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April 21, 2009

Obama Proves Khalid Sheik Mohammed Was Right…Americans Don’t Have What It Takes

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Obama and the Liberals now in charge of the United States and who are making the world’s largest Socialist/Marxist power-grab since Russia, 1917, have taken yet one more step in making our country, the United States of America, that much closer to being attacked again by Islamic terrorists, and any number of other enemies we have.

According to the now declassified report, none of the other techniques that were used, including slapping, loud music, sleep deprivation, worked on KSM.  On the contrary, he remained defiant.  He was so defiant, that he stated, in no shortage of contempt towards America and Americans that the general US population was “weak,” lacked resilience, and would be unable to “do what was necessary” to prevent the terrorists from succeeding in their goals.  So, what does the “Leader of the Free World do?  He proves the man who is responsible for the planning of 9-11-01 correct.  He proves that Americans, at least those that voted for and still support Barrack Hussein Obama and his cabal, are weak, that they truly are incapable of doing whatever it takes to keep America and her people safe from Islamic terror.  He proves that not only are the men and women now tasked with that job weak and incapable of doing whatever is necessary, but that they will go after and punish the men and women that do have what is needed and did do what is necessary.

According to this report, KSM refused to talk…until the worst item in the CIA’s handbag was used.  Until KSM was waterboarded, he remained silent.  After he became one of only three people to receive the ultimate “Enhanced Interrogation Technique”, he started singing like a bird.  Started singing so much that he gave up names of people and of a very important Islamic terror cell.  This cell was tasked with  carrying out what he called, “The Second Wave”,

“The Second Wave” consisted of using East Asian terrorists to fly an airplane into a sky scraper in Los Angeles, killing untold thousands of people, creating mass panic throughout California and the United States and giving Islam yet another powerful victory to use in order to recruit further terrorists and money donors, proving that the United States, for all it’s bravado, had learned nothing and could still be hit.

Had this guy actually been captured with Obama as President, not that I think that would have occurred, he would simply have been asked nicely several times, and then probably released into the United States with a couple thousand dollars in “I’m sorry” money from the Obama Government.  There would now be thousands of dead Americans lying in the streets, if they could be found, and more dancing in the streets of Palestine, Iran, Pakistan and other Islamic streets, while Obama and the rest of the Libs blamed Bush for not doing enough.

This is now the world we live in.  Not only has he allowed the terrorists to know exactly what to expect in the way of interrogation, allowing them to train for it and know that no matter how awful it seems at the time, no harm will actually befall them, thus there is no need to give up any information.  He has doomed the intelligence service, removing from them the tools necessary to guarantee that we know where, when, how, and who is trying to destroy us and murder our people, and made this country as weak as it has ever been, and I seriously doubt it has ever been this weak.

Not only that, but he basically gave the go-ahead for the Justice Department to arrest and prosecute the very people who made it possible for the CIA to gain the information that saved countless lives in that one instance and God knows how many more.  In a report that gives proof positive that the methods used actually worked, actually thwarted more than one attack, actually lead to the capture of more terror suspects…an entire terror cell, actually saved thousands and thousands of lives, and that should be used as proof that Bush was correct in how he was operating and the men doing the hard work interrogating these thugs and should be left alone to continue what they are doing, he is using it to shut down the program and release the very men that vowed and carried out one attack and had more in the planning stages.

Obama is more of a comic interpretation of himself.  This is just further proof that Liberals are guilty of treason.  This should have never been made public.

OK, fine.  The U.S. does not torture.  The U.S. will no longer use any of these “Enhanced Interrogation Methods”.  Well then KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!  DON’T ADVERTISE THE FACT THAT THE METHOD USED THAT WAS BAD ENOUGH TO GET THE MAN WHO PLANNED 9-11 TO TALK IS NO LONGER GOING TO BE USED!!!!


The mere fact that Obama has let this out, has let it be known throughout Islam that we will no longer be interrogating people we catch, that there will be nothing for them to worry about and all they need to do is to suck it up for awhile and they will go free should make him eligible for treason.  He allowed something highly classified to be released to the public to boost his approval ratings at a time when they are steadily heading South.  He did it purely for political gain, and for no other reason.  While he did this, he shook hands with and played best friends forever games with Hugo Chavez, and Daniel Ortega…two men who had just spent a couple of hours badmouthing the U.S..  He just sat there and took it, instead of getting up and leaving, making the statement that we will not be treated as such by two despots in banana republics.

He is slowly but surely handing the U.S. it’s death sentence…and it hasn’t even been 100 days yet.

Still happy you voted for him?  Still wondering why you were told not to?  Still thinking that “Hope and Change” was a good enough platform?

Is the death of the United States really the “Change” you wanted?  Because that’s what you gave us.  But then, this is a man who thinks that people who believe abortion is wrong and that a Free Market economy is the best form of economy are the real terrorists…not those who practice the religion of his father and brothers.


There May Yet Be Hope, As More and More Americans Wake Up

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Well, there is hope that Americans are finally waking up to what Obama and his minions are doing to this country, our Constitution and seeing that it is not the “Change” they had voted for.  With the rise in the bi-partisan TEA Party movement, regardless of how the Left is trying to demonize and downplay it, the report from Obama’s heas of the Department of Homeland Security declaring anyone who doesn’t drink the Obama Kool-Aide to be militia members, racists and “Dangerous Extremists”…more so than even the Islamic terrorists that we are now at war with, people are getting the idea that maybe those of us that spoke out against an Obama Presidency might just have known what we were talking about.

Oh sure, you will hear every night that the President “enjoys high poll numbers”, yet what they don’t tell you is the number is growing amongst those that claim he is doing a rotten job.

Compare this today’s chart with the one from a few weeks ago.  There is now only a two point margin between those that strongly approve of the job he is doing, and those that strongly disapprove.  For the rest, just go to and read the results yourself.  See how the number against what he and his minions do has been steadily growing since he usurped the office in January.


April 20, 2009

Obama Delays Rescue of Islamic Pirate’s Hostage For Over 36 Hours

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Well, by now you have all heard of the brilliant rescue of the Islamic Pirate’s hostage by the U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Team.  The Obama Administration is trying to paint the rescue as being the result of just what an awesome and decisive a leader Obama is.  The Obama Administration and all his little lap dogs in the MSM are attempting to make the rescue appear to be on account of his split second decision making and bravery.  Well, like anything having to do with this false idol of the Left, you know damn well that there is far more to this story than what they are allowing out into the press, and that there is a great deal of things that the Obama Admin. is hiding.  It seems, according to the people involved in the rescue, that Obama is far from the “hero” that he and his lackies are portraying him as.

This was sent to me by a friend of mine just yesterday.  Please read and see for yourself just how this President cares more for the Islamic pirates/terrorists than he does an innocent person:

(From a Marine that lives just outside Coronado where the Seals train. He uses the Coronado Officers’ club.)

Having spoken to some SEAL pals yesterday and asking why this thing dragged out for 4 days, I got the following:

1. BHO wouldn’t authorize the DEVGRU/NSWC SEAL teams to the scene for 36 hours going against OSC (on scene commander) recommendation.
2. Once they arrived, BHO imposed restrictions on their ROE that they couldn’t do anything unless the hostage’s life was in “imminent” danger
3. The first time the hostage jumped, the SEALS had the raggies all sighted in, but could not fire due to ROE restriction
4. When the navy RIB came under fire as it approached with supplies, no fire was returned due to ROE restrictions. As the raggies were shooting at the RIB, they were exposed and the SEALS had them all dialed in.
5. BHO specifically denied two rescue plans developed by the Bainbridge CPN and SEAL teams
6. Bainbridge CPN and SEAL team CDR finally decide they have the OpArea and OSC authority to solely determine risk to hostage. 4 hours later, 3 dead raggies
7. BHO immediately claims credit for his “daring and decisive” behaviour. As usual with him, it’s BS.

So per our last email thread, I’m downgrading Oohbaby’s performace to D-. Only reason it’s not an F is that the hostage survived.

Read the following accurate account.

Philips’ first leap into the warm, dark water of the Indian Ocean hadn’t worked out as well. With the Bainbridge in range and a rescue by his country’s Navy possible, Philips threw himself off of his lifeboat prison, enabling Navy shooters onboard the destroyer a clear shot at his captors — and none was taken.

The guidance from National Command Authority — the president of the United States, Barack Obama — had been clear: a peaceful solution was the only acceptable outcome to this standoff unless the hostage’s life was in clear, extreme danger.

The next day, a small Navy boat approaching the floating raft was fired on by the Somali pirates — and again no fire was returned and no pirates killed. This was again due to the cautious stance assumed by Navy personnel thanks to the combination of a lack of clear guidance from Washington and a mandate from the commander in chief’s staff not to act until Obama, a man with no background of dealing with such issues and no track record of decisiveness, decided that any outcome other than a “peaceful solution” would be acceptable.

After taking fire from the Somali kidnappers again Saturday night, the on scene commander decided he’d had enough.

Keeping his authority to act in the case of a clear and present danger to the hostage’s
life and having heard nothing from Washington since yet another request to mount a rescue operation had been denied the day before, the Navy officer, Commander Frank Castellano, — unnamed in most media reports to date — decided the AK47 one captor had leveled at Philips’ back was a threat to the hostage’s life and ordered the NSWC team to take their shots.

Three rounds downrange later, all three brigands became enemy KIA and Philips was safe.

There is upside, downside, and spinside to the series of events over the last week that culminated in yesterday’s dramatic rescue of an American hostage.

Almost immediately following word of the rescue, the Obama administration and its supporters claimed victory against pirates in the Indian Ocean and [1] declared that the dramatic end to the standoff put paid to questions of the inexperienced president’s toughness and decisiveness.

Despite the Obama administration’s (and its sycophants’) attempt to spin yesterday’s success as a result of bold, decisive leadership by the inexperienced president, the reality is nothing of the sort. What should have been a standoff lasting only hours — as long as it took the USS Bainbridge and its team of NSWC operators to steam to the location — became an embarrassing four day and counting standoff between a ragtag handful of criminals with rifles and a U.S. Navy warship.

Of course I can hear people who have begun to show up here from the KosKiddie syncophant playground and Gestapo Headquarters already going on about how none of this is true…how “Fearless Leader”, with his amazing lack of experience and knowledge was the one who saved this gent, how if it was not for his decision making abilities and blah, blah blah…which, of course, is to be expected.

Frankly, I read this myself and took it with a bit of a grain of salt.  While it came from a very trusted friend, one can never be too sure.  That is, until today.  It seems that it is now being reported by World Net Daily that Obama actually DID delay the rescue by over 36 hours, and that everything in said letter above is not only true, but that there is even more to the story than what is inside the letter. However, while the Liberals over at Kos, D.U. and HuffPoo will believe anything stated in any Liberal/Left-Wing/Socialist rag without question, as the WND is NOT one of those types, they will claim that this is a non-reputable source and thus cannot be trusted.

Then again, anything that speaks ill of their hero and false god will always be looked at as being unreliable.  However, look at what we know about Obama, and you can see that the truth of the matter is far from what the White House is reporting.

The U.S. Military has just had their first taste of what it will be like with this usurper as their Commander in Chief.  They have just seen how innocent people’s lives will be taken for granted, while the evil of this earth will be allowed all the chances they can get.  The S.E.A.L. Team had several chances to end this situation as soon as they arrived on target.  However, Obama was playing politics with human lives…not just the hostage’s, but the lives of each and every military member, civilian, and anyone else not a pirate/terrorist on scene.  He showed the world that the lives of these three Islamic thugs meant far more than the life of their hostage and/or the lives of the brave men that were sent to end the situation/crisis.

I really do hope that the men and women serving in the military, whether they are enlisted or in the officer’s ranks, were paying very, VERY close attention to this.  I hope and pray that they are no longer harboring any illusions that their Commander in Chief is anything more than what they already knew he was, if not more so.  I hope this will lead to even more officers…maybe a few generals and admirals…joining in on the current law suit by the officers serving in Iraq to have Obama’s files opened so that we can, once and for all, make his status as an American officially noted and allow for any and all legal actions to begin.

This nation has been placed in great peril as of Jan 20th of this year.  We have someone in the White House that would not even salute the flag.  We have someone who, by his own admission and that of his staff is not permitted to even run for the office of the Presidency, let alone actually win.  We have a person sitting in the Oval Office who has surrounded himself with people who have unapologetically stated time and again that they want the united States brought down from the inside…and now they have the person in place to do just that.  Everything he has done since taking office on Jan. 20th has been one step closer to destroying this country and all that has made it what it is over the last 230+ years, and he has sworn to do even more.

Do not be silent on these issues.  Go and sign the petition demanding that his files and records be unsealed and open for inspection.  Make sure your voices are heard.  Attend the TEA Party rallies and let them know that we will not be made into a Socialist country.  Do not fall for the Obama Propaganda.  Do not allow yourself to be bullied by these angry thugs on the Left whose only desire is to destroy our strength, destroy our wealth and leave us open and helpless to our enemies.

Let your voice be heard now, for even now there are things in the works to silence any and all opposition to Obama and his cabal.  All that they claimed that Bush wanted to do, they ARE NOW DOING and in a far larger scope than could have ever been imagined.  Anyone who speaks out against Obama, or who gets close to making his records available ends up being visited by U.S. Marshalls.  It is just a matter of time before this ends up being the Germany of 1932-1938.

Support the members of our military…now more than ever.  Let them know that there are actually people in this country that are not buying into the lie, that we aren’t all brainwashed minions of the Left.  Stand up for them, because it is now very clear that things are worse for them now then even under Carter or Clinton.  They are all that stands between us and the destrction of our enemies…foreign AND domestic.

Speak up now…for tomorrow you may be paying the price for your silence.

April 16, 2009

“We The People” Stimulus Package

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The New Thomas Paine is back, and what he has to say is every bit as true and important as the last time.  Get this video.  Send it to your friends, copy it and post it to your blog.  Get the word out my friends.  It is long past time that things are done to take our country back from those trying to destroy it from within.  The time has come to stop being bullied by Socialists, Marxists, Obamaists, Liberals and all those that would see your rights, freedoms and liberties thrown into the gutter along with their morals and values.  The time has come to reclaim the birthright that comes with being called “AMERICAN”!  Spread the word and refuse to be bullied, intimidated and threatened.  Stand up now for yourself and your country, or soon enough, you will be forever shackled and chained by an oppression that doesn’t have an America to rescue you.  After all, when America dies, who then will be able to spread Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Human Rights to us?

For those who have never read the original work, “Common Sense” written by one of our most visionary Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, please follow this link and read it. Were it not for this work, the chances are slim that we would ever have separated from Great Britain, the American Revolution might never have happened, and the United States of America might not exist today.

I challenge each of you to read this.  When you are finished, read it to your children.  Have your wives/husbands/sisters/brothers/friends/etc. read this.  Take what is written here to heart.  It is just as true, just as poignant today as it was then. There are such similar things happening today…by our own elected officials…as what happened over two hundred and forty years ago.  Maybe back then no one could have foreseen such things happening in this country, could never have imagined the Congress and Senate of today becoming nothing like those of 1776, but it is happening, it is real, and if it continues, then we wil become something like the United Soviet States of America.

Go on…call me an alarmist.  Call me whatever you want.  It matters not, nor does it diminish what the Congress, Senate and President of the United States is doing to this country.  We have lost our way, friends, and it is time to find it again and take our nation back.  Let the Liberals and Socialists mock and laugh the TEA Parties and other events meant to express our anger at what is happening to this nation.  The British mocked and laughed at the Colonists as well.  Stand up my friends…stand up while you still can, for as the report by the Homeland Security should be telling you as well as the words of Obama himself, the day is fast approaching when they will remove your ability to stand up for yourself and your country, and by then it will be too late and you will deserve all you get.

More Pictures From Sacramento TEA Party

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What the hey…might as well post them all.  Who knows, maybe someone will see someone they know.  Enjoy.





































April 15, 2009

CNN Spouts Liberal Talking Points and Lies at TEA Party

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Wow…this “reporter” could barely contain herself.  Just listen to this little Obamabot SEETHE with contempt towards people who want to keep their money, who refuse to drink the Liberal Kool-Aide, who are finally speaking out against the Liberal/Socialist/Marxist/Obama agenda.  Then listen to not only what SHE has to say concerning her feelings about the TEA Parties and those in attendance, but the lies she tells about Fox News and then the CNN troglodyte in the studio as well.

And I just love the Liberal who posted this and titled it so as to infer the “reporter” was getting harassed. All anyone need do is watch it and see just who is being harassed and just who it is that is doing the harassing. And anyone that might feel that this poor little woman is being threatened or what have you, I suggest you do a search for “Michelle Malkin at Convention” and tell me the difference between the two.

And then they actually are wondering WHY these TEA Parties are taking place.  Let me give you a little clue…IT IS THAT RESPONSE GIVEN IN THAT VIDEO THAT HAS CAUSED THEM!

Conservatives have FINALLY become simply fed up with the hypocrisy, the lies, and everything else that Liberals have been forcing down people’s throats for DECADES.

FINALLY there is a rallying point, a rallying cry that all Conservatives everywhere can get behind.  \

This is like watching “March of Die”, with Obama as the metaphorical Gene Hackman character.  Unknown to Obama or the Liberals, they have done what no one else has been able to do for a very long time.  Obama and the Liberals, with their Socialist power-grab, has united all the “tribes” of Conservatives behind one common cause.  For the first time, whether they are Libertarian, Republican, Independant or “other”, if they are Conservative, then they have a common cause, a common enemy…and that is the Nationalization of American companies and industry.  It is the blatant Socialization of this nation.  It is the destruction of Capitalism and the Free Market Economy that created and made this nation the strongest, richest, most powerful nation in the history of civilization.

That’s right, they are scared.  Listen to this little trog…what you hear is not frustration.  It is FEAR.  Fear that people are no longer buying what she and her station and the other Liberals in the MSM are selling.  They are through being pushed around and are not going to take it.  They have gone too far, too fast.  They have over reached and pushed.  And the biggest issue, is that Conservatives have turned the Liberal’s tactics upon the Liberals, and they just plain have no idea what to do about it.  They are incapable of claiming foul, of claiming illegality or anything else, for to do so would prohibit them from ever using these tactics again.  They know someday they will want to use them, so they will not create laws that will forbid them.   They are treading in dangerous new territory and they are just plain unready for it.
Well Libs…you only have yourselves to blame.  This is just the beginning.  This is just the start.  Keep pushing.  Keep forcing your “Socialist Utopia” down America’s throat.  The American Public may have bought into your little “Change” word, but I can guarantee you, that this was NOT the change they had in mind, and to more you tighten your little Socialist grip on people and their earnings, freedom and “American Way of Life”, the more they will slip through your fingers.

You will be lucky enough at this point to even maintain control of one house next year, let alone both of them at the rate you are going.  All the Liberals who have felt comfortable enough with the Usurper in the White House to show their Socialist colors, you can pretty much bet your out on your butts, and any Republican that has gone along with them…well, let’s hope they get their resume`s in order before November 2010 as well.

Sacramento TEA Party Was, In A Word…AWESOME!

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I jsut got back from the Tax Day TEA Party on the West Steps (what is considered the front) of the California State Capital, and I gotta tell everyone that it was just incredible.  There was nothing in the way of any “counter protests” that I saw anywhere.  On the contrary…everyone was just incredibly nice.  From the man I met getting out of my car, (in the one actual free parking spot that I found a mere 4.5 blocks away) who had come down from Auburn and was looking for the way to the rally and who was also heading up to the one in Redding later in the day, to the people that I stood backstage with who held my flag for me when I went into the Capital in order to take a picture from upstairs in order to gauge just how many people there were.

There was none of the stuff that accompanies your standard Liberal Whine Fest/Protest.  Notably lacking was the nausiating smell of patchouli oil mixed with body odor and marijuana that is so thick at Lib rallies.  There was none of the noise, none of the repetitive thumping of any number of hippie drum circles, no haze of smoke…in fact, even the California Highway Patrolmen who are in charge of security on the Capital grounds looked about as relaxed as they could possibly be.  No signs anywhere of S.W.A.T. teams or police in riot gear, no police staging grounds…NOTHING.  While there were the usual snipers and observers on the top of the Capital, even they looked relaxed…almost bored from where I stood and through the lens of the camera.  But I digress.  Here come the pictures, and I hope I can do them justice and tell the story as I go.

The worst part of the day consisted of locating a place to park.  I used to work downtown for a long time when I was younger, in my teens, so I had a list of “secret” parking places that people never seem to notice and are almost always empty.  That was not the case today.  Every parking lot downtown was closed up with “FULL” signs in front f them with guards posted outside.  So, I drove around a bit, looking for a place to park made all the more frustrating by the fact that the City chose this day to d an extensive amount of road work around the Capital.  Hmm…if I was a conspiricy nut, I might think that the Uber-Liberal Sacramento City Council and Mayor might have done such a thing on purpose…but contrary to popular belief I am not, and it was just a typical Wednesday in the State’s Capital City.


After finding the free spot, courtesy of the Goodyear Tire Store on I Street and 11th Street, I walked to the Capital with the gentleman from Auburn, discussing various aspects of today’s event, including the hope that it will finally be big enough that the MSM will not be able to ignore it anymore.  Of course, I also said we should not hold our breaths else we may turn a funny blue color and pass out.  I was hoping to meet my best friend there, who had walked over from his gig while at lunch.  He is another Conservative forced to work a Union job, but at least he was downtown that day, and could get away.  Having located him immediately, we bagan to look around  Let me tell you, to say there were thousands of people there would not even come close to the scope of people.  Tens of thousands were there, and more were showing up.  They had taken up almost the entire West side of the Capital and were spilling out across 10th street.


My buddy and I decided to try and walk around to the backstage area, hoping to get closer to the stage.  It was so thick with people, that we couldn’t really even see the huge PJTV screen that was placed next to the stage.  The speakers we were listening to at the time was a local radio talk show guy and Tom McClintock.  As we walked back toward the front doors, we started to notice some of the more “colorful” signs and people carrying them, as well as an enormous piece of poster vinal that had the Constitution on it, allowing people to take a Sharpie and sign their names to it, allowing people to become “signers” of the Constitution.  They apparently were going to have these all across the country, allowing anyone who wished to sign it.  They were then going to take all of them to Washington D.C., where they would present the various signed “Constitutions” to Congress, letting them know that there already is a Constitution and the people demand they abide by it and defend it with their lives…as their Oaths of office dictates to them.


Once we got behind the stage, we were surprised to find that the State had set up a table and were handing out free copies of The United States’ Constitution, as well as copies of the State Legislature.  Not only was there a State Docent manning the table, but there were other State Docents wandering through the crowd, making sure that anyone who actually wanted a copy, got a copy.  Of course I grabbed my copy, as it is much nicer than the one I have, and the girls will be able to use it.

Once behind the stage, we had more room to move, though we still could not see anything on the stage.  With my friend’s lunch hour rapidly dwindling away, I figured I would get as many pictures as possible, as well as wirk my way as close to the sound table as I could.  It looked like someone I used to work with during the 1996 Presidential Elections when I was running sound for all the candidates as they came to the area, was working this event, and I wanted to try and see if I couldn’t get some “professional courtesy”.  Speaking of, I was constantly being stopped by fellow firemen as I walked around.  I had worn my sweatshirt from my house, and my department’s baseball cap, hoping it might allow any of Michelle’s people to recognize me, but instead, I got to talk to a good many bretheren from other departments around the Northern California area.  It was really nice to see so many of them there, even though like me, they were pretty much all retired as well.

Here are some more pictures I took while hanging around the back, including the CHP Roof Snipers/Observers.  (Of course, since this was the largest gathering in California for Right-Wing seditionists, militia men and other alleged violent no-good-nicks, can you blame them?)  Enjoy.









I informed told this guy that he need not worry.  Since Der Fuhrer had just purchased over 17,600 cars he didn’t need, I was sure his would be on the way any time now.





I decided, after wandering around the front steps, to make my way back to the stage area.  WHile i couldn’t really see, as there was a curtain in the way, I was able to get my camera around the curtain, as well as hear a good deal better.  While standing there, I spoke to one of the radio officials who was sponsoring this event.  He told me he wished the curtain could come down, but that the State would not allow it.  I commented on how stupid that was, and he said, “Well heck, they wouldn’t let me say a prayer either”.

I asked him if he meant that the State of California, the ones responsible for the grounds we happened to be using, the ones who are not supposed to infringe on religious beliefs had forbidden him from saying a prayer at the beginning, and he said, “Yes”.  Can you believe that?  This is a PRIVATE event.  It is not sponsored by the State in any way, and someone in the Capital, representing the State of California told the main organizer that PRAYER WAS FORBIDDEN ON THE GROUNDS OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITAL!!!!  He said he did not want to say anymore, as he did not want the name of the person who told him to get out.  I understood and dropped it, however, I seriously believe that this bears investigation.  I would like to know where it states ANYWHERE saying a prayer on State Government property is forbidden.

Anyway, right about that time I met a very lovely and nice family, complete with two small children, who were not only nice enough to strike up a bit of a chat with me, but also was nice enough to hold my flag while I entered the Capital.  See, not only are you not allowed to say a prayer on State grounds, you are also forbidden from taking a flag into the Capital itself, as the pole/stick could apparently be used as a weapon.

Thus, as dozens of school children stood outside the front doors, they were forced to thrown their little flags with the little wooden flag poles ON THE GROUND outside the door, or throw them away.  All because the State Of California fears a 12 year old with a flag who just might be saying the “Lord’s Prayer” as she goes to see the insides of where all the State Laws are votes on and, hopefully, catch a glimpse at Aaahhhnolld.


This being the “lovely family” as mentioned above.  Truly were very nice, and the little ones were incredibly well behaved, especially considering the fact they were more than likely bored out of their minds.

Right about that time, Michael Reagan was speaking as well.  It was then, also, my old friend whom I knew from before in the 1996 elections caught my eye and we remembered each other.  He took my camera and was able to get me a couple of really good pictures of Reagan speaking.  I really needed to see the vastness of the crowd, and figured the only way was to go inside the Capital itself, and try to get a picture from the window above the balcony.  While I accompished that, it still did not do it justice, as the balcony itself, along with the many trees on the Capital grounds, still kept the true size and scope of how many people were in attendance from being known.




About this time, I looked at my watch and saw that it was time for me to head out and get home so that I could pick up my daughters from school.  So, I bid farewell to the nice family, who hopefully will be able to find this blog and at least get their picture that I took, and enjoy the rest.

I decided to try and walk out to 10th Street and see if there was anything in the way of a Liberal Temper Tantrum going on anywhere.  I did not see one, but only more happy, friendly people and some really clever signage.  The remainder of the pictures I am posting will be from there, including one of myself after finaly making it to the street and being able t pose with some stranger in front of the “Evil FOx News” truck.

Enjoy.  I wish I could have posted these full size, but they were taken in High Definition, and thus are HUGE.  I also wish I could post all the pictures I took, but there are just too many.  I am putting the best/favorite ones up on here.  Any questions, let me know.  After I post mine, it will be very interesting to see if anyone from Michelle Malkin’s blog actually saw me.  And sorry, but due to the issue I have with the evil former professor in Oregon, I am still keeping my identity a secret.  However, other than my face, you will see what a broken fireman looks like at least.

Have fun kids and I look forward to the next one.











This one was my very most favorite out of all of them.  All I saw at first was a kid in a box with half his head sticking out from behind.  When I asked them to turn around, I nearly fell over.  It has to be the cutest/cleverest one out of the whole bunch no matter what city you are in.  Just great, and I hope this goes far.






TEA Time!!!!

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Well, today is not only the day that has been coming since the Usurper fraudulently took the office of the President of the United States, making it the most audacious and powerful Socialist grab for power in the history of the United States, but it appears that Sacramento is going to be the happening place to be.

Not only is Neil Cavuto going to be broadcasting his show live from the steps of the Capital in Sacramento, but I also just learned in the wee hours of this morning that Michelle Malkin will also be there.  Being one of the privileged few allowed to comment on her blog, I am really excited about potentially getting to meet and shake hands with this wonderful, powerful, and intelligent voice of the Conservative Movement, AND maybe, just maybe, getting to have my picture taken with her.  Now THAT would be a great feather in my cap.

I will be posting all the photos I can from the event when I get home this afternoon.  I will also, of course, be reporting about the days events, with special emphasis on any and all Liberal party crashers that show up and attempt to disrupt and destroy this powerful message.

It has really been a telling last few days looking at the Liberal hate-sites.  It seems that they really have their little panties all in a bunch over these TEA parties, including making plans to disrupt them.  There are plans to show up pretending to be Conservatives, only to hold up racist signs and make racist remarks in an effort to make us look racist, they are planning to get as close to any reporters they can in the hopes of being interviewed so as to make disparaging comments and remarks in order to make Conservatives look the way they perceive us, etc.

Surprised?  Not in the least.  There is none so dishonest, racist, bigoted, hateful and childish as the American Liberal.  They have no foot to stand on based in logic and truth, so they make things up.  They can only deal in feelings and emotions, and when you attempt to bring facts and reality into a debate with them, they turn violent and vulgar.  Any Liberals witnessed at these events across the nation today will be doing just that…being as vulgar and violent as they can get away with.

While any Conservatives who counter-protest or infiltrate a Liberal hate-march (commonly known in the media as a “peace rally” or similar protest) tends to remain non-violent and non-provocative as has been witnessed by countless videos on You Tube and elsewhere, the Liberals are nothing but confrontational, bigoted, violent mis-informed or just plain uninformed.  I do not see any reason to believe, based on what they have placed on their blogs over the past few days, of them being anything else but.  I will post as many videos as possible, as they are far more telling than pictures.  Nothing speaks for the Liberals like their own words from their own mouths.

So I look forward to seeing as many people as I can identify from Michelle Malkin’s blog, as well as any of my own personal friends who are Conservative and proud.  I am also looking forward to meeting some new friends in the time I have allotted to be at the event.  After all, it is a bit of a drive and I do have to pick my beautiful daughters up from school.  I would really like for them to go with me, but I don’t think my estranged wife…the one who admitted to me that she wept listening to Der Fuhre’s inauguration speech, will allow them to go with me.

Take care all, and I look forward to reporting later this evening.  Hope to see you there.  I will be the 6’2″ tall guy with the faded flag.  Why is it faded?  Because I fly it every single day of the year, only replacing it once a year on the Fourth of July.  Ues, some of us do still celebrate it.  Who kows, the rate at which Der Fuhrer is spreading his Socialism/Marxism and the rate at which this new movement is spreading, maybe one day we will have a new day to celebrate our freedom.  The day he is either impeached for what he has done to the Constitution, or the day he is finally arrested for the fraud propagated on this country once his files have finally been forced to be released and the public is finally shown once and for all that he is not legally sitting in the Oval Office, that the Democrats have propagated the biggest case of fraid in the history of this nation and a foreign national was aowed to illegally become the President due to the failure of the MSM to fully vet him, the Republicans sitting silently while he conducted his usurpation, and the Democrats fully conspiring to get a Socialist foreign national into the White House to finally get their 40+ year agenda into full gear.  That will be a great day worthy of celebrating.

Oh, and see all you Kos-Kiddies there too.  You ignorant, childish boobs.

Just remember…the Liberals are the ones that set the standard for protests and are still attempting to change definitions.

For eight years they claimed that going against President Bush, calling for him to be thrown out of office, making any and all anti-American statements and slogans as possible, creating hasardous situations and provoking the police as well as inciting riots was all the new Patriotism.

Yet they are now claiming that anyone who attends these TEA parties, anyone who speaks out against Der Fuhrer, anyone who is against the so-called “stimulus” package, anyone who is against the attack on the wealthy and the massive tax increases as well as the printing of money and rush into huge double-digit inflation that the Democrats and Der Fuhrer are calling for and implementing are all anti-American.  Capitalists and those supporting a free-market economy are all anti-American, however those in support of Socialism/Marxism…the very nature of that which the Founding Fathers spoke out against in writing on a little piece of velum called The United States Constitution are now somehow being called “patriots”.

Don’t let them steal your country.  Don’t let them destroy that which has worked for over 230 years and replace it with something that has been an epic failure everywhere it has been tried and responsible for over 100 MILLION murders by the governments that implemented it.  Do NOT believe their lies.  Do NOT be an ignorant boob following the clarion call of the Socialist liars.  After all, lies are at the very heart of the Socialist movement.  Educate yourselves, fight for your country and fight for The Constitution.

See you there.

April 10, 2009

45+ Years of Liberal Lies Are Finally Taking Hold

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There is an old saying that goes, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it as fact”.  Well, the Democrats and Liberals…hell the entire Left-Wing of government here in this country and for the most part, the rest of the world, have been operating under that saying for over 40 years.  In fact, it could actually be safe to say that it has been their official, if unwritten, policy.  It really came into it’s own and finally became perfected during the 8 years that George W. Bush was the President of the United States.  From the lies concerning the economy all the way to the murderous attacks on 9-11-01 where the ultra-Liberal freaks have convinced over 25% of the population of the United States and an even larger number in other countries that the United States, and most of all President Bush was the responsible party for those attacks.  They have convinced people that President Bush was actually responsible for causing a hurricane…one of the most powerful acts of God/nature this planet can create…to strike New Orleans and cause the devastation and loss of life simply because of, as they have lied, he “hates black people”.  Those are just the tip of the iceberg of lies that brought about the election of the country’s first Socialist/Marxist President.
This was all started over 40 years ago by the spoiled, whiny, pathetic children of the men and women that defeated the greatest threat to the world in the form of three men that brought the world to the brink of destruction.  These men and women had lived through the pain, hunger and calamity of the Depression, then fought fascism and dictatorial governments that murdered over 60 million people world wide in a very short period of time.  When they returned home, they vowed that their families…their children would never have to live and grow up the way that they had, thus they spoiled their children rotten.  This is what created the Hippies and drug addicts of the 60’s.  Their parents believed in serving their country, state, and/or local community.  Their parents were amazingly proud of the United States and believed in what it stood for.  They believed that this nation was a nation of good and was here to promote freedom and liberty throughout the world, and when this nation needed them, they would do whatever it took to support it.  They did not tolerate anyone who spoke poorly of it.  They served.  They served in the military, the police force, the fire departments, the city and county services.  They worked.  They worked hard.  When they returned home from far away lands, they worked damn hard to rebuild this nation and their lives.

However somewhere along the way, their children decided that the best way to live was to drop acid, drop out of school and “Question Authority”.  They elected a very young Democrat from the East Coast as President in 1960.  This man not only replaced the man who was the commander of their fathers 15 years before, but had also served under that man, and had himself been blown out of the water while on patrol in a PT boat in the Pacific Theater, spending days on an island in enemy territory after having to swim for his and his men’s lives, only to be rescued by the natives of that island.  He stood on the dais of the nation’s Capital and spoke the words that he truly believed and that would become his most famous:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

He spoke those words because he had already seen that the children of what has come to be called “The Greatest Generation” were becoming spoiled and were looking for handouts.  They were all looking for the easy way out.  They were looking to the Government to give them things, things they felt that they were entitled to simply because they were breathing.  For the most part, the Conservatives of today have adopted that statement as a way of life, while the Liberals of this nation thumb their noses at it.

So they lied and lied.  They have spread the lie that Capitalism is evil and wrong.  They have spread the lie that the Free Market is evil and wrong.  They have maintained the lie that Socialism is the way that this country should be run.  They have completely dismissed the fact that Capitalism, Free Markets, and small Government regulation and interference is what this nation was founded on and what made it the strongest, richest, free-est, most powerful nation the civilized world has ever seen.  They completely ignore that it is the system they despise that has allowed this country to be at the forefront of all the world’s greatest discoveries.  It has been the reason we have lead the world in inventions, developments, medicine, food growth and production, high tech innovations and discoveries.  It is the freedoms that goes with the lack of Government interference that lead to the first airplane, the first artificial heart, the polio vaccine, the development of the home computer, the television, and so many, MANY other inventions and expansions.

Yet their lies persisted, and now, it is being reported by the latest Rassmusen Poll that 53% of Americans now believe that Capitalism is better than Socialism.  That’s right.  According to that poll, just over half of the American’s in this country polled believe that the system that created the world’s only remaining Super Power is better than a system that has not only failed miserably in every single country that it has been attempted, but that is also responsible for the murderous deaths of over 100 million people.  Those people being the citizens of the countries where they had Socialism, or of countries that was attempting to go Socialist, but was resisting.  It is not difficult to find these numbers of dead.  All anyone need do is look up what happened in Vietnam after the “Evil Capitalists” finally left in 1975 and the North Vietnamese took over, look up the results of Pol Pot, what happened in North Korea, the former Soviet Union, Nicaragua, Cuba, etc.  The numbers and facts are there.  The people who did whatever it took to escape from those societies and flee to the United States have endless stories of the starvation, the famines, the shortages of clothing and basic necessities, the lack of adequate medical supplies, the archaic medical facilities, and so forth and so on.  The former U.S.S.R. immigrants can tell people about the lines that were blocks long for such things as toilet paper, coffee, soap, shoes and whatever else the government rationed to them that, under the Capitalist/Free Market system is in abundance and as close as your neighborhood grocery store.  The only lines you wait in have policies of opening up another register when there are more than 3-5 people in line.

Well, the lie goes on.  They have only become louder, bolder, and more fanatical.  They repeat the lies over and over again.  They use countries such as Great Britain as examples of “Socialized Medicine” and claim that it is the best way to go, since everyone there is supposedly covered.  However, they fail to tell people about how you can wait months and months before being able to see the government physician, that the treatment decisions are not between patient and physician, but rather based on what the government and their guidelines state can be performed, regardless of the threat to life and limb, and many other horror stories.  They fail to mention that if the “Socialized Medicine” plans of these countries is so great, then why are people from those countries having to fly here in order to be treated by specialists and in order to receive the treatments and procedures that they are turned down from by their government’s guidelines.

These lies allowed a man who has yet to even provide the proof demanded of every Presidential Candidate by the Constitution, who surrounded himself with felons, drug addicts and dealers, domestic terrorists and cop killers, racists, bigots and anti-Americans, who is a Socialist/Marxist that has shown more respect to our enemies than he has to our closest friends and allies.  He is a man who has gone on record as stating that he will purposely price coal…a resource needed to heat and power homes and cities…neyond the reach of anyone, forcing the closure of the entire coal industry, who has vowed to implement what amounts to a 150,000 member strong neo-Gestapo that is as funded, equipped and trained as the military and who is loyal only to him, while at the same time slashing the military to the very bone, leaving us open to attack from any and all enemies, while policing our own population.  He has even recently vowed to eliminate the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal at a time when we face our biggest nuclear threat since the Cuban Missile Crisis, against Islamic despots, dictators and terrorists, vowed to find and use nukes on the U.S. at their earliest possible time.  This is what the Liberal Lies have brought us to.

As I mentioned earlier, these lies are not limited to this country alone.  In fact, they are overly prevalent in Europe and the Baltics.  The “Truther” insanity, the Liberal Lie that Osama Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorists were not responsible for the act of war known as the 9-11-2001 attacks on the United States but rather George W. Bush and other Capitalists and even the Jews were responsible, is one of the biggest lies going.  They throw out the fact that OBL himself has admitted to the attacks, as well as all the ACTUAL evidence surrounding them, and have decided to follow the ramblings of two morons in their mother’s basement, with absolutely NO experience in anything outside of how to log on to World of Warcraft.  This has been repeated and repeated and repeated until, as stated, some 25% of this country, and even more in other countries in Europe, believe the “Truther” lie above the actual facts.

In the Netherlands, a Dutch television show called “Devil’s Advocate” on Dutch public broadcaster Nederland 2, had a jury of two men and three women, along with the studio audience, that ruled there was no proof bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001.  NO PROOF!  The show has some attorney name Gerard Spong, who was able to convince the jury that bin Laden’s connection to Sept. 11 was a product of “Western propaganda.”  The jury also ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove bin Laden was the real head of terrorist network al-Qaida.  However, the jury did rule that bin Laden is a “terrorist who has misused Islam.”

Apparently, the Dutch are so gullible, that they cannot even believe what they see with their own eyes, and hear with their own ears.

There may actually be an explaination for all this.  As many people may remember, the Dutch have been having a great many problems with the fact that they are being over-run by Islamic Immigration.  They have such issues as Muslims rioting in their streets, murdering those that speak out against Islam, murdering and/or threatening to murder people who draw cartoons of Muhammed, who make movies depicting the truth of what happens to women in the Islamic faith who leave Islam, speak out against the religion, disobey their husbands, who don’t wear veils etc.  It could be that the people on the jury and in the audience felt intimidated and were afraid for their very lives should they speak poorly of ObL and Islam in general, thanks to Liberals and their policies of “diversity” and appeasement towards a barbaric and pre-historic religion.

It is time for all Americans who believe in what created this nation, who believe in Freedom, Liberty, and in self-reliance to take on the Liberals in every medium they can get at.  It is time to stop being silent as the Liberals and Democrats destroy this nation, leaving it in shreds.

The Liberal Policies that have been slowly taking over in each and every city and work-place has opend the door to this country’s very destruction.  It has opened the door to let our enemies in and allow this country to fall into an abyss which it can never recover from.

Socialism is a murderous failure of a form of government that has NEVER worked.  It eliminates the one thing that separates humans from automatons…that is HUMAN NATURE.  People will always want more.  They will always want to better themselves and their station in life.  Equality may sound good on paper, but if everyone has the same of everything, if the Government provides people with everything they need, then there is no reason for people to even get up in the morning.  No reason to go out and get an education, to go to work, to explore, to invent.  If you remove the incentive system, then people don’t care.

Capitalism allows people to better their status and station in life by working hard, getting educated and using the gifts that their Creator gave them.  Doctors will spend the extra time and money to become specialists.  Inventors will spend the time and money on their discoveries if they feel and believe they will become wealthy with their product.  Men and women will work harder, become better employees and seek out that extra bit of info, knowledge or whatever, if they know they will be rewarded with a raise or promotion for all that hard work.

Those things are what is lacking in a Socialist Society.  The people have nothing, for the Government takes it all in taxes to pay for all the “Free Government Services” that the people can get for themselves otherwise.  The services that people can get on their own are far superior to what the Government can provide as well, but the Liberals have people convinced that the same Government that destroyed Social Security is the same Government that will be better at handling their healthcare than they are.
Please America, WAKE UP!  Socialism is a LIE!  It is servitude.  It is slavery.  It is the polar opposite of Freedom and Liberty.  It is the farthest thing from what our Founding Fathers wanted for this country.  It is EXACTLY what they fought against.

By allowing Obama and the Democrats to enact the policies they are attempting and have planned, you are destroying everything that millions of your fellow Americans fought and died for.  You are turning this country into another Soviet Union, and it should not be that difficult to either remember or look up what that country was like or what their people were forced to live with.

Fight against the Democrats and Obama’s policies.  Write or call your Congressman and Senator and remind them of what this country is about and what made us the powerhouse of Freedom and Liberty throughout the world.  Remind them that we have long memories, and that they all have re-elections at some point, and we will not stand for anyone who stands for Socialism and Marxism.

Obama and the Democrats are wrong, and it is time for this 40+ year lie to end.

April 5, 2009

North Korea Demonstrates The Democrats’ Futility

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North Korea Missile Launch

SEOUL, South Korea – The rocket launched by nuclear-armed North Korea on Sunday appears to have fizzled in the Pacific Ocean, but positioned a defiant Kim Jong Il to make demands from an international community worried that it indicates the capacity to fire a long-range missile.

Well, well, well…look what we have here.  Seems no matter how many times the Democrats want to blame Bush and the Republicans for everyone hating us, it seems that once again, one of our enemies is showing that it does not matter who is in the White House or which political party is in control, the only thing they are interested in is our destruction, and their continual display of the methods they will use to obtain that goal.

Using the technology given to them by the oh so trusting Democrats under the Clinton Administration, Kim Jong Il, after a couple of weeks of threatening to launch an alleged “communications satellite” into orbit, and after the Obama Administrations empty words and rhettoric, Kim decided to show the world that he not only knows that America, under a Democratic White House, namely a President with absolutely NO experience and who has shown a vast amount of disdain and hatred for his own military and incompetency in his position as their Commander in Chief, has once again become a “paper tiger” and would not only do nothing to stop him, but would do nothing in response to what he had planned.

There was never any “communications satellite”.  What N. Korea wanted to do was demonstrate that they now have the ability to launch their nuclear armament, the nuclear armament they created thanks to the foolishness of the Clinton Administration in believing anything the N. Koreans were telling them and their foolish belief that Kim Jong Il would EVER honor a treaty with the UN, United States or any other country other than one with similar politics, and that they would not be bullied by empty threats and promises of “Kumbaya” sung with the Liberals of this nation.

That missile did not fail.  It did not crash.  It did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do.  It flew right over Japan, one of the countries that the N. Koreans are historically against and have threatened repeatedly, and out into the Pacific Ocean, where it landed EXACTLY where it was supposed to.

Now, what about my calling Obama a wuss and calling his Administration worthless in the face of our enemies?  Well, let’s just look at what Der Fuhrer had to say about this launching:

“North Korea broke the rules, once again, by testing a rocket that could be used for long-range missiles,” Obama said in Prague. “It creates instability in their region, around the world. This provocation underscores the need for action, not just this afternoon in the U.N. Security Council, but in our determination to prevent the spread of these weapons.”

Wow Barry…them’s some real fightin’ words.  I bet `ol Uncle Kim is just a shaking in his slippers.

There was a reason that Kim Jong Il, Colonel Qaddafi and other despots became a bit more silent and backed down from their stances for the past eight years.  It is because they knew damn well that President Bush was not just a bunch of talk.  The North Koreans knew that if they had done this with Bush at the helm, there would be Hell to pay for it.  There would be a more than likely chance that this missile would never have even been allowed to sit one that launch pad for as long as it did, and it would never have been allowed to fuel up, and it SURE as hell would never have been allowed to launch.  There was a reason that, for all his threats, Il backed down and started talks with the US and other involved nations.  He knew that, under Bush, he faced the reality of being overthrown and his way of life destroyed, with freedom taking over in its place.

Not now.  He knows damn well that he will be able to do whatever the hell it is he wants, whenever the hell he wants to do it, and the only thing that he will have to face, is a bunch of empty rhetoric from Obama and the idiots sitting around the table, telling each other how great they all are at the UN.  This is a man that has murdered his own people…sat and did nothing, allowing them to starve to death.  Yet Obama and the rest of the Liberals in this nation and elsewhere actually think that a bunch of empty threats are going to contain him.  It is the same belief they hold with Islam and the madmen that operate under its tenets.  “If we just talk with them, they will see the light and we will all get along in one big happy family, singing ‘Kumbaya’ and holding hands and blah, blah, blah”.

After 9-11, it was thought that this country would learn from the events that surrounded that day…namely that the world is a very dangerous place, there are very dangerous people out there in it that really, really want to do harm to the bastions of Freedom, Liberty and Democracy, and that we are no longer safe from it all in our own country…that we can and will be hit.

No.  In fact, that lesson was forgotten before the first anniversary of the attacks.  Now here it is, almost 8 years later and not only has everyone seemingly forgotten and dismissed the lessons of that day, they elected the exact polar opposite of what this country needs to keep it safe and keep despots like Kim Jong Il in their place and marginalized, if not altogether annhilated.

If we can make it until 2012 with this country in one piece, without an all out shooting war taking place in our own borders, and without having one or more of our major metropolitan cities ending up a smoking pile of ash and rubble, it will be a miracle.

I have given up trying to figure out just what it will take to make people realize that the “Happy Fluffy World” that the drug-soaked hippies and other freaks and assorted Baby-Boomers imagined over 40 years ago DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER EXIST!  Humans on this planet have always produced evil.  Words are not enough to combat evil, and just because people here think that we can all get along as one big happy family does not mean that the other 7 billion people on the face of this earth believe the same way.  Capitulation and appeasement NEVER works, and only emboldens the bullies/despots/dictators.

There is a distinct type of human being on this planet that has only understood and will forever only understand one thing and one thing only…and that is deadly force or the very real threat of deadly force.  They will forever take advantage of the peaceful and peaceloving and view them as weak and in need of being overtaken and controlled.  Even after the world witnessed the horrendous devastation and potential of two nuclear bombs dropped to end a war, they not only built more of the same weapons, but did all they could to make them even more devastating and destructive.  There are those on this planet who would be incredibly happy in seeing it and every living thing on it destroyed in the name of their god and their philosophy, and no amount of protestations, song singing or hand holding will EVER make them think and feel otherwise.

It is selfishness of the people in this country to believe that others think and feel the way we do.  Selfishness and foolishness, and until these morons finally understand that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and happy thoughts, we will always be under the threat of rogue nations and murderous dictators who laugh at us when we scold them for demonstrating their military strength.


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