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June 22, 2009

Sorry Libs, But Attacking Conservatives On Iran Will NOT Make Obama Look Better

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Obama Bows To His Leader

I have been following what is going on in Iran in real time on Twitter for several days now.  In fact, I saw the Neda video the moment it first hit the Internet and before it could be cleaned up and sanitized so as to lessen it’s effect on people, the way the media kept Americans from hearing the sound of people jumping from the Towers on 9-11 and how it is now basically forbidden to show the attacks, even on the anniversary, less it encite the population against the murderous thugs who perpetrated said attacks amongst others past and future.  I have been fascinated by the events, especially as the protests turned from one of anti-corruption and fraud pertaining to their election to one of outright revolution and/or civil war with the valling for the overthrow/deaths of the Supreme Leader, the President and other Islamic rulers in Iran.

There is one thing that despots, dictators and Socialists fail to factor in when they plan out their regimes; they always seem to forget to factor in Human Nature.  See, Human Nature is what makes peopel want more.  It is what drives people to go to work, to raise families etc.  Dictators, Despots and others of their ilk as well as political agendas such as SOcialism, never allows for such things.  In these ways, they simply structure their governments aroumd the complete and total suppllication of the populace, where people have free will and the ability to choose and run their own lives completely removed from them.  They are told where they can work, what they can earn, what they can own, where they can live and especially who, what, where, when and why they can or cannot worship the deity of their choice.

The Islamic Revolution that occurred in Iran back in 1979, the one that was fueled by the amazing ineptness of President Jimmy Carter, and carried out mostly by college students did just that.  They turned a country of relatively free people into one dictated to under a sexist, racist, homophobic, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Theocracy that severely limited if not outright outlawed anything that the Mullahs and Imams deemed sacriligeous under Sharia law.  They then set out a course that alienated them from many other free nations, as well as having numerous feckless sanctions placed on them over the years by the UN.  America, thanks to the way Jimmy Carter dealt with the Shah and everything else having to do with Iran, made us their enemy.

However, I learned many years ago that it was not the people of Iran that hated us, but the Government of Iran.  The people themselves, on the whole, look towards the United States as that beacon of freedom and liberty that the rest of the Free World and her people do.  Sure, they oppose our government and what it does…lots of people do including here in America, but as far as Americans themselves on a personal level, apparently you will be hard pressed to find a Persian who actually hated Americans.

This brings me to what I have seen repeated in various forms on Twitter by these braindead Obama-bots who actually still look at him as though he were some perfect being…a “Fifth Element”, as it were.  The one that truly got me was, “Since when did the Republicans decide they don;t hate Muslims anymore?”

Look…while I have left the Republican Party, (or rather they have left me, to use the tired out cliche`) I do take umbrage at said statement.  It is not Muslims we hate.  It is the Fundamental Islamists, the Wahabbists, those that follow the Islam that states they should not assimilate into society, that anyone who is not Islamic should be killed or subjugated etc., THAT is what we hate.

But that is no different than the hatred we have of the Christian whackadoos that take the Bible and Christ’s teachings to the extreme…the rare freak who believes it is God telling them to kill an abortionist, or those that use Christianity as an excuse to do evil…for they also are NOT following the teachings.

It is the intolerance, the oppression, the lies, the twisting of religion that offends us.

So what are we supporting in Iran?  We are supporting those who are against the totalitarian regime.  There has been an “underground” in iran for years.  There has been a silent cry for freedom against the Theocracy for a very long time.  These are the people that we would have to count on should the day arrive…which seemed to be fast approaching, actually, to assist us against the fanatics in their military and government.  These are the ones who are now in the streets fighting against the thugs that find themselves shooting at and killing their own people in the streets.  We are supporting them.

We, as a country and as the world, have so very much to gain by Iran becoming free again.  Just the thought of being able to stem the terrorism that is fundedand supported by the Iranian Government is worthy of our support.

And we also are faced with a President who has absolutely no idea of the historical significance of what is happening in Iran and what the consequences means to the world.  He is far more interested in photo ops showing people what a cool guy he is, than he is concerning world events.

So actually, it is the Conservatives who are acting well within character concerning this issue than are the Liberals.

There are no protests on the streets against the war-mongering thugs in Iran, North Korea, and Al Qaeda.  The threats that are coming in fast and furious from those three countries against ours is unprecedented.  North Korea is planning to launch a missle at Hawaii…the 50th state, on the 4th of July, our Independence Day, and it is simply because Obama is a milktoast.  Al Qaeda, in response to this alleged “perfect Speech” Der Fuhrer gave in Cairo, has demanded their followers to attack the U.S. as oftenn as humanly possible, to step up their attacks.  And why?

Because there is no one with any strength, with any back-bone sitting in the Oval Office.

If it is one thing that our enemies can do, it’s smell a coward and weakling and know how best to exploit them.

Obama is that person.  He will go down in history as being worse than Carter, and the only living President who allowed the United States to be fired upon by a hostile nation and go unanswered.

Insulting us Conservatives does NOTHING to disguise the ineptness and cowadness of Obama.  On the contrary, all it does is demonstrae just how scared you all are by him and his foolishness and prde, and how absolutely and completely screwed we, as a county, truly are, thanks to your selfish decidion back in November of 2008.


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June 20, 2009

Freedom Struggles As Mullahs Murder Their Own People, and Obama Worries About His “Image”

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I must apologize both for my absence and the short post.  I have been working 14-17 hour days for the last month, and will do so till the first of July, so any spare moment is spent with my children…and then sleep.

However, the great thing about technology is that I can still keep up on what is going on, and the current job I have allowed me to purchase an Ipod Touch, thus I am able to still keep up with what is going on, and what I am seeing has to be, in my mind, one of the most significant things concerning freedom of a people in a very long time.

In the same lines of the Tienamen Square stand-off between freedom loving and craving students and the Communist Dictatorship in China, the struggles to end Communism in Germany ending with the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the total ending of Communism in Eastern Europe in general, the Iranians are now in a death-struggle for their freedom with the Mullahs who have ruled their nation since the Islamic Revolution in the 1070’s that lead to the Iranian Hostage Crisis…the very thing that destroyed any ope of a Carter second term.

I won’t get into the complete backstory, for if you really don’t know what the hell is happening there, you need to re-examine why you are so lost and have no desire to know what is going on in the world.  What I will say is that Twitter and YouTube, two Internet items that, until now, have only seemed worthy of videos of men getting hit in the crotch with tennis balls and finding out what your fav. celebrity is eating for lunch, have now proven invaluable for learning what is happening in a country where the media is forbidden from reporting.

The same aged people who, in the late 70’s brought about the rise to power of the Imams and Mullahs in Iran are now demonstrating in the streets against their dictatorship.  See, to have a truly free election, one must actually HONOR the results of said election…not just allow people to vote and then install whoever it is you want.  This is the case in Iran, where the people voted the insane little man with the huge Napoleon complex out, and the man who is a moderate and who wants to bring about changes including a closer relationship with America in.  The Mullahs, of course, would NEVER stand for that and so, before the votes could ever POSSIBLY have been counted, Ahmadenijad declared victory with the backing of the Mullahs, and all Hell has broken loose as a result.

All I can say is pray for these brave men and women as they confront the evils of the regime in Iran.

Obama is far too concerned with his image and the fact that this little inconviniece to his plans at forming a dictatorship here is drawing attention to deal with them.  He has refused to side with the forces of justice and freedom, all because he is worried that he will back the wrong team and thus sully his image a la Carter.

Well, Mr. Obama, if you were looking for that moment when you could have changed the world and cemented you name amongst the history books…this was it, and you missed it.  That’s ok, you “didn’t want to be seen as meddling” in Iranian affairs.  We understand…you have no freaking spine.

I can only imagine what this moment would be like had Reagan of Bush One been in office.  My God, but it might actually bring about a real end to Islamic Fundamental Terror in the long run.

Pay attention…the streets are running red with blood in Iran as the Mullahs slaughter their own.  In the end, we can only pray that the freedom lovers will prevail.  Hopefully Obama will drp his BS and forget his feelings of honor towards the Islamic Leadership he learned as a child and come to the students aid…but since he is spineless, I doubt that will happen.

Keep watching Twitter and YouTube…it will get far worse before it gets better.

June 6, 2009

Is This What So Many Died For 65 Years Ago?

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I’m sorry, but I find Obama speaking on the shores of Omaha Beach in Normandy to be a disgusting moment.  Someone who represents so much disdain towards the military and those currently serving, who had nothing to say for almost THREE DAYS concerning the murder of a soldier while standing outside a recruiting station by yet another Muslim, this one a jailhouse convert, and who has been spending his Presidency traveling everywhere to apologize for being American and apologizing for America helping those who are oppressed to embrace freedom and liberty and who is putting our nation into harms way with his sucking up to the very people who are trying to have our entire nation and way of life annihilated just two days before with that horrendous speech he gave in Cairo, and who is rushing this nation headlong into the mouth of one of the most oppressive forms of government on the face of the planet, Socialism, who he himself is demonstrating the very traits of a totalitarian, statist dictator, has absolutely no business standing on such hallowed ground.

Yes, we all know about his grandparents…both the real story and the one he imagined during the campaign.  But those two men are a far cry from the man their children sired.  They should be ashamed to have him up there, considering all he has done in the past and all he is doing now to the men and women serving in the military.

IS this what those men died for 65 years ago?  Is this the nation they went to their deaths defending?  Is Obama’s vision of a Government controlled populace, where freedom is slowly being taken away every minute of every day really what they were imagining when they boarded the landing craft before dawn, so seasick that they were vomitting in their own helmets?  Was Obama’s vision of what the country should be and what he is working towards the vision these men had as they huddled behind the sea wall in the shale, clawing for cover against the defending Wermacht?

If you believe it is, then you are just as deluded and damaged as those who are enabling this man to destroy this nation in the Congress.  It sickens me to read the words of whoever it was that wrote his speech, for it does nothing but demonstrates the pure ignorance that both the speechwriter and Obama himself have concerning not just D-Day, but WWII and the liberation of Europe and saving of the Free World.  Then again, Obama demonstrated that when he lied about his grandfather’s exploits in WWII and his swapping armies in order to liberate a caertain Concentration Camp that the Russians liberated.

No, I do not apologize for my disgust.  While the Queen, someone who was actually alive and had served her soldiers during that period of time was ignored, Obama is treated like some sort of demi-god, with the papers in France showing such disgusting taste as to declare on their front page, “Obama Beach” and Prime Minister Brown even making that same statement during his speech, it is time for any and everyone disgusted with what is going on in this nation and the world while it suffers from the same delusions and apologists that lead the world into near disaster in the 1930’s to stand up and state loud and clear that they will oppose what Obama is attempting to do at every turn.  To fight for any and all candidates who will oppose not just Obama, but his policies and his presentations to Congress.

Fight to have him exposed for the Usurper that he is.  Demand he present his long-form Birth Certificate and PROOVE that he is who he says he is, a natural born citizen of the United States, just as those brave men had to do in order to sign up for military service and defend this nation against another tyrant.  Demand he provide the same proof that your own children have to show to be educated in this country.  Demand that he prove who he says he is, and if not, then work to have him impeached and all those who mitigated this fraud against this nation imprisoned for what they did and tried to do.

If for nothing else than to honor those who died on those beaches, alone, thousands of miles from home and their ideals of what America was and should be those 65 years ago.

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