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April 15, 2009

TEA Time!!!!

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Well, today is not only the day that has been coming since the Usurper fraudulently took the office of the President of the United States, making it the most audacious and powerful Socialist grab for power in the history of the United States, but it appears that Sacramento is going to be the happening place to be.

Not only is Neil Cavuto going to be broadcasting his show live from the steps of the Capital in Sacramento, but I also just learned in the wee hours of this morning that Michelle Malkin will also be there.  Being one of the privileged few allowed to comment on her blog, I am really excited about potentially getting to meet and shake hands with this wonderful, powerful, and intelligent voice of the Conservative Movement, AND maybe, just maybe, getting to have my picture taken with her.  Now THAT would be a great feather in my cap.

I will be posting all the photos I can from the event when I get home this afternoon.  I will also, of course, be reporting about the days events, with special emphasis on any and all Liberal party crashers that show up and attempt to disrupt and destroy this powerful message.

It has really been a telling last few days looking at the Liberal hate-sites.  It seems that they really have their little panties all in a bunch over these TEA parties, including making plans to disrupt them.  There are plans to show up pretending to be Conservatives, only to hold up racist signs and make racist remarks in an effort to make us look racist, they are planning to get as close to any reporters they can in the hopes of being interviewed so as to make disparaging comments and remarks in order to make Conservatives look the way they perceive us, etc.

Surprised?  Not in the least.  There is none so dishonest, racist, bigoted, hateful and childish as the American Liberal.  They have no foot to stand on based in logic and truth, so they make things up.  They can only deal in feelings and emotions, and when you attempt to bring facts and reality into a debate with them, they turn violent and vulgar.  Any Liberals witnessed at these events across the nation today will be doing just that…being as vulgar and violent as they can get away with.

While any Conservatives who counter-protest or infiltrate a Liberal hate-march (commonly known in the media as a “peace rally” or similar protest) tends to remain non-violent and non-provocative as has been witnessed by countless videos on You Tube and elsewhere, the Liberals are nothing but confrontational, bigoted, violent mis-informed or just plain uninformed.  I do not see any reason to believe, based on what they have placed on their blogs over the past few days, of them being anything else but.  I will post as many videos as possible, as they are far more telling than pictures.  Nothing speaks for the Liberals like their own words from their own mouths.

So I look forward to seeing as many people as I can identify from Michelle Malkin’s blog, as well as any of my own personal friends who are Conservative and proud.  I am also looking forward to meeting some new friends in the time I have allotted to be at the event.  After all, it is a bit of a drive and I do have to pick my beautiful daughters up from school.  I would really like for them to go with me, but I don’t think my estranged wife…the one who admitted to me that she wept listening to Der Fuhre’s inauguration speech, will allow them to go with me.

Take care all, and I look forward to reporting later this evening.  Hope to see you there.  I will be the 6’2″ tall guy with the faded flag.  Why is it faded?  Because I fly it every single day of the year, only replacing it once a year on the Fourth of July.  Ues, some of us do still celebrate it.  Who kows, the rate at which Der Fuhrer is spreading his Socialism/Marxism and the rate at which this new movement is spreading, maybe one day we will have a new day to celebrate our freedom.  The day he is either impeached for what he has done to the Constitution, or the day he is finally arrested for the fraud propagated on this country once his files have finally been forced to be released and the public is finally shown once and for all that he is not legally sitting in the Oval Office, that the Democrats have propagated the biggest case of fraid in the history of this nation and a foreign national was aowed to illegally become the President due to the failure of the MSM to fully vet him, the Republicans sitting silently while he conducted his usurpation, and the Democrats fully conspiring to get a Socialist foreign national into the White House to finally get their 40+ year agenda into full gear.  That will be a great day worthy of celebrating.

Oh, and see all you Kos-Kiddies there too.  You ignorant, childish boobs.

Just remember…the Liberals are the ones that set the standard for protests and are still attempting to change definitions.

For eight years they claimed that going against President Bush, calling for him to be thrown out of office, making any and all anti-American statements and slogans as possible, creating hasardous situations and provoking the police as well as inciting riots was all the new Patriotism.

Yet they are now claiming that anyone who attends these TEA parties, anyone who speaks out against Der Fuhrer, anyone who is against the so-called “stimulus” package, anyone who is against the attack on the wealthy and the massive tax increases as well as the printing of money and rush into huge double-digit inflation that the Democrats and Der Fuhrer are calling for and implementing are all anti-American.  Capitalists and those supporting a free-market economy are all anti-American, however those in support of Socialism/Marxism…the very nature of that which the Founding Fathers spoke out against in writing on a little piece of velum called The United States Constitution are now somehow being called “patriots”.

Don’t let them steal your country.  Don’t let them destroy that which has worked for over 230 years and replace it with something that has been an epic failure everywhere it has been tried and responsible for over 100 MILLION murders by the governments that implemented it.  Do NOT believe their lies.  Do NOT be an ignorant boob following the clarion call of the Socialist liars.  After all, lies are at the very heart of the Socialist movement.  Educate yourselves, fight for your country and fight for The Constitution.

See you there.


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