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May 23, 2009

Obama Makes One Hell Of A Hypocritical Speech For Memorial Day

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Obama Cannot Pledge Allegiance to America

President Obama had to make a speech that you can just tell he hated to make.  See, one of the problems with being the Commander in Chief of the United States Military, is that you can no longer show your disgust and hatred of them.  In fact, you actually have to show them respect and occasionally say nice things about them as well.  Of course, this has not stopped him in the past, however this being Memorial Day Weekend, the weekend where we, as a nation, are supposed to be honoring and memorializing those brave men and women in our military who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and liberties that we all enjoy, and a great many, take for granted.

However, something happened to the children of those who suffered and sacrificed more than any other since the Civil War in this country.  I am referring to the group of whining, spoiled citizens called “The Baby Boomers”.  That group of people who were the children of those who served and fought in World War II and, as a result of the Depression and all that their parents saw and experienced during that time, became spoiled as their parents did not want their children to ever experience the things they did.  This lead to all the entitlements that the Government doles out, all the whining for more entitlement programs and, some how, a deep seeded hatred and loathing of the military and those that serve which began sometime in the 60’s, after President Kennedy was assassinated.

See, it was Kennedy that got us into Vietnam, and it was his stirring speech where he made the challenge of, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”  that got a good deal of people excited about serving their country in the military, the Peace Corp and other ways.  Yet after he was murdered, something happened in the minds of the Baby Boomers…and one can only link it back to all the mind-altering chemicals they ingested.  Suddenly, the words of their greatest hero and the sacrifices of their parents meant NOTHING.

They spit on those returning from Vietnam.  They called them. “baby-killers”, “rapists’, “murderers” and any other foul name these “hippies” could come up with.  They burned their draft cards and spit on every single symbol of authority this nation had.  Well, those doped out hippies only got older, and being the hypocrites that Liberals are, they are now running this country.  They are the reasons that we pay the astronomically high taxes we pay to fund the outrageous entitlement programs this nation has that does nothing more than keep people lazy, unmotivated, and on the Government dole.

And one more thing carried over.  Their hatred and loathing for anyone who serves in the military.  Yet they learned from their mistakes.  They learned, from the 80’s and the strength that Ronald Reagan brought to this country and that allowed “Generation X” to again become proud of their country and to honor those that serve, that they needed to change their tactics.  This is when they came up with that entirely false and hypocritical statement, “I am for the troops, but against the war”, or, “Support the Troops, Bring Them Home”.  Forget that both of those statements are actually insults and in no way make sense.  Forget that you cannot stand around and claim, “I am against the war, the things the military does, the things they say, but all for the people doing it”.  In the real world, such things make no sense.  I have no clue how they do in Liberal world.

They made everyone scared to “question their Patriotism”.  What this did was allow Liberals to say the most attrocious things against this nation and the men and women who are in the military, and then claim they are not traitors or seditionists.  They could call for the assasination of the President, the destruction of the military, they could work against this country, they could aid and abet the enemy, and then claim they are patriots and forbid anyone from saying anything to the contrary.

Well, I could go on, however most people who don’t read Kos or DU or watch “The Daily Show” to get their news already know all this.

So what does Barry Hussein Obama do on his very first Memorial Day Weekend as illegal President of the United States?  He insults those that have NOT said anything against the military and who actually DO support the men and woman who serve, and even more those who have given their lives so that we have the freedoms and liberties Der Fuhrer and his minions in the Congress are working feverishly at taking away from us.

In his speech, he says:

And yet, all too often in recent years and decades, we, as a nation, have failed to live up to that responsibility. We have failed to give them the support they need or pay them the respect they deserve.

We as a NATION?  Is he kidding?  Unfortunately, no, he is not.  See, it is just this type of thought that has made the Liberals what they are today…unbelievable hypocrites who think the world is nothing more than what they can see with their own eyes right in front of them.

Well, let me tell you something B. Hussein Obama…when you sit in a “church” for 20 years and listen to someone spew anti-American filth and do nothing to stop it, you hardly are in a position to lecture anyone else on the way the military has been treated or viewed.  When you have allied yourself with the likes of a home-grown terrorist name Bill Ayers, you have no foot to stand on when it comes to lecturing about the way people treat the military.

And when you belong to the party that represents the very people who spit on soldiers and who have treated the men and women who serve in the military like dirt for more than 40+ years, you have no right what-so-ever to tell people how to be.

It has been the Liberals and the Democrats that have acted that way, Mr. Obama…not the Republicans and most definitely NOT the Conservatives.  In fact, it is you and the people in your party who have repeatedly mocked us for the way we have tirelessly supported and defended those serving and the service itself.

How DARE you lecture us.  How DARE you make such a blanket statement without acknowledging those like Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and the rest of the current Democrats in the U.S. Congress that have spit on the military and their mission every single chance they have had.  How DARE you say what you did when it is YOU PARTY that has repeatedly called for massive cuts and massive weakening plans to the military and those that serve.

Maybe this whole “Love my Country” thing is new to you, but it is not new to MILLIONS of Americans who not only did not vote for you, but used the way you and your minions treat the military as the prime reason not to.

Don’t preach to us about how to treat the military and those who serve…we already do.  Just remember…actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words, and so far, we all might as well be deaf, for we have heard NOTHING in the way of your actions and the actions of every single Liberal in this nation.

There are two wars currently going on utilizing our military.  There are at least three more brewing and could bust out any moment.  Save your lectures, save your speeches…and demonstrate to us all that youactually do understand what it means to honor those who serve and have served.  Only when you practice what you preach, will anyone but your sycophants listen to you.  You can begin by having all those who, for the last 8 years, spit on the military and those serving in Iraq and elsewhere in this War of Islamic Aggression apologize and begin behaving like aduts and not the spoiled rotten little whiney brats that represent the Baby Boomers you belong to.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, Mr. Obama, I would like for you to look at these pictures and tell me just who it is you should direct your comments to in the future.  Here’s a big hint…they all VOTED FOR YOU!!!!













There it is.  Just a miniscule example of just who it is that has been treating the U.S. Military and the brave men and women who serve like dirt.  They are Liberals.  They are Democrats.  They ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES, and you, Mr. President, need to recognize that and you need to make sure you clean your own house and clean your own backyard before you go around making statements that include and insult those that have been treating those who serve in the military like they deserve.
Shame on you….but then no one is surprised.



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