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October 30, 2008

I Am Not “Joe The Plumber”

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I know, that sounds like an odd thing to be saying for someone who is praying that Obama does not become the next President of the United States.  Especially when it seems that all McCain supporters should be out there banging the drum with the same slogan.

However, I am far from being a “Joe the Plumber”  I have held off giving out much personal info about me, but I feel I need to as a way of dispelling some of the myths surrounding us folks who call ourselves “Conservatives”, let alone someone who has been a Republican since he was permitted to leave high school one day in 1984 in order to head on out to California’s State Capital and watch and listen to one of the greatest Presidents this country ever had speak to all of us as he campaigned for his second term in office, President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

What I am, is a disabled Fireman/Paramedic, who was injured on duty while moving a patient who was bleeding profusely from his throat after a nurse in a Skilled Nursing Facility had suctioned him wrong, ripping the back of his throat which was already ravaged by cancer, from my guerney to the E.D.’s bed.  My partner and I had done the slide countless times, however, at the last second, a nurse or E.D. Tech or someone else come over and grabbed the guys feet, throwing off our balance and tearing three discs in my back.  Through many different attempts at fixing the issue, I finally had a proceedure that should have repaired it, had the City I worked for actually followed the Doctors orders and permitted me to have therapy following it.  However, they refused to allow it, which caused the discs to heal improperly, creating an even bigger injury and causing me to be forced into a disablity retirement long before I was ready to leave the department.

The result of all of that is that I am now a single parent, since my wife has decided she could not/would not have a husband who is injured and all that went with it.  I have my children with me 90% of the time and subsist of a small pension, for I have still not been able to settle with Workman’s Compensation, giving me my final status as well as re-education voucher.  I am anywhere between 39 1/2%-42% permanently disabled and can no longer do physical labor, nor a great many other things.

The money I receive is barely enough to pay for the bills we have, let alone food.  More than once over the last year, I have had to resort to endless PB&J’s, power turned off for a day, and phone shut off, etc.  As it stands right now, unless there is some miracle, I will not even be able to purchase Christmas presents for my children, and will hope that their grandparents come through with some good ones, along with their mother.

However, there is a reason that no one has heard of this, including my friends and former workmates.  It is because I am a believer in the person.  I know that all of this is temprary, and that I have worked since I was 13 and will continue to do so for a long time.  I am not able to seek employment anywhere currently, since until I recieve my final Permanent Disability Designation, I cannot get hired.  However, the minute that it omes in, I will be out there seeking whatever job I can get…should someone hire someone that is disabled.  I am fully aware of the laws regarding discrimination, but let’s be real.  Unless they come out and state that they are not hiring me due to my disability, that law means squat.

I know that hopefully this time next year, things will be different.  I did not go to the Government, I refuse to go on Welfare, seek assistance or anything else of that nature.  We will just have to get by with less.

The biggest thing is…I do not need a messiah in the guise of a political figure.  I do not need the Government to take care of me.  Thanks, but the Government contributed enough to my situation, and any further help from them I fear will not leave anything left.

So many are looking towards Obama as some sort of deit who was sent from On High to rescue us all from whatever thing we find ourselves in.  I’m sorry, but I find that anyoe seeking something liek that is just plain lazy and has given up…mostly without any reason to give up. 

There are those that do legitimately require help, and for that there are services set up.  However, the vast majority of people in this country have all but either forgotten or rejected all that this country does offer for those willing to work hard and go out and get it.  There are colleges where with the smallest bit of effort to fill out some forms, you can get grants and loans to pay for it.  Anyone can start at the bottom and work up to become wither the head of a company or even better, owner of their own.

To say that this country offers nothing only shows people to be lazy and worthless.

I am now at the lowest point of my life financially.  However, I know that with hard work…the same hard work that once had me making close to 6 figures only a short time ago, I will once again be back where I was.

If it means we have to eat PB& J sandwiches and forgo the latest toy for a bit, then so be it.  But don’t tell me that I need to be voting for someone that will hand everything to us.  Don’t tell me that I need a saviour.  Don’t tell me that I need the Government to rescue me…for I have seen the Government and it is wrong.

I will not be voting for Obama.  I will not be voting for a saviour or messiah.  I will be voting for the best chance I have of keeping the Government away from my family and out of my business.  I will be working damn hard for my money as soon as I can, and the last thing I need is someone from the Government coming in and taking it all away from me to give to people who refuse to do what I am faced with doing all over again.

Anyone who does not see what an Obama Administration ultimately means for their own personal freedom or for the people of this country are only fooling themselves into thinking they are anything but lazy, thankless louts, or whose self-worth is too low to vote opposite of the false White Guilt placed in them by the very people who never know when enough is too much.

God help us all if Obama wins.


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