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May 15, 2009

Wanda Sykes Needs A Lesson In Who The REAL Traitors Are

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SYKES the REAL traitor

Well, in a previous article I mentioned the filth that spewed out of Wanda “Can’t Get Any Show That I’m In To Not Get Cancelled” Sykes while Der Fuhrer sat and laughed.  While she stood up in front of the Washington Press at their little annual dinner, telling everyone how she wished that Rush Limbaugh would not only have his kidneys fail, but that he was a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly, B. Hussein Obama just sat there laughing it up.  Of course no one should be surprised by this.  After all…did he get up and leave when Chavez and Ortega stood before him and bad mouthed America?  No…so why would he get up and leave after Sykes went far beyond comedy and into just plain evil and mean?

Well, apparently in Sykes mind, and the minds of all those who have come forward to not only defend her, but to attack anyone who found her statements way too far over the line and in no way funny, that not wanting this country to be turned into a Socialist utopia is treasonous and those people need to e dealt with accordingly.

See, because that is what Rush Limbaugh means when he says that he wants Obama to fail.  Of course, Sykes, along with about 99.9% of all the other Liberals who say bad things about and speak out against Rush Limbaugh have never actually listened to his radio show, thus they do not know what he meant.  They merely go onto their Liberal hate sites or, more likely, just listen to one of their other uninformed Liberal friends and make an opinion based on nothing more than what they THINK he says or does.  All Sykes knows is someone, somewhere told her that Rush Limbaugh stated he hoped Barack Hussein Obama…the man who refuses to provide evidence that he is even legally eligible to be President, fails in his goals.  Now, as anyone who actually pays attention to what his goals are and not just “Hope” and “Change”, they will know that he is sending us straight into the world of Socialism, thrashing the Constitution in unimaginable ways, crushing our economy, driving inflation up higher than Carter could have imagined, destroying our security, destroying and weakening our defenses….need I go on?  And THAT is what Rush, me, and every other Conservative and correct thinking American means when we say we want him to fail.

For B. Hussein Obama to succeed would mean disaster for everything this nation has been through and become for over 230 years.  It is a complete reversal.  It is…well it would be a disaster.  The problem is, just like the Germans in the 1920’s ans 1930’s, it will be only AFTER a specific thing that Obama does hits them personally that they will see and understand just what it is he is doing, has done and what is and has been going on.  But like in Germany, by then it will be far too late.

See, they only deal with feelings.  Nothing that resembles facts or reality.  So, as long as it “feels” like Obama is doing something beneficial, they will be all for it, and never look further into what it is to see what the future effects are and how bad it will end up being in the long run.  they are only concerned with the now, with the instant gratification.  Forget the future…it is not in their belief structure.  The dangerous part is that their leaders KNOW this and KNOW this is the way they think and operate, and thus this is not only how Obama got elected, but how he has been able to force what he has forced through the Congress and Senate to this point.
So, you want to know who the REAL treasonous people are Mz. Sykes?  Well, they were all there that night, from your false god on down.  They are the ones who released the interrogation techniques to the press.  They are the ones that release classified material to the public.  They are the newspapers and their reporters that allowed our enemies to see and read all about them.  They are the ones who caused, either directly or indirectly, from those things, men and women in our military in Iraq and Afghanistan to die as a result of any and all of that information to get out.  They are the ones who were at the “peace” rallies who were telling people to shoot their superiors in the military.  They are the majority of your friends in the Entertainment Industry who, for eight years, spoke out against this nation over seas and worse.  They are the Code Pink traitors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars DIRECTLY to our enemies in Iraq in order for them to resupply their weapons and kill American soldiers as well as extend the conflict.  How about any and all supporters of Amnesty and those who REFUSE to secure our borders and instead allow anyone with disease, or terrorist intent to cross our borders?  Or how about just take our jobs?  Drive up the crime rate?  Rape our women?  Murder our children?
So, if you think that someone who doesn’t want this nation to turn to a system of government that has not only failed everywhere it was tried, but is actually responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of people, and not the people who actually have worked for the downfall of this country and given aid and help to our enemies, then you really need to just shut up and go home and maybe learn about these things you choose to speak of yourself instead of relying on hearsay from your Liberal friends and HuffPoo and Kos.  You are nothing but a hate-filled, hateful, bigot and hypocrite…otherwise known as an A-typical Liberal.


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