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March 23, 2008

A New Holiday

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As I have said before…I have had other blogs that I was forced to close due to being stalked by an insane former professer in the Pacific Northwest as well as my ex-wife, and thus a great many of my previous writings are now locked away in those closed blogs.  However, I have decided to reprint several of those posts here in this blog, as I think right now, during this election time, they might just be worthwhile.  The first of which is a “tounge-in-cheek” New Holiday that my “little” brother the Highway Patrol Detective and I came up with while partaking in the age-old ritual of brotherly beer drinking that many brothers have done since the times of old, when the Egyptians first began making beer out of honey and hops centuries ago.  With the Traitors and other Liberal scum destroying, bombing, protesting and such the recruiting stations across this country, with drug dealers, gang members and the like running rampant, with child molesters, murderers, and such being allowed out of prison with barely a slap on the wrist, free to re-offend at will, with Islamic Terrorists living here in our midsts, going about their daily lives free to do as they please all thanks to Political Correctness and Multi-Culturalism…maybe your fantasy life might just enjoy this new little holiday we came up with.  We called it:


Martial Law Day

Several years ago, I was having a few beers with my little brother who, incidentally, is a cop and a subject came up that over the years I have molded into my own thinking. As we all know, great things come from moments of beer drinking with loved ones, and since we were beer drinking, Cope spitting Rednecks (You know, a Red State yokel) we could come up with some doozies. First though, I need to create the build up.

Currently in this country there is a lot of belly aching concerning loss of freedoms via the Patriot Act. Although no one can list a single instance where anyone’s Constitutional Rights have been violated , nor after many numerous challenges to the Constitutionality of said Act has any un-Constitutional passage or law been found in it, the cries from the left continue to go on. More so now that it is up for renewal. Drugs and drug labs continue to be rampant and a great danger to people around them especially our law enforcement officers who deal with these flunkies on a daily basis and our firefighters who stumble upon these buildings converted to a festering WMD by mistake. The ACLU is defending for free N.A.M.B.L.A. (also known as the Michael Jackson Fan Club); child molesters wander the streets and stay in houses near schools and across the street from families where they prey on their next victims. They wander the streets due to bleeding hearts that somehow think that with proper counseling they can be fine upstanding citizens despite the recidivism rate for these crimes leading to the contrary. Gangs run entire city neighborhoods and walk around with impunity due to the fact that people are too afraid to do anything for fear of retaliation. They terrorize young and old and recruit small boys with the hopes of money and “ho’s”.

Oh there is so much more. On top of all that, our country has grown lax in its own defense of freedom. The term seems to have lost so much meaning to so many. This current generation has never had to struggle. In our past, we had to struggle against harsh winters for food and warmth. We fought against the greatest power in the world for our freedom…twice. We fought amongst ourselves killing hundreds of thousands over rights of states and men. We fought for space and discovery, more fighting for food; we fought the Huns in Europe. We fought against poverty when the Market collapsed. Once again the Huns come calling and we fought a war all over the globe and had to sacrifice once again for food and basic necessities. We fought in two Asian theatres. Through it all it always made this Nation stronger…that is until the children of “The Greatest Generation” went and got themselves a little education and thought they knew better. Suddenly, they started spitting in the face of everything this country had stood for since the Colonies were founded. You know, God and Country. People’s sensibilities seemed to be hurt by a mere glance all the while they smoked, snorted, and doped their way through about 25 years until the modern plague caught up to them and employers got tired of hiring dope heads.

Along the way it became wrong to love God and Country. They still say the love their country, but yet they do nothing but mock it and spit on it. Years ago, on the 4th of July, there would be parades where our country’s veterans marched. Flags waved, picnics were had, and fireworks were followed by apple pies. No one was worried about offending someone with this show of love for this country, which now may have you ending up in jail.

SO…the holiday we thought up and I have tweaked a bit is pretty darn simple. We have it way to easy here in this country. Like I mentioned, we have an over abundance of freedom, without knowing what true freedom is, like the people that were killing themselves getting here from countries like the U.S.S.R., Vietnam, Cuba etc.

So, what is the holiday?


That’s right, Martial Law Day. A whole new concept in helping people understand the freedom and liberty that they mock and spit on. I know, I sound like a Right Wing Kook who should be standing out on the border, but hear me out.

One day a year, Martial Law is declared throughout the land. It becomes a Police State for a whole 24 hours. There are no Miranda rights, there are no search warrants, and there is no ACLU, what ever the government says goes. Anyone taken in on that day for crimes against the State has no recourse or rights. They truly are at the mercy of the court and police. Are you dealing drugs? Well, your house will be raided and you will be tossed in the pokey. Make a furtive move, bango, taken out like a member of Hamas at an Israeli check-point. You been touching the little ones at Neverland? Yoink, off to the poky with you, put in general population and never seen or heard from again. All known gang members are rounded up, and then placed in a cordoned off 4 square block area, given guns and told the last one standing wins. If you don’t fight it out, the cops will take care of it for you. Hey, they are shooting each other in the streets anyway…this just eliminates innocent by-standers. Do you like to terrorize people in your neighborhood? Government thugs will visit you and do to you what you do to people. Well, you get the gist of the day. All this funded by any and all drug money seized from the previous year including money from the sale of personal property of said criminals. Hey…if you aren’t a criminal, what do you have to worry about?

Ok…here’s the best part. Martial Law Day is to be held on (trumpet blast)…July 3rd. At midnight on the 4th of July, Martial Law Day ends and Independence Day begins. Suddenly people know what a gift they have been given. They understand what KGB tactics of the populace and Government Death Squads are and how fortunate and lucky they are to live in this country. Watch how they no longer burn and spit on flags. Watch how they once again begin to respect members of the military that fight for the freedoms they have that keeps this to a one day event. Watch parades celebrating the freedom and liberty we have spring up on every street corner. Most of all, watch the drug and crime rate plummet to nothing as no one wants to be a part of next years Martial Law Day.

Hmmmm…though this is all just talk over beer, how much merit do you think it has? Oh sure, it would never fly. We are way too spoiled. After all, I look like a nut job just fictionalizing something like this. However, deep down I know you are now thinking about it. You know you would love to see the next drug dealer or flag burner or Michael Newdow become a center piece on the 3rd of July.

Go ahead…it’ll be your own guilty pleasure.


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