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November 25, 2008

Barack Obama Elementary School? Are They Kidding Me?

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You know, it used to be that a person actually had to accomplish great and wonderful things for this country, for society, for people, for SOMETHING in this country and then die before they had schools and such named after them.  However, since Obama has come on the scene, all bets are off and all rules have changed.  According to Michelle Malkin’s Blog, there has already been one school in Hempstead, Long Island that has changed it’s name from Ludlum Elementary School to Barack Obama Elementary School.  (Yeah, I know, I am not all that surprised that they seemed to have conveniently left out his middle name either.)

Now, the person that this school had been named after was a doctor who had contributed in no small way to the City of Hempstead.

He Had Practiced Medicine on Long Island for Nearly Half a Century. ONCE SCHOOL BOARD HEAD Treated Wounded Soldiers in Virginia Camps During Civil War–Was a Religious Leader. He was the last surviving member of the college class of 1863 at New York University, was a physician in Long Island for forty-nine years and president of the village Board of Education for thirty-eight years.

He obtained his education in the district schools and in Union Hall Academy, after which he entered the University of New York, and graduated from the literary department with the degree of A. B. in 1863. Two years later he graduated from the medical department, after which he spent two years in Bellevue Hospital, where was added to his theoretical knowledge a broad fund of professional information gained from practical experience.  In 1878 he came to Hempstead, where he at once took a leading position in his profession and met with marked success in practice.

This was someone who had contributed to his community and his State.  Someone who had actually accomplished things.  He was not someone who voted “Present”.  It is obvious that this was a man who took a stand.  Who actually had beliefs and fought hard for them.  He did not ride along on his laurels or his “good looks”

The contrast between the two people is nothing less than staggering.  If you do a little research on-line, you will see that his family is still out there, still contribiting to their community.  His entire family tree is posted on-line for all to see.  I canot help but think they are taking this as a great insult to a man who helped to make Hempstead, Long Island the town it is today.  After all, what the hell has Barack Hussein Obama done for that city, or for his own city or state or anything else for that matter other than to grace us all with the benefit of his breathing?  Not a damn thing.

So continue to rename things for a man who has done nothing.  He did nothing the entire time he was in the Senate and could not even take a stand in hi own State political scene…voting “Present” well over 100 times.

Sorry kids, but I take a great deal of offense at this, and should the School Board of my city similarly lose their freaking mind and decide to change the name of ANY school, you can rest assurred that my happy little butt will be at every single meeting to fight against renaming any school from someone who has actually done something and accomplished great deeds for the community whether local or larger to a nobody who has done absolutely nothing, let alone a Socialist.

Just when will this country regain their freaking minds…stop acting like teenage girls talking about some rock star.  It is embarrassing.


How Barack Hussein Obama Won The Election

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Because if we didn’t laugh, we would cry.

November 17, 2008

Time To Boycott Gay Businesses

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Since the passage of Proposition 8 here in California, the Gay Community has decided to act like thugs and spoiled children and go out of their way to harass, threaten and even commit assault and battery upon people who excercised their First Ammendment Right to donate money towards the “Yes on 8” Campaign and vote for it’s passage.  This has included vandalising churches and businesses owned by these people, physically attacking and injuring old ladies and others, storming the Sunday Services held by churches, and utilizing the list of donors that is published for whatever reason, in order to track down those that do not hold the same opinion as they so and protest these bysinesses, verbally harassing and attacking the owners as well as the patrons. 

Now, I am not sure if said list has the same restrictions on it as the “Megan’s Law” website which states that you are prohibited from using the information to harass or disturb anyone that is named on it, but even if it doesn’t, the mere fact that these thugs and terrorists are using it for just that purpose should mean new rules towards this list of donors needs to be enacted IMMEDIATELY before more people are hurt.

These thugs have even cost people their jobs, such as the Artistic Director of a Sacramento theatre, who was forced to resign after 25 years of service simply because he donated money to “Yes on 8” and the Gay thugs decided that he should not be allowed to have a differing opinion and thus should be forced out of his job.

Well, I will forgo the speech about how this is just more of the New America under Obama and how the Socialists and Liberal Fascists have more parallels with Pre-WWII Germany than anyone anywhere has ever had and just call for us to turn the tables on them.

This is a question that has now been asked, voted on and decided TWICE here in California.  Both times the people of this state have overwhelmingly stated that marriage is to be defined as only between a man and a woman.  Should not come as a surprise to anyone, since that is the way that marriage has been defined globally since the first caveman clubbed the first cavewoman and dragged her off to his cave thousands of years ago.  Whether it is for religious reasons, moral reasons, or that you just don’t want the definition to be changed for any reason, the simple fact is that the people have spoken and NO ONE should be allowed to use such Brownshirt tactics as the Gay Community is utilizing against the people that do not believe the same way as them, are now using.

Also, people and businesses should not give in to these terrorists.  Yes, that is exactly what they are and the tactics they are using.  They are employing the same terrorist tactics as other terrorists before them, instilling into people fear of economic loss or physical attacks unless they cave in to their demands.  Every time someone gives in and states an apology, says that they will donate similar amounts to some company or organization or whatever else only shows these THUGS and terrorists that they are correct in method and message, encouraging them to continue along the same path they are taking and use the same methods.

However, two can play at this boycott game.  I am not encouraging anyone to go out and threaten gays or gay businesses, to protest anyone or anything…but we most DEFINATELY can boycott their businesses the exact same way as they are boycotting.  This is a perfectly acceptable way of doing things in this country, and if the Gays want to boycott businesses in this state, well then by all means, we can boycott Gay Owned Businesses as well.

I am posting a site which lists the businesses in the State of California that have “come out” as being “Gay Owned”.

Since it is the Gay Community’s stance that they no longer patronize any business where the owner, the business or any of its employees either voted for, donated money to, or supported “Yes on 8”, then the Gay Community needs to be boycotted.  Please utilize this site to find any and all businesses in your area that are owned and operated by the Gay Community.  Note I am NOT including “Gay Friendly” businesses, since many of them actually did support “Yes on 8”; because many people who supported it did NOT do so out of malice or hatred towards Gays, but merely out of principle and out of conscience.  This is a concept that the Gay Brownshirts fail to grasp.

Here is the site: The Number 1 Online Gay Business Directory

Again, I am NOT advocating or calling for any violence, threats, or anything else towards Gays or the Gay Community.  I am simply stating that if they want to boycott people and businesses for excercising their First Ammendment Rights and for voting for what they believe in, then we all can boycott them until such time as they understand that just because you did not get your way, this does not mean you can throw a tantrum and turn into Nazi-esque thugs, using terrorist tactics against those that do not hold the same beliefs and morals as you do.

Interesting note: Ernst Roehm, the leader of the Nazi SA…the “Brownshirts” or “Storm Troopers” was actually Gay and was even in bed with a young man on the “Night of the Long Knives”, the night of Hitler’s Purge when he disbanded the SA and had Roehm killed as he was considered a threat to Hitler, possibly killed by Hitler himself.

Ironically, it is the Gays who are calling the business owners and other supporters of Proposition 8 “Nazis” when they are the ones employing Nazi tactics and carrying out the exact same attacks, verbal, physical and otherwise, that they are claiming to be fighting against.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Liberalism.

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