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July 24, 2009

Obama Exposes Himself To Be A Racist

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You know, I missed a great deal of what happened over the last 24 hours or so concerning this issue with some race-baiting Harvard professor, the Cambridge Police Department, and B. Hussein Obama, but seeing as how it is all over the place today, I went ahead and read all about it and watched the video of Obama yesterday as he decided to expose the fact that he is one hell of an enormous racist.

Apparently, some Harvard Professor, a one Henry Louis Gates Jr., who also just happens to be black as well as a “World Renowned Scholar” and documentary film maker specializing in black history, locked himself out of his house.  In the process of breaking into his own home, one of his neighbors who actually cared enough about his fellow neighbors to pay attention to what is going on in the neighborhood, but apparently did not know Gates personally, and who the media has made sure to point out was a “white lady”, called the police to report that someone was breaking into the house.  The police arrived to find Gates inside his own home, however the police still have not made a positive ID on him or whether or not he is indeed the resident.

So, according to the police report, which I am including a link to, Officer James Crowley, a long time veteran of the Cambridge Police Department, asked a man inside the house who he later identified as Gates, to step outside to speak with him.  This is pretty standard operating procedure, especially when a cop arrives at the scene of a potential burglary with an unknown person who may or may not be armed and dangerous.

Gates, from inside the home, said, “No, I will not”.  According to Officer Crowley, the Officer stood in the doorway where he could clearly be seen to be a police officer, thus not affording any opportunity for the officer to be mistaken for anything else but a law enforcement officer.  Gate then demanded to know who the officer was, and Officer Crowley identified himself and stated that he was investigating a report of a break in at that residence.

Gates, while Officer Crowley was making the statement as to why he was there, opened the door and “exclaimed”, “Why, because I’m a black man in America?”

Officer Crowley then asked if there was anyone else in the residence.  Gates was yelling at Crowley at this point, becoming beligerent from what the report says, and stated that it was none of the officer’s business and began to call the officer a racist police officer.  Reassuring Gates that he was there because the Cambridge Police Dept. had received a call concerning a possible break-in, and that the person who had called 911 was standing right outside, Gates completely ignored Officer Crowley, grabbed a cordless phone and placed a call.  God only knows to who…

Officer Crowley, at this time, radioed in that he was at the residence and had made contact with someone who was possibly the resident, but who was being completely uncooperative.  Officer Crowley reports that he heard Gates tell the person on the other end of the line, “Get the chief”, and “What’s the chief’s name”.  Apparently Gates, with an over-inflated ego, did something out of a bad comedy show and called the Cambridge Police Department, demanding to speak to the Chief of Police.  Just classic.  He apparently was telling the person on the other end that he was “dealing with a racist police officer” in his home.  Gates then turns to Officer Crowley and tells him, “you don’t know who you are dealing with”,  and that he had not heard the last of it.  Again…this is straight out of a bad TV cop show.

This reaction from Gates admittedly confused Officer Crowley, as he states in his report…and rightfully so.  After all, all the man did was tell the guy who had broken into his own home that he was there to investigate the possible breaking in of same home and to please come and talk to him.  All this race-baiting idiot needed to do was open the door, tell the officer that it was his home and produce proof that he was, indeed, the guy who lived there.  After all, what if it HAD been a burglar?  What if some junkie off the street broke into this guy’s home, the cop came and the guy started doing what Gates was doing, and the cop…in order to avoid this whole trumped up racist crap, just took him at his word and walked away?  What would this idiot have done then?  What if his family was murdered the same way?

But I digress, and this isn’t over yet…

Officer Crowley, at this time, asks Gates, probably worried about what reaction this question would illicit, to produce a photo ID so that he could verify that he did, indeed, live at this residence.  Remember, that was all Gates needed to do and this entire incident would have been over.   Of course Gates refused, and even DEMANDED the UNIFORMED POLICE OFFICER to provide HIM with ID.  Eventually he submitted and provided the ID to Officer Crowley.  Upon seeing that Gates was affiliated with Harvard, Officer Crowley then radioed in to request that a Harvard Police Officer be dispatched to the scene.

Officer Crowley reports that with the Harvard ID in hand, he reports in and prepares to leave.  However, not leaving well enough alone, Gates continues to ask Officer Crowley for ID, which Officer Crowley provides him.  Instead of listening, however, Gates begins to yell over Officer Crowley, accusing him of being a “racist police officer” and threatening him that he was no one to be messing with.  At this point, Gates was completely beligerent, repeatedly asking for Officer Crowley’s name, at which point Officer Crowley tells Gates that he is leaving his residence, and if Gates had any further questioons, that he could speak to him outside.

Gates continued to yell, demanding the Officer’s name which had been provided to him several times already, and Crowley told him to talk to him outside, as all the yelling that Gates was doing was making it impossible for Officer Crowley to hear or transmit over the radio.   So, what does Professor Race-Baiter say in response?  “Ya, I’ll speak with your momma outside”.  At this point, I think the officer deserves a commendation, for I would have just gone off on this…individual…by this point.  However, Officer Crowley ignores it, walks outsde where there are several more police cares from both departments, as well as the “white lady” who originally called 911, and several spectators.

Gates is not satisfied.  Oh no.  He continues to carry on with his yelling and screaming, calling Officer Crowley a racist and accusing him of racial bias, and began to follow him outside.  It was at this point, since Gates was now outside, that it appears Officer Crowley had enough, and warns Gates that he needs to knock it off as he is becoming “disorderly”.  (You can just SEE this coming, can’t you?)  Gates ignores this, continues to yell and scream at Crowley which makes EVERYONE look now, and again Officer Crowley warns him, basically, to knock it off.  only this time, he told him to calm down while pulling out his hand-cuffs.  Usually the universal sign to shut the hell up or else.  You would think a “World Reknowned Scholar” would realize this…but nooooo.  Gates continues to ignore his warning and continues to yell at the officer, who decides he has had enough and places Gates under arrest for Disorderly Conduct.

Gates originally resisted arrest, claiming to be disabled and that he would fall without his cane, (something that apparently is not a problem while screaming at a cop who is performing his duties and while screaming race-baiting epithets), but submitted.  He then complained that the cuffs were too tight, to which he had the cuffs placed in front so he would be comfortable.  The officer then secured a cane from inside the residence, as well as made sure that the residence ended up being secured.

Now…what did the President of the United States (and also a close, personal friend of Professor Gates, allegedly) have to say about this incident?  You’re gonna love this:

Well it just doesn’t get any better than that, does it?  The guy, without knowing a damn thing about the cade, other than what Gates or some other hate-monger told him, just plain decides that “This is obviously just another case of The Man trying to keep the brother man down”, and goes so far as to insult the entire police department, including the arresting officer.

Does he apologize for it?  Hell no. In fact, rather than apologize, he blames everyone else for misinterpreting him.  Obama said:

“In my choice of words, I unfortunately gave the impression that I was maligning the Cambridge Police Department or Sergeant Crowley specifically,”

He unfortunately gave the impression?  He said the police were stupid!!!!  He stated that it was his belief, after admitting he knew NOTHING about the particulars of the case, that the Cambridge Police acted “STUPIDLY”!!!!  Just what impression was he going for, if not that?  Was his insult not worded strongly enough?

Then today, he states that there is still a problem with race in this country.  He states that it is due to the history of this nation that reactions are the way they are, to paraphrase.

No Barry…it is because of race-baiting, ignorant racists like you , Gates, Rev. Wright who you called your “Spiritual Advisor” and a “Member of your family”, and others like you and them that there is a race problem in this country.  You think everything is because of race, you think anyone who is white is evil and out to get you, and worse.  You are the propagators, you are the racists, you are the worst kind of racisits…the ones who think you can excuse your actions and words by hiding behind your color and the problems of the past.

You disgust me, and you owe every member of that department a full and real apology, as well as everyone in this country…especially whites…for the racist stereotyping you spewed without even knowing what happened.  You have exposed your true racist nature, and I and many others will neither let it be forgotte, nor forget.

Thank you Officer Crowley and the rest of the Cambridge Police Department, for all your hard and difficult work, and for providing it professionally and courteously.



  1. I dunno. I read the police report and it sounds like the officer is over explaining. Most police reports are cut and dried but this one goes on and on as though he is trying to rationalize and justify.
    So don’t go all yelling at me because I agree with other things you say. How did you get a copy of the police report so fast?

    Comment by laurathacker — August 2, 2009 @ 7:42 am

  2. The police report was linked directly from the Cambridge Chronicle, and I got it from their website. As for the report, it is a standard report, and no different than any police reports I have seen, nor Patient Care Reports (PCR’s) that I have personally had to write as a paramedic. Frankly, I thought it was fairly short, given everything that occurred. Not sure of your experience in reading/monitoring police reports, but a good example of them can be found at A report is a legal document, which can and is used in a court of law. The proper way to write ine is to give both subjective (what peoplebtold you), and objective (what you, yourself said/saw) of the incident. In the case of an arrest report, you need to justify the arrest of the suspect, thus you want the report to be as detailed as possible. In the case of the reports in a court of law, if it is not written in the report, it did not happen.

    In this case, the events given in the narrative have all been backed up by witnesses at the scene, including non-law enforcement bystandersas well as the original 911 tapes. To the best of my knowledge, none of the facts that have been reported in this report have been questioned nor denied.

    Comment by Retired Fireman — August 2, 2009 @ 10:47 am

  3. Late to the game here, but I really enjoyed your post on this and you are 100% correct as to the content of an arrest report. Whenever someone makes an allegation during an arrest, the officer will usually go into detail about the circumstances more so than usual.

    Comment by RetiredPublicSafety — December 11, 2009 @ 7:43 am

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