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July 20, 2009

$25,000,000 Reward Offered For Obama’s Birth Certificate

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In a follow-up to the previous post, a good friend sent me this website which is offering a $25,000 000 (that’s twenty-five MILLION, or roughly the same amount of money being offered as a rewoard for Osama Bin Laden’s capture) to the person who produces Barrack Hussein Obama’s real, authenticated, actual long-form birth certificate.

But wait…that is not the enitre amount.  They are also taking in donations to increase the amount until it reaches a level where people finally say that “Why the hell is he not producing it, when there is so much money at stake” or something similar.

The time is over, well past when this usurper should have been made to, as per the Constitution of the United States, the same Constitution not only he, but every single member of the United States Congress and Senate have SWORN to uphold, stated he is RECQUIRED to submit for proof that he is legally allowed to be the President of the United States.

It is long past time for the delays, the stalling, the million dollars he has already spent to hide the truth concerning his real place of birth to end.

John McCain, Naval war hero from the Vietnam War, who was forced into a Vietnamese prison for YEARS, and who served his country with distinction and honor, the son of a United States Navy ADMIRAL, and veteran Senator from Arizona was forced to provide proof and validation of HIS eligibility to become the President of the United States based on the place of his birth, yet we are told that the same standards do not apply to someone who has spent at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS to keep his birth certificate and college transcripts, as well as his passports secret.

We are called insane, freaks, “Tin-Hat” wearers simply because he has refused to just come forward and produce the very thing that would make this all go away.  Well, call us what you will, this is NOT going away until such time as he produces his BC.

The Kenyan Parliament has admitted that Obama was born in Kenya.

His own GRANDMOTHER has admitted to being present at his birth…IN KENYA.

His family admits that he was born IN KENYA.

The place of his birth is now a national landmark…IN KENYA.

He travelled to Pakistan at a time when American Citizens were forbidden from entering the country.  Impossible unless he was a citizen from another coutry…not American.

The evidence is there, and all anyone need do is look at it and throw out the sycophantic Obama-bots who have stuck their heads in the sand and carried out this lie for whatever purpose.  This includes the United States News Organizations…including Fox News…who have failed MISERABLY in their job of protecting America from such crimes by investigating fully B. Hussein Obama and fully vetting him in the American public’s eyes.

Follow this link and spread this around.  There are people out there that know the truth.  People out there have the evidence and are only lacking the right motivation.

Patriotism failed.

Concionce failed.

Knowing enough to do the right thing for this country and the world failed.

Maybe there is only one thing these people understand…money.  Hopefully, since all else has failed, we can get someone to come forward for this large amounmt of money, and save this nation from the abyss of Socialism that this illegal usurper as been leading down since January 20th of this year.

Post it on your website, print it and post it up on the board at work.  Send it to everyone you know.  END THIS NOW!!!


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