Retired Fireman’s Political 5 Alarm Fire

April 16, 2009

“We The People” Stimulus Package

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The New Thomas Paine is back, and what he has to say is every bit as true and important as the last time.  Get this video.  Send it to your friends, copy it and post it to your blog.  Get the word out my friends.  It is long past time that things are done to take our country back from those trying to destroy it from within.  The time has come to stop being bullied by Socialists, Marxists, Obamaists, Liberals and all those that would see your rights, freedoms and liberties thrown into the gutter along with their morals and values.  The time has come to reclaim the birthright that comes with being called “AMERICAN”!  Spread the word and refuse to be bullied, intimidated and threatened.  Stand up now for yourself and your country, or soon enough, you will be forever shackled and chained by an oppression that doesn’t have an America to rescue you.  After all, when America dies, who then will be able to spread Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, Human Rights to us?

For those who have never read the original work, “Common Sense” written by one of our most visionary Founding Fathers, Thomas Paine, please follow this link and read it. Were it not for this work, the chances are slim that we would ever have separated from Great Britain, the American Revolution might never have happened, and the United States of America might not exist today.

I challenge each of you to read this.  When you are finished, read it to your children.  Have your wives/husbands/sisters/brothers/friends/etc. read this.  Take what is written here to heart.  It is just as true, just as poignant today as it was then. There are such similar things happening today…by our own elected officials…as what happened over two hundred and forty years ago.  Maybe back then no one could have foreseen such things happening in this country, could never have imagined the Congress and Senate of today becoming nothing like those of 1776, but it is happening, it is real, and if it continues, then we wil become something like the United Soviet States of America.

Go on…call me an alarmist.  Call me whatever you want.  It matters not, nor does it diminish what the Congress, Senate and President of the United States is doing to this country.  We have lost our way, friends, and it is time to find it again and take our nation back.  Let the Liberals and Socialists mock and laugh the TEA Parties and other events meant to express our anger at what is happening to this nation.  The British mocked and laughed at the Colonists as well.  Stand up my friends…stand up while you still can, for as the report by the Homeland Security should be telling you as well as the words of Obama himself, the day is fast approaching when they will remove your ability to stand up for yourself and your country, and by then it will be too late and you will deserve all you get.


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