Retired Fireman’s Political 5 Alarm Fire

March 24, 2008

It Depends On What Your Definition Of “Sniper Fire” Is…

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Wow…you know, if it was coming from anyone other than Hill-Dawg, there would be people all over this story.  I mean, can you imagine if President Bush had told a story about how when he was in the Texas Air National Guard and all of a sudden he had to go on a mission where he had encountered “Bogies” that turned out to be nothing at all, yet when he was running for President of the United States, he told the story that he was in a heavy dogfight, where he had to do some fancy fighting, fancy “Top Gun” type flying, and all sorts of other miraculous things in order to boost people’s opinions of just what a fantastic person he was, that he was more qualified for the position of President than he was?

Well, last week, Hillary Clinton was giving her rendition of what happened when she was visiting Bosnia, using it as an example of why she is far more experienced to be President than the messiah, B. Hussein Obama, claiming that they landed at the airstrip under sniper fire, that there was to be some sort of greeting ceremony but it was cancelled due to the sniper fire, that they were told to run for their cars etc.  She gave the story out to be that she was under heavy fire the entire time she was there, but she was a brave woman and nothing frightened her, and nothing would deter her from doing her duty as First Lady and visiting this country where her husband had declared an illegal war and bombed thousands of innocent men, women and children, where her husband had said our military would only be in that country a matter of weeks or months, (yet we are still there to this day), where the war was over when she got there…however there was still some hostilities going on, but nothing like she had claimed.

Problem is…she did not bother to go back and check the archival footage from her trip.  Now, I don’t know if she is just lazy, stupid, or she is so sheltered that she feels that the mefia is so on the side of the Clintons like they were ten years ago that they would just take her at their word and not check out this story, or some mixture of all three…but CBS DID go back and check the file footage and guess what?  They found that what Hill-Dawg had claimed, the heroic actions that Hill-Dawg was claiming made her the best candidate for President NEVER HAPPENED!

Check this out.  Here is the video.  I want all of you to watch this and see for yourself.  Between the serious metdown that Hill-Dawg is having and the messiah B. Hussein Obama’s true anti-American, racist colors finally coming out…this election is just getting better and better.  i swear, at a time when you would think that the Democrats should be able to just waltz into the White house, it is looking more and more that they not only have chosen the two worst candidates possible to run for President, but it will be a long, long time before their party will ever recover from the implosin we are seeing in their party right now.  I think it has everything to do with being far to self-assured and far to self-righteous far too early. 

You be the judge.  Have a good laugh with the Brave Hillary Clinton…Soldier of Misfortune.


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