Retired Fireman’s Political 5 Alarm Fire

May 20, 2009

Religion Of Peace Strikes Again…Proves Why GitMo Is NECESSARY!!!

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In New York today, three “jailhouse converts” to Islam, that oh-so-peaceful religion, were arrested as they planted what they thought to be C-4 under cars and around the grounds of a Synagogue in New York, and had what they thought to be a Stinger Surface-to-Air missile in their car with which they planned to bring down an aircraft at the airbase in Orange County, New York.

The FBI was working on this case for over a year.  The three were allegedly carrying out this plot as revenge for the War Against Islamic Aggression being carried out in Afghanistan.  One of those arrested was the son of an Afghan.

Now remember, three of the four arrested were all converts to Islam IN PRISON!  The same prisons that the Obama Administration and Liberals claim will be absolutely no problem housing the Terrorists now in Guantanamo Bay.

According to the Obama Administration and Liberals everywhere, since they will be in SuperMax prisons or in High Security prisons they will not be a threat.  they are not planning on releasing them here, after all, so what possible threat could they be?

Well, I would say the arrests today more than demonstrates why they would be a threat.  It more than demonstrates why Git-Mo is most definitely needed to house the Islamic terror suspects picked up during this war.  They are not regular prisoners, they are dangerous terrorists taken off the field of battle.

Do you idiots who are supporting the closure of Git-Mo really in support of allowing these thugs to be around those in our prisons who ARE getting out and will be wandering your neighborhoods?  Are you really thinking that they will not be allowed to talk to other Muslims and other murdering scum while in a regular prison?  Do you really want these thugs to be the ones to talk to new converts to the Islamic Religion in prison?  Or are you really all just that deluded and incredibly stupid.

Thanks to the FBI for their vigilence in getting these murderous thugs off the street.  However, it seems to me the way to make sure we do everything we can to not make more of these murderous thugs in the future is to keep those who have already been taken off the field trying to murder American soldiers as far away from the United States of America as humanly possible…not invite them into our country and allow them to recruit even more of their kind from those already predisposed to destroying human life.

Unfortunately attempting to reason with a Liberal is the same as trying to reason with a terrorist.  It gets you nowhere and all you are left with is a headache from trying to figure out how anyone could possibly be so stupid.


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