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March 25, 2008

Is Obama the Wright Messiah For This Country?

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Now I am not going to let B. Hussein Obama slide.  After you get done watching the video of Hill-Dawg making a fool of herself in the previous article, I thought it was only right to join in the frey of what is going on with what B. Hussein Obama is having to face. 

Turns out that now B. Hussein Obama is a serious threat to the Clintons, and suddenly the questions of where this man comes from and what he believes is coming to the forefront.  basically the Clintonistas are coming out of the woodwork and their war-room is in full swing.  However, what they didn’t count on was how B. Hussein Obama was going to make their work so damn easy for them. 

As anyone who has done any work at all in the black community knows, any pastor in an all black congregation will occasionally go off on the evils of White America.  It is fairly prevalent, and frankly, it was just a matter of time before this issue was to come up with B. Hussein Obama.  Being from Chicago, you just had to know that there was going to be more than a few skeletons in his closet, and frankly, the cleaner he was, the dirtier that closet just has to be.  He was not going to be able to hide behind the curtain of crying “racism” for the entire election cycle, and sooner or later, the in-depth reporting was going to be done.

So who did they find lurking in that closet?  None other than the pastor of his own church.  this is a church that he had gone to, had belinged to in good standing, had contributed to, had gone to all the picnics, bazaars, fund raisers etc., for the last 20 years.  Why he had even been married in this particular church.  He was even friend with it’s Pastor…a Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  It did not take much for the media to set ol B. Hussein Obama up either.  They made sure that he said some truly glorifying things about this REverend.  obama made this guy out to be damn near a saint.  Then they nailed B. hussein Obama publically with this Pastors racist, anti-American, 9-11 Truther, AIDS Conspiricy laden rants that were carried out from the pulpit on Sundays, and made ol B. Hussein Obama appear to be in line with the same thoughts and beliefs as this pastor.

Sorry B. Hussein Obama, but you cannot go to this chuch for the last 20 years, participate in everything that this church did, be friends with the Pastor, consider him to basically be a member of your family, and claim that you know nothing of these rants, know nothing of his political leaning, that you have NEVER heard ANY of these sermons, etc.  That’s right kiddies…B. Hussein Obama is claiming ignorance of the entire affair.  He claims he knows not a damn thing about any of this.  Has never heard these rants, has never known his politics, never heard him utter a single racist remark etc.

BULLSHIT!!!!  If you go to this church, listen to these things, and continue to attend after all these things are stated, then you must agree with them on some level.  If racism and anti-Americanism and the rest offends you to the point that B. Hussein Obama…the man who refuses to wear a flag on his lapel, or put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, claims that it does, then you change churches.  You do NOT continue to go to that church. At the very least, you to NOT sing the praises of the man that says these things, nor do you fail to lodge a complaint with the church council or take no actions of any kind at all.  After 20 years in this congregation, after 20 years of listening to this filth, all B. Hussein Obama could say was what a great and wonderful man Rev. Wright was, how he should be awarded prizes fror his beliefs, and that he believed in this church and what it stood for. 

Now that the truth has come out, he is laying dumb, and his explaination, his denials have not even been sincere in the least.  He has failed miserably in them.  Is this really what people are wanting for a President?  Is this realy the face of the Democrats?  I mean, i have always stated that Democrats are full of hate and are the most racist people on the planet, but come on…take a listen for yourself…do you people really want someone who thinks that this man is worthy of awards and praise to be President of the United States?

It should be noted that B. Hussein Obama has yet, as of the writing of this article at 1256 on March 25, to speak out against the Reverend, to reprimand him in any way.  He has yet to tell the Reverend that he is wrong for what he says, that he is wrong about the AIDS conspiricy, for the 9-11 conspiricy, for the Iraq conspiricy, or for any of the other conspiricies or claims that this insane, racist, hate-mongering “Man of God” has stated. 

Just so you know.

Enjoy B. Hussein Obama’s favorite “Man of God”



  1. You said something over on MM’s site:


    Peet (sorry, fake email above)

    Comment by Peet — August 12, 2008 @ 7:28 am

  2. Wow…you know…that is one of the nicest things someone has gone out of their way to do for me in quite awhile. Especially considering I have been oh so busy with life to even maintain my own blog for…apparently…about six months now.

    Thanks much. I have visited there in the past, but just never saved it on my “Favs” nor really added it to my daily web-reading repertoir for whatever useless reason I may have.

    I suppose I should go back to spouting off on here. Might decrease the `ol blood pressure.

    Comment by Retired Fireman — August 12, 2008 @ 12:18 pm

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