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May 11, 2009

The Hypocrisy Against Miss California Keeps On Coming

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Well, apparently Miss Prejean gets to keep her crown at least overnight while Donald Trump, the guy who owns the beauty contests, sleeps on it and will hand down a decision tomorrow.

This entire thing has reached ridiculous proportions.  I really feel sorry for this girl, but this is the country we now live in.  This is the Era of Obama.  No longer does the First Amendment mean anything.  No longer can someone have or state an opinion without fear of having their entire life destroyed by a bunch of hate-filled neo-Gestapo spouting off about Political Correctness and equality.  See, while they are screaming equality and fairness, it is only for those they deem worthy, and anyone who does not toe the line is in their crosshairs.  Their lives, families, careers, everything is offered up to them.  Nothing is safe, nothing is sacred, all because a person did not hold the same Liberal, uber-Left-Wing beliefs they hold.

The entire Miss California incident is nothing more than a holdover from the Proposition 8 nightmare.   Those that claim they only want equality for everyone has made it their life’s work to completely destroy the life and family of anyone who voted for or donated money to the passage of Proposition 8.  They have misused the law that allows people to know who donated to what cause and who they work for along with where they live and have used this information to intimidate and threaten people out of their careers and more.  This is something that the law prohibits against child molesters and rapists, however if you voted and supported the amendment to the California Constitution that keeps marriage the way it has been since the first lizard/monkey/fish crawled out of the primordial ooze, you are fair game to these P.C.-Nazis.

This poor woman committed no crime.  She made absolutely no offensive statements.  In fact, her response was an incredibly honest and sincere statement that even stated she was proud that her country allowed such things, but it was her personal belief that marriage was to be between a man and a woman.  She did not state that EVERYONE should be that way.  She did not stand there and claim, unlike the little toad who asked her the question, to speak for anyone else BUT HERSELF.  She merely answered this politically charged question that had been asked ON PURPOSE TO CREATE TRAFFIC TO A LITTLE PIECE OF GARBAGE’S WEBSITE.  Now, she is being made to pay the price because, once again, the Liberals lost and must become the bully, imposing their will on those they do not agree with.

The latest thing they are attempting to use against her is that she made some sort of PSA for a pro-traditional marriage group.  The hatemongers and bigots on the Left are claiming that she misused her title by doing so.

Now think for just a second.  Is there a single, solitary person out there that honestly thinks that these same people would be doing this had she come out and did the same exact thing, but for a pro-gay marriage organization?  Anyone?  Bueller?

They are also claiming that she violated her contract because she did not notify the contest of the lingerie ad pictures she had taken while she was working as a model.  Keep in mind that there was absolutely NO nudity what-so-ever in these pictures, and that she showed much more skin during the pageant itself during the swimsuit competition.  She did not pose for any porn pictures or anything like that.  In fact, the pictures people are referring to were taken when she was 17 and by law COULD NOT SHOW NUDITY!  Now, these people would not want to be hypocrites, right?  They hold everyone in the organization to the same standards, and thus would be filing protests and calling for the crowns of any other contestant who took pictures in their underwear, right?

Well then, why are they not going after  Miss Rhode Island, Alysha Castonguay?  Hmmm?  turns out that Miss Castonguay showed a hell of a lot more skin and did so with the explicit intention to tantalize in a men’s magazine.  This is unlike Miss Prejean who had done so as an advert for underwear.  Are all those attacking Miss Prejean attacking Miss Castonguay, screaming for her crown as well for blatantly violating her contract?


These are the same people who will tell you that blacks did not come out to vote for Obama in historic numbers simply because he was black.  These are the same people who tell you that they believe in fairness, in equality.  These are the same people who will drag someone into court, claiming some trumped up discrimination B.S. while all the time living their lives as one enormous discriminatory hypocrite themselves.  Heck, I myself have been told that I hate gays simply because of somethings that I have stated or pointed out here on this blog, while all anyone need do is actually read these articles and they will find that I have NEVER said anything bad about someone being gay or gays in general.  They used my article where I said people should boycott gay owned businesses in response to the hypocritical boycott of businesses where someone who had donated to Prop 8 worked.   No where in that article did I say anything against gays or being gay.  What I did say was to turn the tables against them and use their tactics the exact way against them as they were using against those they did not agree with.

Personally, I have nothing against gays.  Having worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 27 years, I have had many friends who were/are gay.  I, unlike these militant bigots, don’t care what someone is, what color they are, if they are gay, straight, black, white, blue, male, female or anything else.  What I care about is that they are decent, honest, hard-working, dependable people who think about more than just themselves.  I do not discriminate against anyone for any reason…even Liberals.  In fact, there are some people I have known for years who would not be able to tell you what political affiliation I claim, for I do not run my life based on such things.  I challenge you to find someone on the Left who can honestly make the same claim.

See, Liberals are the biggest hypocrites, racists sexist and bigots this country has.  The thing that makes them so much worse is that they feel their version of racism, bigotry and hypocrisy is acceptable.  Heck, the vast majority of them are blissfully unaware that anything they are doing or saying is even wrong.  See, in their minds it is perfectly alright to boycott businesses and have people fired who do not believe how they do, but have anyone turn the tables on them and suddenly those people need to be thrown in prison.  A perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Liberals is the way they have treated anyone who speaks out against Obama and his policies.

For 8 years, we listened to any number of childish rants and insults tossed at President Bush, not the least of which was various forms of calling him Hitler and/or a Nazi.  Suddenly, Obama becomes President and a mass amnesia has swept the land and suddenly it is a crime to speak out against a sitting President and anyone doing so needs to be investigated and thrown in prison or worse, and God help anyone who points out the fact that there is a myriad of things Obama has either done or is planning to do that mirrors Germany 1922-1939.

So this is nothing more than an extension of the P.C. Gestapo going after someone who dared to speak from her heart and answer some little toads politically charged question where only one answer would have sufficed, but to do so would not have sated the little toad, for even if she answered him the way he wanted, she was still a target for being something Liberals hate and fear even more…a Christian.

So keep it up Liberals.  Nothing is going to be so fun as the day you are no longer in power.  I know, I know, your messiah and his minions are working very diligently to outlaw any opposition and turn this nation into a single party Socialist dictatorship, but as long as people like me still breathe, that ain’t going to happen, and eventually, one day soon, you guys will go too far and all those people you dazzled with your bullshit will eventually wake up and you will be out of power.  By then it will be too late, and believe me…Conservatives have looooong memories.



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  2. Nice try with the gay porn spam.

    Do you really think that doing things like that are going to win people over to the pro-gay marriage side? When you morons act like that, all you do is show people that the things the anti-gay people say about gays has validity. It is bad enough you haven’t even bothered to read the postings here, for had you done so, you would see that I have not stated where I stand on the subject of gay marriage. So for all you know, while sitting in your mom’s basements and giggling away at how witty you are with the gay porn stuff, you may just have insulted someone who was for your cause. If not, all you may have done was lend credence to someone who was against it.

    See, you still don’t know. All you have done is expose your bigotry and immaturity to everyone. You harm your own cause and are too immature or just plain to stupid to know it.

    But keep it up. I am sure you and the other teen-agers in your little club will feel good that you “struck a blow” in whatever imaginary life you find yourself in. In the mean time, all us adults will go on exposing you for the hateful, hate-filled hypocritical bullies you are. You just keep proving us right.

    Comment by Retired Fireman — May 12, 2009 @ 6:49 pm

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