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March 18, 2009

More People Are Figuring Out The Obama Is Not What He Claimed To Be

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According to the latest Rassmussen polling data for March 18, 2009, the number of people who disapprove of Obama and his Presidency is growing daily, while those that do approve of him and the irrepairable damage he is doing to this country is falling. There is now a 7 point difference between like and dislike.  This is historic, in that no President has ever fallen so fast in such a short time since he took the Oath of Office, and there is no signs that this will turn around any time soon.  As he continues to be completely clueless about how to handle the economy, as well as continuing to take advice from his Socialist handlers…the same ones who taught him all these years, he will continue to drop in the polls at rapidly increasing levels.   Check the graphic for yourself.


They may have fooled the American Voting Public, but one thing about the people of this country, they do not stay fooled for long…and they are as vindictive as hell towards those that even tried.

Also, for the first time in years, the number of people who approve of Republicans in the Congress is also rising, while the love of the Democrats is at an all time historic low.


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