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May 1, 2009

Could What the Obama Administration is Doing Be Considered Treason?

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Al Qaeda terrorists were water-boarded.  That’s right, they were made to feel very uncomfortable for awhile by the CIA.  Why, from what the news sources tell us, they were made to believe they might drown.  Forget about the fact that it was probably the most water they have had touch their skin in their entire lives.  They were asked questions and they refused to answer over and over again until the people that have been entrusted to make sure our measly lives are safe enough in our homes and places of business found a way to make these scum-sucking animals tell what they know…including a plot to fly another airline into a building in Los Angeles in an operation to “follow up” the 9-11 attacks, creating far more confusion, panic and terror amongst Americans, killing untold numbers of innocent men, women and children, and who knows what other information they learned, and you know what?


Unlike these sniveling little whiny bitches who are out there carping about what it took to save thousands of lives, I don’t care WHAT it took to get this information from these horrible thugs killing, raping, mutilating and destroying things in the name of Islam, all I care about is that they get the information and keep them from killing more Americans as well as anyone else on the planet.

However, the Obama Administration as well as the rest of the Democrats in Washington have all decided to keep letting our enemies know just exactly what we do, when we do it, and where.  They are telling the world exactly who the people are who did the questioning, and even have advertised where they work and the name of their business.  Basically, they have given our enemies a new target to retaliate.

For the life of me, I have no idea why.  Why would they continue to give away important information to our enemies?  Why is it so important for them to appear to be such good and wholesome “World Citizens” that they would destroy our very safety?

ABC News, CBS News, The New York Times, you name it, State secrets are now easier to get than a fresh and hot KrispyKreme Doughnut.  Had this been the 1940’s, these outlets and their reporters would all be brought up on charges of treason and shot.

However the Obama Administration is strutting around, proud as can be about the secrets they keep giving out to our enemies.  They are even going on about wanting to arrest and try our former President for using the methods that saved the lives of thousands, literally thousands of people, when these men should be commended.

All this does is show me, and anyone else with half a brain, that the Obama Administration, and Democrats and especially Liberals, have absolutely no ability or desire to keep the people of this country safe.  They have no desire to make sure we destroy our enemies and make them incapable of killing anymore innocent people.

Go on.  Do a search on Google Images and see what Islamic thugs are doing around the world.  Go ahead and see the pictures showing raped women, hacked up children, people burned alive, whole churches filled with people nailed shut and torched with the people inside screaming for their lives as the Islamic murderers sat outside laughing.  Look at these people in the pictures who are proud of the death and REAL torture they perform, smiling over the mutilated and disfigured corpses.  This is the type of people we are fighting, folks.  This is not some sort of Danny Glover movie where the bad guys all have a heart and all they need to do is be talked to and shown the error of their ways.  These people are sworn to annihilate any and all that are not their own, and will even turn on themselves if it fits their need.  You fools all think that the world is some movie, that it operates according to certain rules.  Well our enemies do not adhere to any rules.  They do not adhere to the Geneva Convention.  They only know death and mayhem, and that is what they desire to bring to us here and elsewhere.

And we need to do anything and everything to not only prevent them from reaching their goals, but to wipe them out.  They can not be talked to, cannot be reasoned with, they can only be destroyed, and destroyed with all the tools we have at our disposal.

For the Obama Administration to be telling the general public our tactics and the people involved as well as their addresses…well, I’m sorry, but to me that is nothing more than treason, and if anyone should be brought up on charges, it should not be those that saved the lives of countless thousands, but those that expose us and allow countless millions to be put at greater risk.  And those people are now currently sitting in the White House, yukking it up nightly over thousand dollar slices of beef at our expense.

UPDATE:  I was just over at and saw that he feels the exact same way…well, mostly.  In story 3 of his “Stack of Stuff”, he agrees that ABC has made targets out of the men responsible for making sure thousands of American citizens lives were saved.  But hey…so long as no Muslim’s feelings get hurt, right?



  1. Geert Wilder’s Fitna should be required viewing for all Americans. What I saw was sanitized, and those images still burn.

    As for the ease of finding info…more readily available than KrispyKreme here. If I remember correctly, didn’t the 1995-96 release (FOIA) of how we intercepted satellite calls give UBL and crew the heads-up?

    Great posts…thanks for writing

    Comment by Rowe — May 4, 2009 @ 6:20 pm

  2. There has been so many instances like what you refer to under the Clinton Administration…too many. The scary thing is, compared to Obama, Clinton was tough on terror and a powerful leader when it came to security for this nation.

    As far as I am concerned all the people who voted him in have done is open up the door and said, “Come on in” to any and all Islamic terrorists who want to do ill to this nation and her population.

    I have said several times in the past…if we make it to 2012 without at least one American city being turned into a glowing hole, we should count ourselves lucky…but I am damn near convinced we just ain’t got that kind of luck. How can we, when they won’t even admit there is a problem?

    Comment by Retired Fireman — May 4, 2009 @ 8:17 pm

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