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April 15, 2009

Sacramento TEA Party Was, In A Word…AWESOME!

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I jsut got back from the Tax Day TEA Party on the West Steps (what is considered the front) of the California State Capital, and I gotta tell everyone that it was just incredible.  There was nothing in the way of any “counter protests” that I saw anywhere.  On the contrary…everyone was just incredibly nice.  From the man I met getting out of my car, (in the one actual free parking spot that I found a mere 4.5 blocks away) who had come down from Auburn and was looking for the way to the rally and who was also heading up to the one in Redding later in the day, to the people that I stood backstage with who held my flag for me when I went into the Capital in order to take a picture from upstairs in order to gauge just how many people there were.

There was none of the stuff that accompanies your standard Liberal Whine Fest/Protest.  Notably lacking was the nausiating smell of patchouli oil mixed with body odor and marijuana that is so thick at Lib rallies.  There was none of the noise, none of the repetitive thumping of any number of hippie drum circles, no haze of smoke…in fact, even the California Highway Patrolmen who are in charge of security on the Capital grounds looked about as relaxed as they could possibly be.  No signs anywhere of S.W.A.T. teams or police in riot gear, no police staging grounds…NOTHING.  While there were the usual snipers and observers on the top of the Capital, even they looked relaxed…almost bored from where I stood and through the lens of the camera.  But I digress.  Here come the pictures, and I hope I can do them justice and tell the story as I go.

The worst part of the day consisted of locating a place to park.  I used to work downtown for a long time when I was younger, in my teens, so I had a list of “secret” parking places that people never seem to notice and are almost always empty.  That was not the case today.  Every parking lot downtown was closed up with “FULL” signs in front f them with guards posted outside.  So, I drove around a bit, looking for a place to park made all the more frustrating by the fact that the City chose this day to d an extensive amount of road work around the Capital.  Hmm…if I was a conspiricy nut, I might think that the Uber-Liberal Sacramento City Council and Mayor might have done such a thing on purpose…but contrary to popular belief I am not, and it was just a typical Wednesday in the State’s Capital City.


After finding the free spot, courtesy of the Goodyear Tire Store on I Street and 11th Street, I walked to the Capital with the gentleman from Auburn, discussing various aspects of today’s event, including the hope that it will finally be big enough that the MSM will not be able to ignore it anymore.  Of course, I also said we should not hold our breaths else we may turn a funny blue color and pass out.  I was hoping to meet my best friend there, who had walked over from his gig while at lunch.  He is another Conservative forced to work a Union job, but at least he was downtown that day, and could get away.  Having located him immediately, we bagan to look around  Let me tell you, to say there were thousands of people there would not even come close to the scope of people.  Tens of thousands were there, and more were showing up.  They had taken up almost the entire West side of the Capital and were spilling out across 10th street.


My buddy and I decided to try and walk around to the backstage area, hoping to get closer to the stage.  It was so thick with people, that we couldn’t really even see the huge PJTV screen that was placed next to the stage.  The speakers we were listening to at the time was a local radio talk show guy and Tom McClintock.  As we walked back toward the front doors, we started to notice some of the more “colorful” signs and people carrying them, as well as an enormous piece of poster vinal that had the Constitution on it, allowing people to take a Sharpie and sign their names to it, allowing people to become “signers” of the Constitution.  They apparently were going to have these all across the country, allowing anyone who wished to sign it.  They were then going to take all of them to Washington D.C., where they would present the various signed “Constitutions” to Congress, letting them know that there already is a Constitution and the people demand they abide by it and defend it with their lives…as their Oaths of office dictates to them.


Once we got behind the stage, we were surprised to find that the State had set up a table and were handing out free copies of The United States’ Constitution, as well as copies of the State Legislature.  Not only was there a State Docent manning the table, but there were other State Docents wandering through the crowd, making sure that anyone who actually wanted a copy, got a copy.  Of course I grabbed my copy, as it is much nicer than the one I have, and the girls will be able to use it.

Once behind the stage, we had more room to move, though we still could not see anything on the stage.  With my friend’s lunch hour rapidly dwindling away, I figured I would get as many pictures as possible, as well as wirk my way as close to the sound table as I could.  It looked like someone I used to work with during the 1996 Presidential Elections when I was running sound for all the candidates as they came to the area, was working this event, and I wanted to try and see if I couldn’t get some “professional courtesy”.  Speaking of, I was constantly being stopped by fellow firemen as I walked around.  I had worn my sweatshirt from my house, and my department’s baseball cap, hoping it might allow any of Michelle’s people to recognize me, but instead, I got to talk to a good many bretheren from other departments around the Northern California area.  It was really nice to see so many of them there, even though like me, they were pretty much all retired as well.

Here are some more pictures I took while hanging around the back, including the CHP Roof Snipers/Observers.  (Of course, since this was the largest gathering in California for Right-Wing seditionists, militia men and other alleged violent no-good-nicks, can you blame them?)  Enjoy.









I informed told this guy that he need not worry.  Since Der Fuhrer had just purchased over 17,600 cars he didn’t need, I was sure his would be on the way any time now.





I decided, after wandering around the front steps, to make my way back to the stage area.  WHile i couldn’t really see, as there was a curtain in the way, I was able to get my camera around the curtain, as well as hear a good deal better.  While standing there, I spoke to one of the radio officials who was sponsoring this event.  He told me he wished the curtain could come down, but that the State would not allow it.  I commented on how stupid that was, and he said, “Well heck, they wouldn’t let me say a prayer either”.

I asked him if he meant that the State of California, the ones responsible for the grounds we happened to be using, the ones who are not supposed to infringe on religious beliefs had forbidden him from saying a prayer at the beginning, and he said, “Yes”.  Can you believe that?  This is a PRIVATE event.  It is not sponsored by the State in any way, and someone in the Capital, representing the State of California told the main organizer that PRAYER WAS FORBIDDEN ON THE GROUNDS OF THE CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITAL!!!!  He said he did not want to say anymore, as he did not want the name of the person who told him to get out.  I understood and dropped it, however, I seriously believe that this bears investigation.  I would like to know where it states ANYWHERE saying a prayer on State Government property is forbidden.

Anyway, right about that time I met a very lovely and nice family, complete with two small children, who were not only nice enough to strike up a bit of a chat with me, but also was nice enough to hold my flag while I entered the Capital.  See, not only are you not allowed to say a prayer on State grounds, you are also forbidden from taking a flag into the Capital itself, as the pole/stick could apparently be used as a weapon.

Thus, as dozens of school children stood outside the front doors, they were forced to thrown their little flags with the little wooden flag poles ON THE GROUND outside the door, or throw them away.  All because the State Of California fears a 12 year old with a flag who just might be saying the “Lord’s Prayer” as she goes to see the insides of where all the State Laws are votes on and, hopefully, catch a glimpse at Aaahhhnolld.


This being the “lovely family” as mentioned above.  Truly were very nice, and the little ones were incredibly well behaved, especially considering the fact they were more than likely bored out of their minds.

Right about that time, Michael Reagan was speaking as well.  It was then, also, my old friend whom I knew from before in the 1996 elections caught my eye and we remembered each other.  He took my camera and was able to get me a couple of really good pictures of Reagan speaking.  I really needed to see the vastness of the crowd, and figured the only way was to go inside the Capital itself, and try to get a picture from the window above the balcony.  While I accompished that, it still did not do it justice, as the balcony itself, along with the many trees on the Capital grounds, still kept the true size and scope of how many people were in attendance from being known.




About this time, I looked at my watch and saw that it was time for me to head out and get home so that I could pick up my daughters from school.  So, I bid farewell to the nice family, who hopefully will be able to find this blog and at least get their picture that I took, and enjoy the rest.

I decided to try and walk out to 10th Street and see if there was anything in the way of a Liberal Temper Tantrum going on anywhere.  I did not see one, but only more happy, friendly people and some really clever signage.  The remainder of the pictures I am posting will be from there, including one of myself after finaly making it to the street and being able t pose with some stranger in front of the “Evil FOx News” truck.

Enjoy.  I wish I could have posted these full size, but they were taken in High Definition, and thus are HUGE.  I also wish I could post all the pictures I took, but there are just too many.  I am putting the best/favorite ones up on here.  Any questions, let me know.  After I post mine, it will be very interesting to see if anyone from Michelle Malkin’s blog actually saw me.  And sorry, but due to the issue I have with the evil former professor in Oregon, I am still keeping my identity a secret.  However, other than my face, you will see what a broken fireman looks like at least.

Have fun kids and I look forward to the next one.











This one was my very most favorite out of all of them.  All I saw at first was a kid in a box with half his head sticking out from behind.  When I asked them to turn around, I nearly fell over.  It has to be the cutest/cleverest one out of the whole bunch no matter what city you are in.  Just great, and I hope this goes far.








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  3. Great pics…much larger turnout than the one I attended. 🙂 GO (northern) CALIFORNIA!

    Comment by Swing Shift CEO — April 15, 2009 @ 9:41 pm

  4. Thank you Sacramento! You made me proud!

    Comment by Caren — April 15, 2009 @ 9:51 pm

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  6. Your comments about libs, marijuana, and Fox News demonstrate that you are still very much fooled by the left-right paradigm. I admire the fact that you blog, attend rallies, and care about politics (that makes you better than many Americans who can’t get off the couch long enough to care), but you’re still missing the big picture. Wake up! Politicians (whether Dem or Repub) don’t have your best interests at heart. The MSM (Fox News included) don’t either.

    Comment by leftandrightunite — September 1, 2009 @ 6:07 am

  7. Well I appreciate your views, but I hate to inform you that I am neither a Republican OR a Democrat. I am an American with mostly Conservative views, closer towards Libertarian than anything in dogma. I love how you seem to take the fact that I took a photo with the one National News Service that bothered yo cover the goings on as evidence that I watch and watch solely FoxNews, butactually I do not watch ANY televised news and instead gather my news from a variety of sources on the Internet and form opinions based on a myriad of views.

    Thanks for reading, but you are wrong on a variety of items.

    Comment by Retired Fireman — September 2, 2009 @ 10:26 am

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