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May 12, 2009

Miss California Keeps Her Crown

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I gotta admit, I am pretty shocked that this turned out in Miss Prejean’s favor.  However, citing the exact thing I cited the other day, that Miss Prejean had the exact same beliefs about gay marriage as Barrack Hussein Obama, the current occupant of the Oval Office, Donald Trump declared that Miss California may continue to reign in her position as…Miss California.

Miss Perjean, however, had a few choice words for those who were persecuting her and doing all they could to completely and totally assassinate her character.  In a short speech at a press conference, Miss Prejean spoke of her grandfather, who fought in WWII under General Patton and was one of the brave men who stuck it through the Ardennes during what became known as the “Battle of the Bulge”.  She said he never spoke of the medals he was awarded, nor of the battles he fought, but only spoke of the freedoms that he fought for.  One of those freedoms she utilized and was crucified in the media for it.

“On April 19 on that stage I exercised my freedom of speech, and I was punished for doing so,” said Prejean, who described Hilton’s question as “politically charged” with a “hidden personal agenda.”

“This should not happen in America”

No, it should not happen in America.  However, in the era of Obama’s America and the era of the Liberal’s Super-Majority and the drive towards the Socialization of America, it is something that is occurring more and more, and shows absolutely no signs of ending.  In fact, what happened to Miss Prejean is nothing more than a demonstration of how much worse it is going to get.

The outright lies and misrepresentations of what she had done and said was nothing short of amazing.  In a different time, the Press would not have allowed such a thing to happen.  What they did, was become active participants in the attempt at destroying this woman for simply answering a question with her own personal opinion.  What the media has done is what they have chosen to do way back about 10 or so years ago when they became blatantly opposed to being non-partisan and objective and instead have decided to be the instrument with which the Left will push their agenda on everyone, culminating in the election of Barack Hussein Obama and all they went through to get him there, including refusing to demand he show proof that he is, indeed, an American Citizen and thus qualified to legally become President of the United States.  To the very moment of this writing, the MSM still adamantly refuses to do their job on that matter and so many others.

The attacks on those who speak out against the Gay Marriage Thugs and their agenda continues as well.  While this attempt to destroy Miss Prejean has failed, you can be damn sure that even as you read this, the little toad who started the entire mess is having his say, and the marching orders have gone out to do damage to anyone speaking out against them.  I, fortunately, have all the anti-spam things in place here, however I was still treated to several foul and disgusting things and ads sent to the comments section of the original article.  Gee…could there be a coincidence that suddenly I am receiving ads in the comments section for gay pornography…and some really, really vile stuff at that?

This is just how childish and simple-minded the bigots on the Left are.  If the people who speak out against them and who report on the filth they perpetrate on people have to put up with those types of things, can you just imagine what Miss Prejean, the guy who worked for Sacramento’s Music Circus who was forced to quit his job of over 20 years, the restaurant owner in Southern California and others have had to deal with?  You can be damn sure that I will not be intimidated by these foul-mouthed little toads, and will instead be showing it to the public so as to make people aware of what those that scream about “equality” and “Fairness” really have in mind.  It is not equality.  They are only interested in their agenda, their beliefs, and anyone who has anything different to say that they do not agree with is open game for their attacks.

Amazingly enough, if you read any of my articles, you will see I have never once stated which side of the argument I am on.  I have not once stated as to whether or not I was pro-gay marriage or against gay marriage.  It is the bigots on the Left that have apparently decided I believe a certain way simply because I have shown them for who and what they are.

Is this the face of gay marriage and their advocates? Is this how they are intending to get middle America to sway their way? By acting like spoiled children with serious discipline problems and delinquent activities?

Then so be it.  It that is the face they wish to show, the face that shows they are absolutely every single thing that they have claimed those who are against gay marriage is and tons more, then by all means, allow me to help them on their way, for is this is the face of gay marriage, maybe there shouldn’t be any after all.

This is one time when the bigots on the Left did not win.  Unfortunately, if it is one thing that I and many others have learned, it is that Liberals are as far away from what you would call a gracious loser as they get.  This is only going to inflame them, pardon the pun, and heads are going to roll.  As I just pointed out, already today my little blog with a low average of around 25-45 readers a day, has already been soft-attacks simply for reporting this story and calling them what they are…bigots.  I look forward to seeing what will come of this, and as it does, I will let you know.  Just know that it does nothing to sway people into allowing gay marriage.  then again, you can’t tell these Liberals a damn thing.

The First Amendment wins one…for now.  Don’t hold your breath and think it will always win, with an avowed Socialist in the White House.


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