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May 18, 2009

Just When You Think Biden Couldn’t Get Any Stupider…

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What is it with Democrats…Liberals especially…that they seriously cannot get their miniscule brains around the fact that there are really bad people in the world that want to do really bad things to Americans?  I mean, we all see the same things on the news, right?  We all watched the same reports almost 8 years ago when 19 insane men hopped up on the lie that they were about to fulfill some sick sex fantasy all because they died slaughtering Americans, didn’t we?

I realize, of course, that there are your average people who go about their business every day that never give a second thought to what would happen should the entire government of the United States were taken out.  I realize there was and still is a large segment of American society that finds the fact that the President of the United States needed to be kept safe during the minutes and hours first following the attack on New York, Washington D.C., and in a field in Pesssylvania…especially since it still has yet to be known for sure whether or not that plane that crashed in that field was meant for the White House or the Capital Building really, really funny.  They have no idea that we actually were dealing with the first attack on American soil in over 150 years.  And I also realize there are even more people who think the whole “Cheney was in a secure, undisclosed location” during that same period of time to be absolutely hillarious.  Heck, even now, almost 8 years later, there are jokes made about that, and the man is not even the Vice President any more.

But one of the last people anyone would expect to be making jokes about, let alone actually giving away the precise secret location of where this greater than Top Secret, secure bunker that housed the Vice President and his staff in those days following the attacks of 9-11-01 would be the current Vice President, Joe Biden.

Is this guy really that stupid?  I mean, Biden has made one hell of a name for himself for being the gaffe master…to the point that Obama has made sure he was neither seen nor heard from during the times he needed to force his agenda through the Congress so as not to let anyone know exactly what it was he was doing, but to be giving away an immensely important secret such as where the second in command of the United States Government is hidden during the time of war or severe crisis is just insane.

He has basically made that location totally useless.  It can now be directly targeted by our enemies, and if it can be targeted, it can be destroyed, allowing our enemies the opportunity to get to the Vice President and any other member of his staff, the Government or anyone else that should be taking refuge there.

Also, there is a large expense here as well.  These bunkers are not cheap.  They are built at a cost of MILLIONS of tax payer monies that could and should be going to other things.  I realize that the Obama Administration is all about taking as much of our money as they can possibly get away with, but creating these issues when they need not have been is just ludicrous.

It just fascinates me that we have an Administration that just plain doesn’t seem to take things seriously.  Not the security of our nation, the security of our people, or even the security of the Government itself.

Democrats and Liberals have mocked the War on Islamic Aggression since it began.  Go to any Liberal site and you are guaranteed to be met with any number of idiot making the insane claim that there is no such thing as Islamic terror threats, that all we need do is give them all a big hug and everything will be just hunky-dory.

Make no mistake…there are, at this moment, any number of Islamic nut-balls out there who would like nothing better than to take out our President and/or Vice President, and have been training/trained for just that outcome.  These people need to be taken VERY seriously.  Maybe Joe Biden thinks the whole thing is a joke, and maybe he doesn’t care, but there are those of us that do, and would appreciate SOMEONE standing up to these childish boobs currently running the Government and telling them that this is a very dangerous world with dangerous people in it that would like nothing better than to destroy our country, our government and everything we hold dear.  It is time to grow the hell up and take their jobs and the safety and security of our  nation and government as seriously as our enemies do, if not more.

Joe Biden…you are the Vice President of the United States of America.  You are one heartbeat away from being the most powerful man in the world.  It is far past time for you to grow up and start acting like it.  Enough is enough.   If you can’t keep that big mouth of yours shut, then at least find a secure location that you haven’t given the location of away to our enemies, and sit there until your time as Vice President is up and someone who DOES take the job of Vice President seriously is voted in your place.

Oh to have grown-ups in charge of the country again.


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