Retired Fireman’s Political 5 Alarm Fire

May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

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Words cannot express the deep felt gratitude I have for the thousands and thousands of American men and women who have fallen in service of this country against the foes of freedom, liberty and justice over the last 233+ years.  Their sacrifice…what has been called the “Ultimate Sacrifice” has permitted me, my children, and countless others to live in this country free to pursue whatever our hearts desire, whether it be to become incredibly wealthy, to start their own business, to work with their hands, work with their minds or just be bums…it is all due to those who have come before and given their lives and everything they were, everything they would ever be, simply for us.

They would never know what their sacrifice would become.  They would never know the outcome, however we all live right now, in the outcome.  We are their legacy.  We are what their deaths have become.

Over the last 40+ years, this nation has gone from one that openly honored and appreciated those who wear the uniforms of the various armed forces of the United States to one that openly despises and mocks those that wear it.  Sometime during the 60’s, the very children of those that faced down and defeated the greatest evil this world has ever seen, made spitting on, lying about, and ridiculing the men and women that fight for them “cool”.  They made anyone who supported the military out to be evil, made them out to be “War Mongers”.

I have spoken in the past, just two days ago as a matter of fact, of those people and just how very wrong they are.  These people now run this country.  They are now in the Congress, the Senate and yes, even the White House.  They are the ones who have these men and women’s lives in their hands.

On this Memorial Day, 2009, I would like to call on every single American to turn the tables on them.  It is far past time when we return to honoring those who were the various uniforms of this nations military.  It is time we return to the days when our children look upon service to their nation as something to aspire to.  It is time we take each and every one of these people that scorn the military and the memories of those who gave their lives in service to this nation, to task and make THEM out to be the pariahs they are.

Stand up for those who have fallen for you.  Stand up for those who are fighting and have fought for you.  Do not let their service be in vain.  There are those right now, in various parts of this world who are falling in battle for this nation, for you.  Do not let them fall in vain.

On this Memorial Day, we are reminded in GREAT DETAIL of how dangerous this world is, by the very fact that North Korea, a nation we are still at war with over 56 years after a “cease fire” was signed, detonated an underground nuclear nomb as well as a missile test.  There are many evil men and women in this world who are right now planning to kill and destroy every single one of us for the mere fact we are American.  Those in the military are the ones who stand between us and them, and unfortunately, there will be countless more that will die to defend us.

Stand up for them.  They have stood up for you.  When you see a person in uniform, go to them, shake their hand and say, “Thank you”.  It is a small gesture.  If you see them in a restaurant, go to the waitress and pick up their tab.  Another small gesture of thanks, and one they appreciate greatly.  After all, they make a hell of a lot less money than you do.  And for Christ’s sake, NEVER let some Liberal piece of filth talk poorly about someone in the military in front of you.  Call them on it.  Let them know just what they are doing and what ungrateful pieces of filth they are.
Thank you to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family.  Thank you to them…and to their families as well.


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