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May 4, 2009

Leave It To Liberals To Mislead

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You know, blogs and the programs that make them so easy for those of us who snickered at the “computer geeks” in high school back in the 80’s while going about our business of dating, working and other things instead of actually learning how to use them, (because after all, all those “computer geeks” are now multi-millionaires and have written all the programs we now use) have come a long way from when I started my first blog several years ago.  Back then, you had to add all sorts of outside programs if you wanted to see who it is that visits your blog, what they saw before coming and where they went when they left.  Now, at least with this service, you don’t need those programs, as they have nicely added them in.

What that has allowed me, and others, to do is see just what it is that the Liberals who visit will tend to say about what they read here.  Without fail, each and every one of them does nothng more than misinterpret, misquote, and mislead people as to what they have found.

I can only imagine that the reason they do this is because they actually do not read what is here.  They usually come here by clicking on my name over at Michelle Malkin’s blog, or from a search done on some search engine using words that more likely than not have nothing to do with the article they landed on other than to have it mentioned somewhere in the article.

So, what they will do is look at one of the pictures I have at the top of an article or see the title of the article and then write some slanderous thing on their little hate site.  Case-in-point is some loser who is called “Community Blogger” on some backwoods website for some either miniscule market television or radio station who was looking for pictures of the TEA Parties and stubled across the update I have where there is a picture of a swastika over the Obama symbol.  He then, without reading the article at all, linked it as an example of what he has childishly decided to call people who excercise their Free Speech rights and who are fed up with Government waste and the trillions of dollars the current administration is adding to the debt people’s great-grandchildren will been paying for, “The Babbling Goobers”.

See, if it is one thing Liberals cannot stand is anyone but them speaking out against what they see as wrong.  I am sure that this loser had no problem going out and protesting Bush, or had any problem with the repeated use of “Nazi”, “War Criminal” or any other lie spread about George Bush for the last eight years.  However, since now we have someone that he likes who is taking us headlong down the path to Socialism, who has spent more in the first two months of his Presidency than Bush did in his total eight years, who has done more to shred the Constitution than the Liberals falsly accused Bush of doing, and who threatens any and all who wuestion him or stand up for themselves, well then they need to be belittled and made fun of.

Maybe if this jack-ass would actually read the articles he links to, he would keep from looking like…well, a jack-ass.  But then, just the fact that he is a Liberal and backing Obama without question pretty much dooms him to that fate.


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