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April 15, 2009

CNN Spouts Liberal Talking Points and Lies at TEA Party

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Wow…this “reporter” could barely contain herself.  Just listen to this little Obamabot SEETHE with contempt towards people who want to keep their money, who refuse to drink the Liberal Kool-Aide, who are finally speaking out against the Liberal/Socialist/Marxist/Obama agenda.  Then listen to not only what SHE has to say concerning her feelings about the TEA Parties and those in attendance, but the lies she tells about Fox News and then the CNN troglodyte in the studio as well.

And I just love the Liberal who posted this and titled it so as to infer the “reporter” was getting harassed. All anyone need do is watch it and see just who is being harassed and just who it is that is doing the harassing. And anyone that might feel that this poor little woman is being threatened or what have you, I suggest you do a search for “Michelle Malkin at Convention” and tell me the difference between the two.

And then they actually are wondering WHY these TEA Parties are taking place.  Let me give you a little clue…IT IS THAT RESPONSE GIVEN IN THAT VIDEO THAT HAS CAUSED THEM!

Conservatives have FINALLY become simply fed up with the hypocrisy, the lies, and everything else that Liberals have been forcing down people’s throats for DECADES.

FINALLY there is a rallying point, a rallying cry that all Conservatives everywhere can get behind.  \

This is like watching “March of Die”, with Obama as the metaphorical Gene Hackman character.  Unknown to Obama or the Liberals, they have done what no one else has been able to do for a very long time.  Obama and the Liberals, with their Socialist power-grab, has united all the “tribes” of Conservatives behind one common cause.  For the first time, whether they are Libertarian, Republican, Independant or “other”, if they are Conservative, then they have a common cause, a common enemy…and that is the Nationalization of American companies and industry.  It is the blatant Socialization of this nation.  It is the destruction of Capitalism and the Free Market Economy that created and made this nation the strongest, richest, most powerful nation in the history of civilization.

That’s right, they are scared.  Listen to this little trog…what you hear is not frustration.  It is FEAR.  Fear that people are no longer buying what she and her station and the other Liberals in the MSM are selling.  They are through being pushed around and are not going to take it.  They have gone too far, too fast.  They have over reached and pushed.  And the biggest issue, is that Conservatives have turned the Liberal’s tactics upon the Liberals, and they just plain have no idea what to do about it.  They are incapable of claiming foul, of claiming illegality or anything else, for to do so would prohibit them from ever using these tactics again.  They know someday they will want to use them, so they will not create laws that will forbid them.   They are treading in dangerous new territory and they are just plain unready for it.
Well Libs…you only have yourselves to blame.  This is just the beginning.  This is just the start.  Keep pushing.  Keep forcing your “Socialist Utopia” down America’s throat.  The American Public may have bought into your little “Change” word, but I can guarantee you, that this was NOT the change they had in mind, and to more you tighten your little Socialist grip on people and their earnings, freedom and “American Way of Life”, the more they will slip through your fingers.

You will be lucky enough at this point to even maintain control of one house next year, let alone both of them at the rate you are going.  All the Liberals who have felt comfortable enough with the Usurper in the White House to show their Socialist colors, you can pretty much bet your out on your butts, and any Republican that has gone along with them…well, let’s hope they get their resume`s in order before November 2010 as well.


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