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May 26, 2009

California Upholds Proposition 8 in a Rare Action

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I was on my way to work, almost there actually, when this came down.  KFBK out of Sacramento was standing by at the courthouse, but it apparently came over the AP wires first.  The reporter at the Courthouse stated that a woman walked out of the courthouse with the ruling, and basically paraded it around with pride to all those in attendance.

The streets came alive tonight with both pro and con Prop 8 people.  It was relatively calm, however.

I was actually surprised that the Court allowed this to stand.  When you consider all the things that the Court here in California has overturned in the past, I found it amazing that they actually upheld this, as well as allowed those that were married prior to the election…when gay marriage was still technically illegal…to stand.

Again, I have never stated which side I was on, and I do not ever plan to.  I have several friends…good friends…who are gay and even they are split on the issue.

My real concern is the Nazi-esque tactics of the Anti-* crowd.

Look at what they did to those who supported and gave money to the Yes on 8 Campaign.  What do you think that has done to any and all further elections on this issue?  They have systematically forced many people out of their jobs, lost people income etc. just because they did not agree with them.  Is anyone thinking that a further election where this is brought onto the ballot will be anything even closely resembling a fair election?  Is anyone thinking there will be the slightest amount of personal or business donations made to any anti-gay marriage groups from now on?

Liberals only believe in equality and fairness so long as it relates to their cause.  If anyone is opposed to what they want, they are fair game for all types of discriminatory actions.  Amazing in this case, for it is they who are screaming about how this was discriminatory against a “protected minority” and then turn around and partake in activities that, were they conducted on GLBT businesses or peope, would be considered “hate crimes” r worse.

What the courts did was not religious.  What the courts did was not discrimination.  What they did was something rare in California.  They upheld a legal election where the majority spoke.  While the anti-8 crowd claim the court discriminated against the minority, they are, in essence, calling for the discrimination of the majority.  Yeah…hypocrisy is their creed.


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