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April 10, 2009

45+ Years of Liberal Lies Are Finally Taking Hold

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There is an old saying that goes, “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it as fact”.  Well, the Democrats and Liberals…hell the entire Left-Wing of government here in this country and for the most part, the rest of the world, have been operating under that saying for over 40 years.  In fact, it could actually be safe to say that it has been their official, if unwritten, policy.  It really came into it’s own and finally became perfected during the 8 years that George W. Bush was the President of the United States.  From the lies concerning the economy all the way to the murderous attacks on 9-11-01 where the ultra-Liberal freaks have convinced over 25% of the population of the United States and an even larger number in other countries that the United States, and most of all President Bush was the responsible party for those attacks.  They have convinced people that President Bush was actually responsible for causing a hurricane…one of the most powerful acts of God/nature this planet can create…to strike New Orleans and cause the devastation and loss of life simply because of, as they have lied, he “hates black people”.  Those are just the tip of the iceberg of lies that brought about the election of the country’s first Socialist/Marxist President.
This was all started over 40 years ago by the spoiled, whiny, pathetic children of the men and women that defeated the greatest threat to the world in the form of three men that brought the world to the brink of destruction.  These men and women had lived through the pain, hunger and calamity of the Depression, then fought fascism and dictatorial governments that murdered over 60 million people world wide in a very short period of time.  When they returned home, they vowed that their families…their children would never have to live and grow up the way that they had, thus they spoiled their children rotten.  This is what created the Hippies and drug addicts of the 60’s.  Their parents believed in serving their country, state, and/or local community.  Their parents were amazingly proud of the United States and believed in what it stood for.  They believed that this nation was a nation of good and was here to promote freedom and liberty throughout the world, and when this nation needed them, they would do whatever it took to support it.  They did not tolerate anyone who spoke poorly of it.  They served.  They served in the military, the police force, the fire departments, the city and county services.  They worked.  They worked hard.  When they returned home from far away lands, they worked damn hard to rebuild this nation and their lives.

However somewhere along the way, their children decided that the best way to live was to drop acid, drop out of school and “Question Authority”.  They elected a very young Democrat from the East Coast as President in 1960.  This man not only replaced the man who was the commander of their fathers 15 years before, but had also served under that man, and had himself been blown out of the water while on patrol in a PT boat in the Pacific Theater, spending days on an island in enemy territory after having to swim for his and his men’s lives, only to be rescued by the natives of that island.  He stood on the dais of the nation’s Capital and spoke the words that he truly believed and that would become his most famous:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

He spoke those words because he had already seen that the children of what has come to be called “The Greatest Generation” were becoming spoiled and were looking for handouts.  They were all looking for the easy way out.  They were looking to the Government to give them things, things they felt that they were entitled to simply because they were breathing.  For the most part, the Conservatives of today have adopted that statement as a way of life, while the Liberals of this nation thumb their noses at it.

So they lied and lied.  They have spread the lie that Capitalism is evil and wrong.  They have spread the lie that the Free Market is evil and wrong.  They have maintained the lie that Socialism is the way that this country should be run.  They have completely dismissed the fact that Capitalism, Free Markets, and small Government regulation and interference is what this nation was founded on and what made it the strongest, richest, free-est, most powerful nation the civilized world has ever seen.  They completely ignore that it is the system they despise that has allowed this country to be at the forefront of all the world’s greatest discoveries.  It has been the reason we have lead the world in inventions, developments, medicine, food growth and production, high tech innovations and discoveries.  It is the freedoms that goes with the lack of Government interference that lead to the first airplane, the first artificial heart, the polio vaccine, the development of the home computer, the television, and so many, MANY other inventions and expansions.

Yet their lies persisted, and now, it is being reported by the latest Rassmusen Poll that 53% of Americans now believe that Capitalism is better than Socialism.  That’s right.  According to that poll, just over half of the American’s in this country polled believe that the system that created the world’s only remaining Super Power is better than a system that has not only failed miserably in every single country that it has been attempted, but that is also responsible for the murderous deaths of over 100 million people.  Those people being the citizens of the countries where they had Socialism, or of countries that was attempting to go Socialist, but was resisting.  It is not difficult to find these numbers of dead.  All anyone need do is look up what happened in Vietnam after the “Evil Capitalists” finally left in 1975 and the North Vietnamese took over, look up the results of Pol Pot, what happened in North Korea, the former Soviet Union, Nicaragua, Cuba, etc.  The numbers and facts are there.  The people who did whatever it took to escape from those societies and flee to the United States have endless stories of the starvation, the famines, the shortages of clothing and basic necessities, the lack of adequate medical supplies, the archaic medical facilities, and so forth and so on.  The former U.S.S.R. immigrants can tell people about the lines that were blocks long for such things as toilet paper, coffee, soap, shoes and whatever else the government rationed to them that, under the Capitalist/Free Market system is in abundance and as close as your neighborhood grocery store.  The only lines you wait in have policies of opening up another register when there are more than 3-5 people in line.

Well, the lie goes on.  They have only become louder, bolder, and more fanatical.  They repeat the lies over and over again.  They use countries such as Great Britain as examples of “Socialized Medicine” and claim that it is the best way to go, since everyone there is supposedly covered.  However, they fail to tell people about how you can wait months and months before being able to see the government physician, that the treatment decisions are not between patient and physician, but rather based on what the government and their guidelines state can be performed, regardless of the threat to life and limb, and many other horror stories.  They fail to mention that if the “Socialized Medicine” plans of these countries is so great, then why are people from those countries having to fly here in order to be treated by specialists and in order to receive the treatments and procedures that they are turned down from by their government’s guidelines.

These lies allowed a man who has yet to even provide the proof demanded of every Presidential Candidate by the Constitution, who surrounded himself with felons, drug addicts and dealers, domestic terrorists and cop killers, racists, bigots and anti-Americans, who is a Socialist/Marxist that has shown more respect to our enemies than he has to our closest friends and allies.  He is a man who has gone on record as stating that he will purposely price coal…a resource needed to heat and power homes and cities…neyond the reach of anyone, forcing the closure of the entire coal industry, who has vowed to implement what amounts to a 150,000 member strong neo-Gestapo that is as funded, equipped and trained as the military and who is loyal only to him, while at the same time slashing the military to the very bone, leaving us open to attack from any and all enemies, while policing our own population.  He has even recently vowed to eliminate the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal at a time when we face our biggest nuclear threat since the Cuban Missile Crisis, against Islamic despots, dictators and terrorists, vowed to find and use nukes on the U.S. at their earliest possible time.  This is what the Liberal Lies have brought us to.

As I mentioned earlier, these lies are not limited to this country alone.  In fact, they are overly prevalent in Europe and the Baltics.  The “Truther” insanity, the Liberal Lie that Osama Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorists were not responsible for the act of war known as the 9-11-2001 attacks on the United States but rather George W. Bush and other Capitalists and even the Jews were responsible, is one of the biggest lies going.  They throw out the fact that OBL himself has admitted to the attacks, as well as all the ACTUAL evidence surrounding them, and have decided to follow the ramblings of two morons in their mother’s basement, with absolutely NO experience in anything outside of how to log on to World of Warcraft.  This has been repeated and repeated and repeated until, as stated, some 25% of this country, and even more in other countries in Europe, believe the “Truther” lie above the actual facts.

In the Netherlands, a Dutch television show called “Devil’s Advocate” on Dutch public broadcaster Nederland 2, had a jury of two men and three women, along with the studio audience, that ruled there was no proof bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in 2001.  NO PROOF!  The show has some attorney name Gerard Spong, who was able to convince the jury that bin Laden’s connection to Sept. 11 was a product of “Western propaganda.”  The jury also ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove bin Laden was the real head of terrorist network al-Qaida.  However, the jury did rule that bin Laden is a “terrorist who has misused Islam.”

Apparently, the Dutch are so gullible, that they cannot even believe what they see with their own eyes, and hear with their own ears.

There may actually be an explaination for all this.  As many people may remember, the Dutch have been having a great many problems with the fact that they are being over-run by Islamic Immigration.  They have such issues as Muslims rioting in their streets, murdering those that speak out against Islam, murdering and/or threatening to murder people who draw cartoons of Muhammed, who make movies depicting the truth of what happens to women in the Islamic faith who leave Islam, speak out against the religion, disobey their husbands, who don’t wear veils etc.  It could be that the people on the jury and in the audience felt intimidated and were afraid for their very lives should they speak poorly of ObL and Islam in general, thanks to Liberals and their policies of “diversity” and appeasement towards a barbaric and pre-historic religion.

It is time for all Americans who believe in what created this nation, who believe in Freedom, Liberty, and in self-reliance to take on the Liberals in every medium they can get at.  It is time to stop being silent as the Liberals and Democrats destroy this nation, leaving it in shreds.

The Liberal Policies that have been slowly taking over in each and every city and work-place has opend the door to this country’s very destruction.  It has opened the door to let our enemies in and allow this country to fall into an abyss which it can never recover from.

Socialism is a murderous failure of a form of government that has NEVER worked.  It eliminates the one thing that separates humans from automatons…that is HUMAN NATURE.  People will always want more.  They will always want to better themselves and their station in life.  Equality may sound good on paper, but if everyone has the same of everything, if the Government provides people with everything they need, then there is no reason for people to even get up in the morning.  No reason to go out and get an education, to go to work, to explore, to invent.  If you remove the incentive system, then people don’t care.

Capitalism allows people to better their status and station in life by working hard, getting educated and using the gifts that their Creator gave them.  Doctors will spend the extra time and money to become specialists.  Inventors will spend the time and money on their discoveries if they feel and believe they will become wealthy with their product.  Men and women will work harder, become better employees and seek out that extra bit of info, knowledge or whatever, if they know they will be rewarded with a raise or promotion for all that hard work.

Those things are what is lacking in a Socialist Society.  The people have nothing, for the Government takes it all in taxes to pay for all the “Free Government Services” that the people can get for themselves otherwise.  The services that people can get on their own are far superior to what the Government can provide as well, but the Liberals have people convinced that the same Government that destroyed Social Security is the same Government that will be better at handling their healthcare than they are.
Please America, WAKE UP!  Socialism is a LIE!  It is servitude.  It is slavery.  It is the polar opposite of Freedom and Liberty.  It is the farthest thing from what our Founding Fathers wanted for this country.  It is EXACTLY what they fought against.

By allowing Obama and the Democrats to enact the policies they are attempting and have planned, you are destroying everything that millions of your fellow Americans fought and died for.  You are turning this country into another Soviet Union, and it should not be that difficult to either remember or look up what that country was like or what their people were forced to live with.

Fight against the Democrats and Obama’s policies.  Write or call your Congressman and Senator and remind them of what this country is about and what made us the powerhouse of Freedom and Liberty throughout the world.  Remind them that we have long memories, and that they all have re-elections at some point, and we will not stand for anyone who stands for Socialism and Marxism.

Obama and the Democrats are wrong, and it is time for this 40+ year lie to end.


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