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April 21, 2009

There May Yet Be Hope, As More and More Americans Wake Up

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Well, there is hope that Americans are finally waking up to what Obama and his minions are doing to this country, our Constitution and seeing that it is not the “Change” they had voted for.  With the rise in the bi-partisan TEA Party movement, regardless of how the Left is trying to demonize and downplay it, the report from Obama’s heas of the Department of Homeland Security declaring anyone who doesn’t drink the Obama Kool-Aide to be militia members, racists and “Dangerous Extremists”…more so than even the Islamic terrorists that we are now at war with, people are getting the idea that maybe those of us that spoke out against an Obama Presidency might just have known what we were talking about.

Oh sure, you will hear every night that the President “enjoys high poll numbers”, yet what they don’t tell you is the number is growing amongst those that claim he is doing a rotten job.

Compare this today’s chart with the one from a few weeks ago.  There is now only a two point margin between those that strongly approve of the job he is doing, and those that strongly disapprove.  For the rest, just go to and read the results yourself.  See how the number against what he and his minions do has been steadily growing since he usurped the office in January.



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