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June 20, 2009

Freedom Struggles As Mullahs Murder Their Own People, and Obama Worries About His “Image”

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I must apologize both for my absence and the short post.  I have been working 14-17 hour days for the last month, and will do so till the first of July, so any spare moment is spent with my children…and then sleep.

However, the great thing about technology is that I can still keep up on what is going on, and the current job I have allowed me to purchase an Ipod Touch, thus I am able to still keep up with what is going on, and what I am seeing has to be, in my mind, one of the most significant things concerning freedom of a people in a very long time.

In the same lines of the Tienamen Square stand-off between freedom loving and craving students and the Communist Dictatorship in China, the struggles to end Communism in Germany ending with the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the total ending of Communism in Eastern Europe in general, the Iranians are now in a death-struggle for their freedom with the Mullahs who have ruled their nation since the Islamic Revolution in the 1070’s that lead to the Iranian Hostage Crisis…the very thing that destroyed any ope of a Carter second term.

I won’t get into the complete backstory, for if you really don’t know what the hell is happening there, you need to re-examine why you are so lost and have no desire to know what is going on in the world.  What I will say is that Twitter and YouTube, two Internet items that, until now, have only seemed worthy of videos of men getting hit in the crotch with tennis balls and finding out what your fav. celebrity is eating for lunch, have now proven invaluable for learning what is happening in a country where the media is forbidden from reporting.

The same aged people who, in the late 70’s brought about the rise to power of the Imams and Mullahs in Iran are now demonstrating in the streets against their dictatorship.  See, to have a truly free election, one must actually HONOR the results of said election…not just allow people to vote and then install whoever it is you want.  This is the case in Iran, where the people voted the insane little man with the huge Napoleon complex out, and the man who is a moderate and who wants to bring about changes including a closer relationship with America in.  The Mullahs, of course, would NEVER stand for that and so, before the votes could ever POSSIBLY have been counted, Ahmadenijad declared victory with the backing of the Mullahs, and all Hell has broken loose as a result.

All I can say is pray for these brave men and women as they confront the evils of the regime in Iran.

Obama is far too concerned with his image and the fact that this little inconviniece to his plans at forming a dictatorship here is drawing attention to deal with them.  He has refused to side with the forces of justice and freedom, all because he is worried that he will back the wrong team and thus sully his image a la Carter.

Well, Mr. Obama, if you were looking for that moment when you could have changed the world and cemented you name amongst the history books…this was it, and you missed it.  That’s ok, you “didn’t want to be seen as meddling” in Iranian affairs.  We understand…you have no freaking spine.

I can only imagine what this moment would be like had Reagan of Bush One been in office.  My God, but it might actually bring about a real end to Islamic Fundamental Terror in the long run.

Pay attention…the streets are running red with blood in Iran as the Mullahs slaughter their own.  In the end, we can only pray that the freedom lovers will prevail.  Hopefully Obama will drp his BS and forget his feelings of honor towards the Islamic Leadership he learned as a child and come to the students aid…but since he is spineless, I doubt that will happen.

Keep watching Twitter and YouTube…it will get far worse before it gets better.


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