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May 6, 2009

Colin Powell…Wrong On Candidates, Wrong On Conservatives…Just Plain WRONG!

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So, once again we are being told what is wrong with the Republican Party by a turn-coat.  It is as well informed as anyone from the Left-Wing who feels the need to tell people what is wrong with the GOP…as if what they say matters.

The only reason it is being reported at all is because the MSM is under the mis-conception that Conservatives actually care what traitors and turn-coats as well as people who have absolutely nothing to do with influencing the Party have to say.  Liberals and the DNC are just so stuck on themselves and just so amazingly conceited that they feel it necessary to tell everyone what to think, what to say, how to act and so forth.  Just look at the legislation being forced down everyone’s throats since 2006.

Well let me tell YOU, Mr. Powell, and for that matter all the rest of these turn-coats and Liberal talking heads, why it is the GOP is shrinking.  It is NOT because it needs to go even further Left and even further towards the Middle.  On the contrary, it is the very fact that the Party decided to run a Uber-Moderate candidate in John McCain and repeatedly panders to the Moderates and the Democrats and the fact that the Party refuses to stand up to the Democrats and Liberals that people are fleeing the Party is droves.

I, myself, have decided to go back to registering as “Undecided” simply because the Republican Party left it’s ideals behind.  The GOP is no longer the Party of Reagan.  Instead, you have people like Jeb Bush going around telling people that the GOP needs to leave Reagan behind.  This is the WORST thing that could happen.  Reagan’s ideals, Reagan’s policies, and so forth, is what got so many people to even think about becoming a Republican again only 7 years after Nixon made being a Republican equal to being a pariah.  The landslide victories that he enjoyed were made possible by his message, his policies, his CONSERVATISM reaching across the broad spectrum of both parties.  Over 60% of the country considers themselves “Conservative”, and they are wanting and waiting for the most Conservative voice to come forward.

Even Obama knew that and this is why he and his handlers are attempting to compare him favorably with Reagan.  (of course they are wrong and he is the exact polar opposite of Reagan, but that is another topic for another day).  The farther Republicans get from Reagan’s policies and beliefs, the worse they do in elections.  The more LIKE Reagan people in the Party are the better they do and the more feared they are by those on the Left.  Any time a candidate is a Reagan Conservative, they are quickly demonized and attacked by Liberals in the media and elsewhere.  Take the case of Sarah Palin.  Here is the first true Conservative candidate in a very long time to hit the stage and look at what they did to her.  Heck, they still have not stopped.  She was not even the head of the Ticket, and they were relentless in a way that has never before been seen.  The sexism, racism, and more that was demonstrated by Liberals and others on the Left was unprecedented.  Why?  Because she was a serious, serious threat.

Sarah Palin was and is a very real person who espouses the things that Reagan taught, and that scares the crap out of Liberals and the Democrats, because should she actually run for President, they know they will lose.  They had to attack her and do it relentlessly.  She was not the reason McCain lost.  On the contrary, she is the reason he did as well as he did.  They know it too.  This is the reason they are STILL ATTACKING her.  They know between her and Bobby Jindal they have a very serious threat to their hold on the Presidency in 2012.  They know damn well if the two of them, or two candidates with similar CONSERVATIVE beliefs are to run, Obama won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of making it into a second term.

There is another reason the Liberals continue to beat the drum that the GOP needs to be more Liberal and more like the Democrats.  It is because they learned that people in this country will buy into their lies if they repeat it often enough and treat it like it is the truth.  If they get the right people to spread their lies, people will accept it.  And in todays GOP, there is no one there who will stand up to them and fight them.  The only person who is out there fighting their lie is Rush, and look at what they are doing to him.  They know that Rush is a serious threat to their lies, so they are pulling the demonizing thing on him with a vengeance.  There is no way it will work, as people know Rush too well and there is no way they will ever get his fans to desert him.  As it is, the people out there speaking about and against Rush have never listened to him in the first place, and people know it.  Anyone who has spent one afternoon (or morning here on the West Coast) will be able to tell that.

The GOP does not need to go Left.  The GOP does not need to be more like the DNC.  The GOP does not need to listen to, take advice from, nor be run by the DNC, Liberals or anyone on the Left-Wing now or ever.  There is nothing the Left would like more than from the GOP to be more like the DNC, because it will be the culmination of what they have been working for and have never been closer to than now with Obama in the White House…a single party government with a Socialist agenda.  If people cannot see through what they are saying and doing, if they cannot see what their ultimate goal is, then they are not paying any attention at all and are merely the lemmings that the Liberals love to find and take advantage of.  They are the very lemmings that allowed an avowed Socialist to become President in the first place.  They have seen what they were able to do to the first real Conservative in years and what they accomplished in 2008, and they have never been more emboldened than now.

Now is the time to stand up to them.  Now is time when we need to find our voice.  Now is the time to stop allowing Liberals and turncoats to speak for us and to rebuild the RNC with the goals and policies that Reagan espoused.  We don’t want to live in Reagan’s time, we want to live with Reagan’s beliefs and the beliefs that made us as powerful and great as we used to be.

When the GOP regains their Conservative beliefs, when the GOP begins to fight the Liberals, when the GOP stops rolling over, and when the GOP returns to their core, then I and so many others will return to the Party.  Only then will the Party grow their numbers.  However, while the GOP is happy with being the DNC Light, then why would anyone be interested in joining and following the GOP and their candidates?
It is just that simple.  Colin Powell, you were once someone I belived would be a good leader for this nation.  However in the past 6 years, all you have done is allow many people, myself included, question how you got as far as you have, because you have done nothing to demonstrate loyalty and conviction.  Instead, you have shown yourself to be nothing more than an opportunist and a disloyal voice for the opposition.  Shame on you.


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