Retired Fireman’s Political 5 Alarm Fire

December 29, 2007

Welcome One And All

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I am a disabled fireman forced into retirement due to an on-the-job injury.  Thanks to the incompetance of both a Democratic Governor (Davis) and a Republican Governor (Arnold) as well as the failure to take care of injured and maimed firemen that the Department does, I have become much worse than even I imagined I would become and am now looking at possibly becoming paralyzed from the waist down at any moment.  I had two other blogs prior to this one, but was being stalked by an insane former professor from the NorthWest, my ExWife and another whack job who for some reason just decided I made a great target to harrass and scare, and on the pleadings of my wife, and after several calls and visits from the local police department, I decided that this just wasn’t worth it.  Well, I took to just commenting on other people’s blogs, and found that I just missed it too much.  My wife told me that she never meant for me not to give up my blog, but that I needed to not take things too seriously.  She enjoyed my writings, and I had built up my own following as well.

Will I again create the following I once had?  Will I remain annonymous this time and avoind the scary, dangerous individuals that roam the Internet?  Will I keep the murderous Islamic thugs from locating me and my family?  Well, I guess only time will tell, but with this election turning out to be very important, I just cannot remain silent anymore, nor can I keep turning other people’s blogs…especially Michelle Malkin’s, into my own anymore.  Thus, I am taking on this new venture again and so i give you folks the new and improved, RETIRED FIREMAN’S 5 ALARM FIRE BLOG!!!!

 This is a new blog service for me and it will allow me to use mediums I have not been able to use in the past.  I plan to bring folks things such as more videos and pictures as the topics warrant. 

 The rules will remain as they always have.  I do not appreciuate the Liberal nonsense that they seem to obliterate their sites with.  the foul language is kept at an all time low.  While certain words will obviously sometimes slip out, my daughter and son will be reading this on occasion and I would appreciate if we kept this at a PG-13 level.

 This is not an experiment in some hippie long-haired freethinker tree-hugging, mono-brow, mono-syllabic view of their idea of Free Speech Rights.  I really could care less if you feel your rights or what you think are your rights are getting trounced on here.  If I do not feel what you are saying is appropriate, or is sticking to the topic at hand, or is steering away from the topic or any of the other multitude of Liberal tricks you guys pull to avoid discussing things or debating them, you will have your posts deleted, and yes, you can and will be banned.  You can go whine to your mom, you can cry and gnash your teeth, tear and wrend your clothes, stomp your feet, have your little tantrums and do whatever you want, I don’t really care.  Why, you can even call me all those nasty little names you all like to call me.  I just love how you like to judge me over there at Michelle’s site as if your opinions of me matter.  (the best is when each of you have all individually have stated you ignore my postings, then comment on them completely showing how you have read every word of them.  too funny).  Anyway, the point is, this is my house, my rules.  If you don’t like it, I hear that Kos is always allowing immature little toads such as yourselves to come over and speak your little elementary school nonsense and foul language about things you know absolutely nothing about while making up the latest set of conspiricy theories about how Dick Cheney is setting up a torture chamber in his basement and Condi Rice is going to be playing “Step and Fetch” games with him the whole time.

 For the rest of you wandering over from MM’s, welcome and I hope we have a good time.  Sorry, keyboard is still gacked.  Hopefully will get in this week to have it fixed.  Other than that…have fun.


 P.S.  Still working out the bugs here…be patient.


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