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November 25, 2008

Barack Obama Elementary School? Are They Kidding Me?

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You know, it used to be that a person actually had to accomplish great and wonderful things for this country, for society, for people, for SOMETHING in this country and then die before they had schools and such named after them.  However, since Obama has come on the scene, all bets are off and all rules have changed.  According to Michelle Malkin’s Blog, there has already been one school in Hempstead, Long Island that has changed it’s name from Ludlum Elementary School to Barack Obama Elementary School.  (Yeah, I know, I am not all that surprised that they seemed to have conveniently left out his middle name either.)

Now, the person that this school had been named after was a doctor who had contributed in no small way to the City of Hempstead.

He Had Practiced Medicine on Long Island for Nearly Half a Century. ONCE SCHOOL BOARD HEAD Treated Wounded Soldiers in Virginia Camps During Civil War–Was a Religious Leader. He was the last surviving member of the college class of 1863 at New York University, was a physician in Long Island for forty-nine years and president of the village Board of Education for thirty-eight years.

He obtained his education in the district schools and in Union Hall Academy, after which he entered the University of New York, and graduated from the literary department with the degree of A. B. in 1863. Two years later he graduated from the medical department, after which he spent two years in Bellevue Hospital, where was added to his theoretical knowledge a broad fund of professional information gained from practical experience.  In 1878 he came to Hempstead, where he at once took a leading position in his profession and met with marked success in practice.

This was someone who had contributed to his community and his State.  Someone who had actually accomplished things.  He was not someone who voted “Present”.  It is obvious that this was a man who took a stand.  Who actually had beliefs and fought hard for them.  He did not ride along on his laurels or his “good looks”

The contrast between the two people is nothing less than staggering.  If you do a little research on-line, you will see that his family is still out there, still contribiting to their community.  His entire family tree is posted on-line for all to see.  I canot help but think they are taking this as a great insult to a man who helped to make Hempstead, Long Island the town it is today.  After all, what the hell has Barack Hussein Obama done for that city, or for his own city or state or anything else for that matter other than to grace us all with the benefit of his breathing?  Not a damn thing.

So continue to rename things for a man who has done nothing.  He did nothing the entire time he was in the Senate and could not even take a stand in hi own State political scene…voting “Present” well over 100 times.

Sorry kids, but I take a great deal of offense at this, and should the School Board of my city similarly lose their freaking mind and decide to change the name of ANY school, you can rest assurred that my happy little butt will be at every single meeting to fight against renaming any school from someone who has actually done something and accomplished great deeds for the community whether local or larger to a nobody who has done absolutely nothing, let alone a Socialist.

Just when will this country regain their freaking minds…stop acting like teenage girls talking about some rock star.  It is embarrassing.



  1. I couldn’t agree more! What is it with everyone? And now I understand that a bunch of movie stars and famous people who influence children have done an advertisement to “serve their president” in an elementary school. Serve our President? Have any of them read the constitution – “WE THE PEOPLE” – The President & all the rest of the politicians of this country are supposed to be serving US! What is happening? Of course, all the stars & wealthy people in this advertisement do not need to worry about their health care because they can afford to pay for a surgery in cold hard cash – & what about the rest of us? This whole thing infuriates me & scares me. Reminds me of the Hitler years, the way everyone is enamored with him. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    Comment by Patty — September 2, 2009 @ 9:21 am

  2. I have a better question:

    Where was all this “Support the President” stuff during the Bush years? While Bush was doing what he could to keep this nation safe from terrorism, these same hypocrites were doing everything in their power to foil him and lend care and aid to the enemy. These same hypocrites were running there gops about how “Bush is not my President” yet now are calling anyone who does not goose-step right along with them down the Socialist path a racist. While these hypocrites got all bent and said, “How dare you question my Patriotism” while committing some of the most treasonous and seditious acts since Arnold tried to give West Point to the British, the now attack those who refuse to stay lying down while Marxist ideologies and proposals get put into place without the Congress even reading or knowing what they are.

    Reminds you of the Hitler years? The last 18 months have been paralleling Germany between 1932-1939 so much it is like watching a re-enactment on the History channel, complete with the orders to reportxissenters to the Party leaders so their names can be put on a list. Now be careful, or you will be visited by one of the Obamacorp (formerly the Americorp) Blue Shirts and taken to one of those new detention camp and reeducation facilities the National Guard has been recruiting members for.

    Comment by Retired Fireman — September 2, 2009 @ 10:17 am

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