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March 25, 2008

Is Obama the Wright Messiah For This Country?

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Now I am not going to let B. Hussein Obama slide.  After you get done watching the video of Hill-Dawg making a fool of herself in the previous article, I thought it was only right to join in the frey of what is going on with what B. Hussein Obama is having to face. 

Turns out that now B. Hussein Obama is a serious threat to the Clintons, and suddenly the questions of where this man comes from and what he believes is coming to the forefront.  basically the Clintonistas are coming out of the woodwork and their war-room is in full swing.  However, what they didn’t count on was how B. Hussein Obama was going to make their work so damn easy for them. 

As anyone who has done any work at all in the black community knows, any pastor in an all black congregation will occasionally go off on the evils of White America.  It is fairly prevalent, and frankly, it was just a matter of time before this issue was to come up with B. Hussein Obama.  Being from Chicago, you just had to know that there was going to be more than a few skeletons in his closet, and frankly, the cleaner he was, the dirtier that closet just has to be.  He was not going to be able to hide behind the curtain of crying “racism” for the entire election cycle, and sooner or later, the in-depth reporting was going to be done.

So who did they find lurking in that closet?  None other than the pastor of his own church.  this is a church that he had gone to, had belinged to in good standing, had contributed to, had gone to all the picnics, bazaars, fund raisers etc., for the last 20 years.  Why he had even been married in this particular church.  He was even friend with it’s Pastor…a Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  It did not take much for the media to set ol B. Hussein Obama up either.  They made sure that he said some truly glorifying things about this REverend.  obama made this guy out to be damn near a saint.  Then they nailed B. hussein Obama publically with this Pastors racist, anti-American, 9-11 Truther, AIDS Conspiricy laden rants that were carried out from the pulpit on Sundays, and made ol B. Hussein Obama appear to be in line with the same thoughts and beliefs as this pastor.

Sorry B. Hussein Obama, but you cannot go to this chuch for the last 20 years, participate in everything that this church did, be friends with the Pastor, consider him to basically be a member of your family, and claim that you know nothing of these rants, know nothing of his political leaning, that you have NEVER heard ANY of these sermons, etc.  That’s right kiddies…B. Hussein Obama is claiming ignorance of the entire affair.  He claims he knows not a damn thing about any of this.  Has never heard these rants, has never known his politics, never heard him utter a single racist remark etc.

BULLSHIT!!!!  If you go to this church, listen to these things, and continue to attend after all these things are stated, then you must agree with them on some level.  If racism and anti-Americanism and the rest offends you to the point that B. Hussein Obama…the man who refuses to wear a flag on his lapel, or put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, claims that it does, then you change churches.  You do NOT continue to go to that church. At the very least, you to NOT sing the praises of the man that says these things, nor do you fail to lodge a complaint with the church council or take no actions of any kind at all.  After 20 years in this congregation, after 20 years of listening to this filth, all B. Hussein Obama could say was what a great and wonderful man Rev. Wright was, how he should be awarded prizes fror his beliefs, and that he believed in this church and what it stood for. 

Now that the truth has come out, he is laying dumb, and his explaination, his denials have not even been sincere in the least.  He has failed miserably in them.  Is this really what people are wanting for a President?  Is this realy the face of the Democrats?  I mean, i have always stated that Democrats are full of hate and are the most racist people on the planet, but come on…take a listen for yourself…do you people really want someone who thinks that this man is worthy of awards and praise to be President of the United States?

It should be noted that B. Hussein Obama has yet, as of the writing of this article at 1256 on March 25, to speak out against the Reverend, to reprimand him in any way.  He has yet to tell the Reverend that he is wrong for what he says, that he is wrong about the AIDS conspiricy, for the 9-11 conspiricy, for the Iraq conspiricy, or for any of the other conspiricies or claims that this insane, racist, hate-mongering “Man of God” has stated. 

Just so you know.

Enjoy B. Hussein Obama’s favorite “Man of God”


March 24, 2008

It Depends On What Your Definition Of “Sniper Fire” Is…

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Wow…you know, if it was coming from anyone other than Hill-Dawg, there would be people all over this story.  I mean, can you imagine if President Bush had told a story about how when he was in the Texas Air National Guard and all of a sudden he had to go on a mission where he had encountered “Bogies” that turned out to be nothing at all, yet when he was running for President of the United States, he told the story that he was in a heavy dogfight, where he had to do some fancy fighting, fancy “Top Gun” type flying, and all sorts of other miraculous things in order to boost people’s opinions of just what a fantastic person he was, that he was more qualified for the position of President than he was?

Well, last week, Hillary Clinton was giving her rendition of what happened when she was visiting Bosnia, using it as an example of why she is far more experienced to be President than the messiah, B. Hussein Obama, claiming that they landed at the airstrip under sniper fire, that there was to be some sort of greeting ceremony but it was cancelled due to the sniper fire, that they were told to run for their cars etc.  She gave the story out to be that she was under heavy fire the entire time she was there, but she was a brave woman and nothing frightened her, and nothing would deter her from doing her duty as First Lady and visiting this country where her husband had declared an illegal war and bombed thousands of innocent men, women and children, where her husband had said our military would only be in that country a matter of weeks or months, (yet we are still there to this day), where the war was over when she got there…however there was still some hostilities going on, but nothing like she had claimed.

Problem is…she did not bother to go back and check the archival footage from her trip.  Now, I don’t know if she is just lazy, stupid, or she is so sheltered that she feels that the mefia is so on the side of the Clintons like they were ten years ago that they would just take her at their word and not check out this story, or some mixture of all three…but CBS DID go back and check the file footage and guess what?  They found that what Hill-Dawg had claimed, the heroic actions that Hill-Dawg was claiming made her the best candidate for President NEVER HAPPENED!

Check this out.  Here is the video.  I want all of you to watch this and see for yourself.  Between the serious metdown that Hill-Dawg is having and the messiah B. Hussein Obama’s true anti-American, racist colors finally coming out…this election is just getting better and better.  i swear, at a time when you would think that the Democrats should be able to just waltz into the White house, it is looking more and more that they not only have chosen the two worst candidates possible to run for President, but it will be a long, long time before their party will ever recover from the implosin we are seeing in their party right now.  I think it has everything to do with being far to self-assured and far to self-righteous far too early. 

You be the judge.  Have a good laugh with the Brave Hillary Clinton…Soldier of Misfortune.

March 23, 2008

A New Holiday

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As I have said before…I have had other blogs that I was forced to close due to being stalked by an insane former professer in the Pacific Northwest as well as my ex-wife, and thus a great many of my previous writings are now locked away in those closed blogs.  However, I have decided to reprint several of those posts here in this blog, as I think right now, during this election time, they might just be worthwhile.  The first of which is a “tounge-in-cheek” New Holiday that my “little” brother the Highway Patrol Detective and I came up with while partaking in the age-old ritual of brotherly beer drinking that many brothers have done since the times of old, when the Egyptians first began making beer out of honey and hops centuries ago.  With the Traitors and other Liberal scum destroying, bombing, protesting and such the recruiting stations across this country, with drug dealers, gang members and the like running rampant, with child molesters, murderers, and such being allowed out of prison with barely a slap on the wrist, free to re-offend at will, with Islamic Terrorists living here in our midsts, going about their daily lives free to do as they please all thanks to Political Correctness and Multi-Culturalism…maybe your fantasy life might just enjoy this new little holiday we came up with.  We called it:


Martial Law Day

Several years ago, I was having a few beers with my little brother who, incidentally, is a cop and a subject came up that over the years I have molded into my own thinking. As we all know, great things come from moments of beer drinking with loved ones, and since we were beer drinking, Cope spitting Rednecks (You know, a Red State yokel) we could come up with some doozies. First though, I need to create the build up.

Currently in this country there is a lot of belly aching concerning loss of freedoms via the Patriot Act. Although no one can list a single instance where anyone’s Constitutional Rights have been violated , nor after many numerous challenges to the Constitutionality of said Act has any un-Constitutional passage or law been found in it, the cries from the left continue to go on. More so now that it is up for renewal. Drugs and drug labs continue to be rampant and a great danger to people around them especially our law enforcement officers who deal with these flunkies on a daily basis and our firefighters who stumble upon these buildings converted to a festering WMD by mistake. The ACLU is defending for free N.A.M.B.L.A. (also known as the Michael Jackson Fan Club); child molesters wander the streets and stay in houses near schools and across the street from families where they prey on their next victims. They wander the streets due to bleeding hearts that somehow think that with proper counseling they can be fine upstanding citizens despite the recidivism rate for these crimes leading to the contrary. Gangs run entire city neighborhoods and walk around with impunity due to the fact that people are too afraid to do anything for fear of retaliation. They terrorize young and old and recruit small boys with the hopes of money and “ho’s”.

Oh there is so much more. On top of all that, our country has grown lax in its own defense of freedom. The term seems to have lost so much meaning to so many. This current generation has never had to struggle. In our past, we had to struggle against harsh winters for food and warmth. We fought against the greatest power in the world for our freedom…twice. We fought amongst ourselves killing hundreds of thousands over rights of states and men. We fought for space and discovery, more fighting for food; we fought the Huns in Europe. We fought against poverty when the Market collapsed. Once again the Huns come calling and we fought a war all over the globe and had to sacrifice once again for food and basic necessities. We fought in two Asian theatres. Through it all it always made this Nation stronger…that is until the children of “The Greatest Generation” went and got themselves a little education and thought they knew better. Suddenly, they started spitting in the face of everything this country had stood for since the Colonies were founded. You know, God and Country. People’s sensibilities seemed to be hurt by a mere glance all the while they smoked, snorted, and doped their way through about 25 years until the modern plague caught up to them and employers got tired of hiring dope heads.

Along the way it became wrong to love God and Country. They still say the love their country, but yet they do nothing but mock it and spit on it. Years ago, on the 4th of July, there would be parades where our country’s veterans marched. Flags waved, picnics were had, and fireworks were followed by apple pies. No one was worried about offending someone with this show of love for this country, which now may have you ending up in jail.

SO…the holiday we thought up and I have tweaked a bit is pretty darn simple. We have it way to easy here in this country. Like I mentioned, we have an over abundance of freedom, without knowing what true freedom is, like the people that were killing themselves getting here from countries like the U.S.S.R., Vietnam, Cuba etc.

So, what is the holiday?


That’s right, Martial Law Day. A whole new concept in helping people understand the freedom and liberty that they mock and spit on. I know, I sound like a Right Wing Kook who should be standing out on the border, but hear me out.

One day a year, Martial Law is declared throughout the land. It becomes a Police State for a whole 24 hours. There are no Miranda rights, there are no search warrants, and there is no ACLU, what ever the government says goes. Anyone taken in on that day for crimes against the State has no recourse or rights. They truly are at the mercy of the court and police. Are you dealing drugs? Well, your house will be raided and you will be tossed in the pokey. Make a furtive move, bango, taken out like a member of Hamas at an Israeli check-point. You been touching the little ones at Neverland? Yoink, off to the poky with you, put in general population and never seen or heard from again. All known gang members are rounded up, and then placed in a cordoned off 4 square block area, given guns and told the last one standing wins. If you don’t fight it out, the cops will take care of it for you. Hey, they are shooting each other in the streets anyway…this just eliminates innocent by-standers. Do you like to terrorize people in your neighborhood? Government thugs will visit you and do to you what you do to people. Well, you get the gist of the day. All this funded by any and all drug money seized from the previous year including money from the sale of personal property of said criminals. Hey…if you aren’t a criminal, what do you have to worry about?

Ok…here’s the best part. Martial Law Day is to be held on (trumpet blast)…July 3rd. At midnight on the 4th of July, Martial Law Day ends and Independence Day begins. Suddenly people know what a gift they have been given. They understand what KGB tactics of the populace and Government Death Squads are and how fortunate and lucky they are to live in this country. Watch how they no longer burn and spit on flags. Watch how they once again begin to respect members of the military that fight for the freedoms they have that keeps this to a one day event. Watch parades celebrating the freedom and liberty we have spring up on every street corner. Most of all, watch the drug and crime rate plummet to nothing as no one wants to be a part of next years Martial Law Day.

Hmmmm…though this is all just talk over beer, how much merit do you think it has? Oh sure, it would never fly. We are way too spoiled. After all, I look like a nut job just fictionalizing something like this. However, deep down I know you are now thinking about it. You know you would love to see the next drug dealer or flag burner or Michael Newdow become a center piece on the 3rd of July.

Go ahead…it’ll be your own guilty pleasure.

Happy Easter!

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True Meaning Of Easter

On Good Friday, I found myself reading from the Bible to my 8 year old daughter, the story of Christ’s Passion.  She has been taking a real interest in all things religious lately, starting around christmas time, and I have been doing my very best to keep her interested in it, without filling her head with too much, or getting her bored and thereby turning her off and away.  She, like most children, is struggling with the concept of The holy Trinity, and I have to admit, after 12 years of Catholic education, many years of independent study of other religions including Paganism and Wiccanism as well as Islam, I find it difficult to explain as well.  However, she does show a certain faith and understanding that transcennds most people’s beliefs, including some priests that I know, and I have had some really incredible discussions with this little genious my estranged wife and I have created and brought into this world.

We went ahead last night and decorated our eggs, two dozen in all, and my 10 year old spent a great deal of time really doing a number on hers.  She used pipe cleaners, “googly eyes”, glitter, sequins and made some really spectacular decorations.  My 8 year old used a white crayon with me and we made some neat designs of our own, and then she wrote a note for the Easter Bunny, left out some lettuce for him along with the note and off to bed we went.  My wife stayed over last night, and thanks to her, she did a really wonderful job of making sure that the easter bunny showed up, left a really nice note back for my 8 year old as well as took the eggs that we had decorated and hid them out in the front yard along with some plastic ones so that when the girls awoke this morning, they were able to find their baskets with the obligatory chocolate bunny, the marshmallow peeps, (my personal favorite along with the Cadbury Creme Eggs) and then ff we went in search of all that Peter Cottontail had left for the girls to find.  It was a truly wonderful morning that could only have been made better if my wife and i could settle our issues and she were to have come home and we could move forward with our family.  I was again reminded of how wonderful she is and how she helps to make all our holidays so special not just for me, but for our children. 

For those of you that know me and have followed my blogs as they have moved from place to place, you know just how important family is to me, and how special we make each and every holiday, especially for our children.  Right now, our money situation is really tight, since she has moved out and we are having to pay two rents, two utilities and such, so I was really worried about having anything for our children this easter.  Yet my wife came through, and although it was not much, she made sure that it was a really nice and special Easter morning for our girls, and I only hope she knows how much I appreciate it and how wonderful I think she is.

This is the most important day in the Christian Calendar.  It is the Easter Holiday that the entire Christian Religion is founded and based on.  It is the promise of jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection from the dead, as was foretold three days later, that was the cornerstone of our entire faith.  Had Jesus the Christ only been hung on the Cross, died and placed in the tomb and then stayed there, rotting away and never risen from the dead, we would all either be Jews, Pagans or some other religion that would have been started in the interim.  There would be no Islam, no Christianity, no Christmas, no Easter, no St. Patrick’s Day, no St. Valentine’s Day…in fact, there would be a great deal of history that just plain would not have occurred.

There is a war going on right now…while not a traditional war with gun, bombs, cannons and such…but a war none-the-less, against Christianity and all it means.  People in this country just plain hate Christians, what they stand for, what they represent, their Holidays, their tenets, and the fact that to be a Christian might just make someone a better person and keep them from sinning; just might mean you cannot do all those things that Liberalism says is just fine to do.  The backlash of what happened in the 60’s and 70’s is just now seriously being felt, and while Liberals deny it, there is really no denying the impact that Christians face on a daily basis.

There are attacks against Christmas every year.  Each year more and more public places are being told that they cannot display anything having to do with the true meaning of the holiday, which is the celebration of Jesus the Christ’s birth.  liberals are attempting to turn it into something that it is not, even removing the name “Christmas” all together.  If you go to any Liberal website, it does not take long in perusing their comments section before you are assaulted but some of the most foul, most obscene, violent comments directed towards Christians and Christianity that you will ever see. 

I do not know if these assaults come from a fear of the unknown, if something has happened to these people in their past that affected them, or if there is just some other thing that has affects their common sense, but I am sure that psychiatrists would be able to understand and explain it far better than I can.  I personally do not understand the fear that these people have over a faith that espouses and tries to get people to be better persons.  It tries to get people to help other people.  It tries to get people to love one another.  In fact, it tells people to, “Love one another as you would love yourself.” 

Jesus, the person whom Christianity is based on, was a peaceful person.  He obeyed his parents, he did what he was told when he was young, and even took care of his family when he was older.  He was loyal to his friends, he helped the poor.  In fact, if you ask me, he would have been a Republican.  Why do I say that?  Because he told people to take responsibility for their own actions.  He used the “Parable of the Talents” to tell people not to sit around and do nothing, not to wait for someone or something to take care of them or take care of their things, but to get off of their buts, use the talents that God had given them and make something of themselves.  Only in that way would they become better people.  He told people that God only helps those that help themselves.  That meant that God would not help people that sat around and just waited for “Divine Intervention”  God would only help people that were trying to better themselves.  If the people were working hard, were trying to better themselves, then God would help.  God did not like lazy, worthless people.  basically, God hates people on welfare.  (Yeah, that is my opinion, but it fits.)

I was born and raised Catholic, and wandered away for a long time.  Recently, after I came within two hours of dying due to a serious staph infection that had invaded my lymphatic system five years ago, I found myself going back to the Church, and taking a bigger interest in all things Christian again.  I have used my knowledge of all other religions, including Paganism…which the early Christians/Catholics incorporated into their faith in order to convert the early Pagans, to bring myself closer to God. 

I believe that Jesus really did exist.  I believe that modern science has actually found more proof that He not only existed, but that the stories of Him and what He did in the Bible have been proven more so than not.  I believe that the Shroud of Turin is, in fact, the burial shroud spoken of in the Bible.  I believe that while the stories in the Bible and Parables were told in a way that uneducated and illiterate people in those times could understand them, the historical aspects are true.  I do believe in a Higher Power.  I do believe that Jesus was God brought to earth in the form of man.  I believe that God can speak to all of us if we just listen.  I believe that all you have to do is look at the beauty and wonder that is this world, that all you have to do is look up at the stars, see the vastness of space and the universe and know that God does exist and that we are here to love each other, to be the best person we can be, to leave this place just a little bit better than when we got here, to use our talents to the best we can, to harm no one, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and to live good, just lives. 

I also believe that Judaism is just as good as Christianity.  I believe that the only major religion that is evil and wrong is Islam.  That Islam, by it’s own words, it’s own rules, tenets, holy books, is evil, wrong and should be abolished.  I believe that no amount of Political Correctness or Mulit-Culturism in the world will ever make it the “Religion of Peace” it claims to be and that anyone who is stupid enough to believe that lie deserves everything that they will get from it.

And lastly, I believe that this is the day that the Lord has made.  let us rejoice and be glad.  Today we celebrate Easter.  the Holiest of Holy Days in the Christian Calendar.  The day when Jesus the Christ conquered death.  The day when He saved us all from our sins and allowed the Gates of Heaven to be opened up forever.  Through His sacrifice, His painful Passion, we have all been saved and through Him, all things are now possible. 

I wish you all a very Happy Easter, and try not to eat too many eggs, and parents…don’t eat the ears off your kids chocolate bunnies.


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