for Mitt and pray for a Republican win in November.  Our life and country really does depend on it

Proud to be a Republican

For election results, GO HERE



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