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March 9, 2009

The Attacks On Rush Limbaugh Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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This whole thing about Rush has got to be one of the biggest laughs I am having surrounding the Thane and Lady MacBeth, the Liberals and the idiots that MacBeth is surrounding himself with. It is as if they all just realized that not only is Rush a Conservative, but that he openly and unashamedly vocalizes his Conservative views is a time and medium where if you are not a screaming Liberal, you are shunned and banned from attending any functions/parties etc., and that he has a following that is the largest in the Industry.  Rush has been around for a very long time and he got to where he is by not being intimidated by this petty, immature attempt to silence him. Better people than the MacBeths have tried.

You can also be assurred that not only will this end up gaining him even more listeners, but the people who sponsor his program will never bend to the empty threats of boycotts or other Brownshirt tactics that these “tolerant” Liberals like to threaten people with. They know that if anything, this will only strengthen his standing as the leader of the radio commentator personalities and that the people who are threatening them with boycotts are not people who were using their products, let alone can the afford them, in the first place.

This entire issue surrounding the Obama Presidency, from the minute he stood up and gave that weak, meaningless speech at the DNC in 2004 until this very minute, has been incredible to witness, and I am looking forward to helping my grandchildren learn about it in their history classes in the future.  This is all going to end up blowing up in the Liberal’s and Democrat’s facees, and will do so far sooner than anyone could imagine, simply because they are rapidly becoming victims of their own hubris. (You may need to look up the meaning of that word, LGM).

They have spent so much time plotting and planning this Socialist take-over of this country, but they are still guilty of the same thing that has always made them and Socialism fail throughout history: They are failing to take Human Nature into account. Human Nature always wins out, and the part of Human Nature that will sink them is that humans, especially the spoiled humans inhabiting this country, always want more and will never stand for having what is theirs taken from them. It is all well and fine when they are watching others have their things taken from them as well as having their freedoms taken away, but the thing about Socialism is…eventually it will be their things that the Government and the Liberals will be going for.

Wait until the new rules that they are trying to impose hits the Hollywood set. Remember that it was the Uber-Libs that started the whole labeling of the record industry. What will happen when you control what movies, television shows, concerts, comedy shows, books, etc., can be made. When it is against the Conservatives, it is fine, but what will happen whenthey go after SNL and they are told that they can no longer poke fun at Capt. Big Ears? What will happen to the Late Night Talkshows?

The damage they are doing is real and moving quickly. It is that speed that the Socialists are counting on. They want to get as much done as quickly as possible before the vast majority of people figure it out. By then, they are hoping it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it. The perfect example of this is the speed and secrecy with which the fake “Stimulus Package” was forced through. Look at all the incredibly damaging programs that the Liberals snuck in to that piece of legislature that people did not find out about before it was too late, such as the centralizing of the population’s medical records and what they plan on doing with it.

They will continue to rely on this tactic until finally people figure it out and say, “ENOUGH!” Hopefully, by that time they will still be able to have a say in what is being done to this nation, but at the speed with which they are getting things done, thanks to the greed and laziness of the American Voting Public, there is an ever shrinking time frame with which that is a possiblity of happening.

Pay close attention to what they do to Rush. It is only the beginning, and not an isolated incident. Are you foolish enough to really believe that something like the 150,000 strong National Police Force that Obama and the Libs ae already getting into place will have your own personal safety and concerns in mind?

Stand up now, before it is too late.  Study history.  Learn from history.  There is nothing they are now doing that has not already been attmepted by some other despotic Socialist regime or dictatorial leader in the past.  If you continue to ignore and excuse what Obama and the Democrats are doing to private citizens and the very fabric of this country and the principles that this country was founded on and that made it the greatest, richest and most powerful nation the world has ever seen, then there will be nothing left to even learn about in the future, for all of what made it great will not even be legal to write about or even speak of by your children or grandchildren.

If you arewaiting until it personally affects you, it will be too late.


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