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May 29, 2009

The Racist Audacity Of The Obamas

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How DARE the Obamas EVER accuse anyone of racism.  How DARE they use the race of Sotomayor as the reason people with half a brain don’t want her anywhere near a courtroom, let alone sitting as a Supreme Court Justice for the rest of her life.

We have had to deal with all these cries of “Raaaacist” any time anyone dare question Obama on ANYTHING whether it be his proposed agenda, the destruction of the Stock Market and the Capitalist way in which this nation has operated for over 400 years…even BEFORE it was a nation, right down to the fact that anyone who states the obvious, that his refusal to show his birth certificate along with his refusal to allow anyone to see his transcripts and other college materials and instead has spent over $1,000,000 keeping such documents hidden from public, and all the while he has been the biggest racist of them all.

This should come as no surprise, seeing as how he is the biggest Liberal that Washington has seen in…well…ever, and Liberalism is, at it’s very core, the most racist, bigoted, hypocritical, lazy, oppressive political belief structure around.  However, the lengths he has taken it to has astonished even his own fellow Liberals in Washington, as he leads this country down the path to Socialism at record speed.

Well, with the threats from Obama and his minions on The Hill concerning the racist he chose for Supreme Court Justice, we should see just who and what he is in his very soul.

As reported at Michelle Malkin’s blog, the Obama Administration has decided NOT to prosecute the two New Black Panther Party Racist Thug Social Club members for their little stint intimidating and threatening any and all Whites and others whom they deemed did not believe the same things they did at the Philedelphia Polling Location where they rule the streets.  It was even reported by a witness that the littlest hoodlum with the inferiority complex that was carrying the club in his demonstration as to what Hypocritical Bigot means and looks like, even told one White Voter that he, “…is about to be ruled by the Black Man, Cracker…” with, obviously, the hypocrisy oozing all over his statement and his actions completely missing his tiny little thug brain.

However, that is not all.  Let’s take a look, as well as a listen, to just what a hideously racist piece of filth Barack Hussein Obama, the current illegal President of the United States, who illegally has refused to provide proof of his eligibility to be President, and his wife Michelle, really and truly are.  Most of this was taken from his book with the title that glorified his Muslim, adulterous, baby-daddy type father, and spoken in either Barry’s or Michelle’s own voices.  (hat tip to ITookTheRedPill,  a fellow commenter at Michelle Malkin’s blog)

So please, do NOT allow yourselves to be intimidated by these racist, race-baiting hate mongering hypocrites on the Left EVER AGAIN!  Call them on their crap once and for all. Expose them at every turn.  Link these things and post them on your own site.  Send what you find that exposes him and his wife and Blue Shirts to everyone you know.  Confront them.  The time for us to be polite and quiet is past.  We are fighting now for our country and our way of life against the Liberals attempts to turn our incredible nation into a Socialist experiment.  They are only interested in one thing…POWER…and the oppression of all their foes and opponents along the way.  Opposition will be silenced, so fight back the only way they cannot: Get informed and get educated.  When you are properly armed with facts and knowledge, their “feelings and emotions” cannot stand, and they are unable to follow.

This nation made and enormous mistake in November.  Do not allow that mistake to continue to grow and fester.  Fight them, fight them now and fight them hard.  Call them on their crap and they will go running away with their stubby little tails behin them and between their legs.


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