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June 6, 2009

Is This What So Many Died For 65 Years Ago?

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I’m sorry, but I find Obama speaking on the shores of Omaha Beach in Normandy to be a disgusting moment.  Someone who represents so much disdain towards the military and those currently serving, who had nothing to say for almost THREE DAYS concerning the murder of a soldier while standing outside a recruiting station by yet another Muslim, this one a jailhouse convert, and who has been spending his Presidency traveling everywhere to apologize for being American and apologizing for America helping those who are oppressed to embrace freedom and liberty and who is putting our nation into harms way with his sucking up to the very people who are trying to have our entire nation and way of life annihilated just two days before with that horrendous speech he gave in Cairo, and who is rushing this nation headlong into the mouth of one of the most oppressive forms of government on the face of the planet, Socialism, who he himself is demonstrating the very traits of a totalitarian, statist dictator, has absolutely no business standing on such hallowed ground.

Yes, we all know about his grandparents…both the real story and the one he imagined during the campaign.  But those two men are a far cry from the man their children sired.  They should be ashamed to have him up there, considering all he has done in the past and all he is doing now to the men and women serving in the military.

IS this what those men died for 65 years ago?  Is this the nation they went to their deaths defending?  Is Obama’s vision of a Government controlled populace, where freedom is slowly being taken away every minute of every day really what they were imagining when they boarded the landing craft before dawn, so seasick that they were vomitting in their own helmets?  Was Obama’s vision of what the country should be and what he is working towards the vision these men had as they huddled behind the sea wall in the shale, clawing for cover against the defending Wermacht?

If you believe it is, then you are just as deluded and damaged as those who are enabling this man to destroy this nation in the Congress.  It sickens me to read the words of whoever it was that wrote his speech, for it does nothing but demonstrates the pure ignorance that both the speechwriter and Obama himself have concerning not just D-Day, but WWII and the liberation of Europe and saving of the Free World.  Then again, Obama demonstrated that when he lied about his grandfather’s exploits in WWII and his swapping armies in order to liberate a caertain Concentration Camp that the Russians liberated.

No, I do not apologize for my disgust.  While the Queen, someone who was actually alive and had served her soldiers during that period of time was ignored, Obama is treated like some sort of demi-god, with the papers in France showing such disgusting taste as to declare on their front page, “Obama Beach” and Prime Minister Brown even making that same statement during his speech, it is time for any and everyone disgusted with what is going on in this nation and the world while it suffers from the same delusions and apologists that lead the world into near disaster in the 1930’s to stand up and state loud and clear that they will oppose what Obama is attempting to do at every turn.  To fight for any and all candidates who will oppose not just Obama, but his policies and his presentations to Congress.

Fight to have him exposed for the Usurper that he is.  Demand he present his long-form Birth Certificate and PROOVE that he is who he says he is, a natural born citizen of the United States, just as those brave men had to do in order to sign up for military service and defend this nation against another tyrant.  Demand he provide the same proof that your own children have to show to be educated in this country.  Demand that he prove who he says he is, and if not, then work to have him impeached and all those who mitigated this fraud against this nation imprisoned for what they did and tried to do.

If for nothing else than to honor those who died on those beaches, alone, thousands of miles from home and their ideals of what America was and should be those 65 years ago.


May 29, 2009

The Racist Audacity Of The Obamas

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How DARE the Obamas EVER accuse anyone of racism.  How DARE they use the race of Sotomayor as the reason people with half a brain don’t want her anywhere near a courtroom, let alone sitting as a Supreme Court Justice for the rest of her life.

We have had to deal with all these cries of “Raaaacist” any time anyone dare question Obama on ANYTHING whether it be his proposed agenda, the destruction of the Stock Market and the Capitalist way in which this nation has operated for over 400 years…even BEFORE it was a nation, right down to the fact that anyone who states the obvious, that his refusal to show his birth certificate along with his refusal to allow anyone to see his transcripts and other college materials and instead has spent over $1,000,000 keeping such documents hidden from public, and all the while he has been the biggest racist of them all.

This should come as no surprise, seeing as how he is the biggest Liberal that Washington has seen in…well…ever, and Liberalism is, at it’s very core, the most racist, bigoted, hypocritical, lazy, oppressive political belief structure around.  However, the lengths he has taken it to has astonished even his own fellow Liberals in Washington, as he leads this country down the path to Socialism at record speed.

Well, with the threats from Obama and his minions on The Hill concerning the racist he chose for Supreme Court Justice, we should see just who and what he is in his very soul.

As reported at Michelle Malkin’s blog, the Obama Administration has decided NOT to prosecute the two New Black Panther Party Racist Thug Social Club members for their little stint intimidating and threatening any and all Whites and others whom they deemed did not believe the same things they did at the Philedelphia Polling Location where they rule the streets.  It was even reported by a witness that the littlest hoodlum with the inferiority complex that was carrying the club in his demonstration as to what Hypocritical Bigot means and looks like, even told one White Voter that he, “…is about to be ruled by the Black Man, Cracker…” with, obviously, the hypocrisy oozing all over his statement and his actions completely missing his tiny little thug brain.

However, that is not all.  Let’s take a look, as well as a listen, to just what a hideously racist piece of filth Barack Hussein Obama, the current illegal President of the United States, who illegally has refused to provide proof of his eligibility to be President, and his wife Michelle, really and truly are.  Most of this was taken from his book with the title that glorified his Muslim, adulterous, baby-daddy type father, and spoken in either Barry’s or Michelle’s own voices.  (hat tip to ITookTheRedPill,  a fellow commenter at Michelle Malkin’s blog)

So please, do NOT allow yourselves to be intimidated by these racist, race-baiting hate mongering hypocrites on the Left EVER AGAIN!  Call them on their crap once and for all. Expose them at every turn.  Link these things and post them on your own site.  Send what you find that exposes him and his wife and Blue Shirts to everyone you know.  Confront them.  The time for us to be polite and quiet is past.  We are fighting now for our country and our way of life against the Liberals attempts to turn our incredible nation into a Socialist experiment.  They are only interested in one thing…POWER…and the oppression of all their foes and opponents along the way.  Opposition will be silenced, so fight back the only way they cannot: Get informed and get educated.  When you are properly armed with facts and knowledge, their “feelings and emotions” cannot stand, and they are unable to follow.

This nation made and enormous mistake in November.  Do not allow that mistake to continue to grow and fester.  Fight them, fight them now and fight them hard.  Call them on their crap and they will go running away with their stubby little tails behin them and between their legs.

Obama Picks Racist For Highest Court in the Land

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That’s right kids…the guy who was elected because everyone who would dare criticize or question him would get instantly slapped with the “racist” label has nominated Sonia Sotomayor to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court FOR LIFE…and already the threats have come out from the Obama White house and Democrats everywhere that anyone opposing her nomination will be met with more of the same.

He nominated her by telling everyone what he always does…that she has this “compelling” backround, how she was raised by a father who didn’;t speak English, mother who worked herself to the nub to raise their children out of the depths of despair so that this poor, poor woman could attend Princeton and Yale to become a lawyer, then a judge.  Hate to tell King Barry, but EVERYONE has a compelling story.

Yet this woman is the WORST and the fact she is Puerto Rican and female has absolutely NOTHING to do with it.  In fact, she is on the record as having said that BECAUSE she is a Hispanic female, she is somehow better at interpreting the Law than anyone else of any other race or gender…ESPECIALLY a White Male.

Well…I hate to break it to you Liberals, but that statement is THE EPITOME of what a RACIST IS!!!!

The Not-So-Honorable Sotomayor is one of the biggest racist/sexist pigs that has been paraded through Washington since Senator Byrd (D) allegedly hung up his Hood.  her EXACT words were:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than A WHITE MALE who hasn’t lived that life.”

That’s right…that is what is known as a RACIST STATEMENT.  Just think about it.  Had Justice Roberts, during his confirmation stated:

“I would hope that a wise WHITE MAKE with the richness of his experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than A LATIN FEMALE who hasn’t lived that life.”

He not only would have been booted out of the process so fast his head would spin, but he would be damn lucky to ever work again, let alone somehow avoid prosecution for hate crimes, as well as having every single one of his cases overturned based on the presumption of racism/sexism.
Not Sotomayor.  In fact, she is being hailed as a hero for JUSTICE.  However, what is Obama saying with this controversy flowing around his pick?  Well, looks like the Chicago Thug in him, the thug that allows the New Black Panther Party to be excused of any and all wrong doings when they sent armed thugs to intimidate Whites during the 2008 elections, is coming out to defend her and threaten any and all who would oppose her.  He is leading the charge in threatening the opposition with the term, “RACIST” the same way he does with anything concerning himself…like say….showing his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

At least he agrees that her being a woman and fpuerto Rican will somehow make her better than everyone else in the S.C. right now.  In his nomination statements, he stated:

“And when Sonia Sotomayor ascends those marble steps to assume her seat on the highest court in the land, America will have taken another important step toward realizing the ideal that is etched about its entrance: Equal justice under the law.”

That’s right…equal justice that is defined as “Hispanic Women are better, smarter, more able to interpret law and legislate from the bench better than any stupid, racist old White guy”.

And just what does she say about legislating from the bench as well as where policy is determined and made?

If the Senate allows this woman to sit on the Supreme Court, they will have allowed someone who BREAKS the law every time she wears that robe.  They will have confirmed a racist, bigoted, sexist uber-Liberal to a life-long position.

After all the statements concerning Justice Roberts being “out of the mainstream”, there is no way possible that ANYONE is capable of stating this racist is within the “mainstream”, other than to state she is as “mainstream a Liberal” as they come.

Thanks yet another time, America.  You morons wanted CHANGE…well, this is it.  Maybe next time you will remember that change just for the sake of change is NEVER a good thing, and not all change is beneficial or good.  I can’t wait to see what’s next…especially with North Korea declaring they have thrown out the Armistace.  WAY TO GO BARRY!  Constantly selling out our contry all for your racist beliefs.

May 26, 2009

California Upholds Proposition 8 in a Rare Action

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I was on my way to work, almost there actually, when this came down.  KFBK out of Sacramento was standing by at the courthouse, but it apparently came over the AP wires first.  The reporter at the Courthouse stated that a woman walked out of the courthouse with the ruling, and basically paraded it around with pride to all those in attendance.

The streets came alive tonight with both pro and con Prop 8 people.  It was relatively calm, however.

I was actually surprised that the Court allowed this to stand.  When you consider all the things that the Court here in California has overturned in the past, I found it amazing that they actually upheld this, as well as allowed those that were married prior to the election…when gay marriage was still technically illegal…to stand.

Again, I have never stated which side I was on, and I do not ever plan to.  I have several friends…good friends…who are gay and even they are split on the issue.

My real concern is the Nazi-esque tactics of the Anti-* crowd.

Look at what they did to those who supported and gave money to the Yes on 8 Campaign.  What do you think that has done to any and all further elections on this issue?  They have systematically forced many people out of their jobs, lost people income etc. just because they did not agree with them.  Is anyone thinking that a further election where this is brought onto the ballot will be anything even closely resembling a fair election?  Is anyone thinking there will be the slightest amount of personal or business donations made to any anti-gay marriage groups from now on?

Liberals only believe in equality and fairness so long as it relates to their cause.  If anyone is opposed to what they want, they are fair game for all types of discriminatory actions.  Amazing in this case, for it is they who are screaming about how this was discriminatory against a “protected minority” and then turn around and partake in activities that, were they conducted on GLBT businesses or peope, would be considered “hate crimes” r worse.

What the courts did was not religious.  What the courts did was not discrimination.  What they did was something rare in California.  They upheld a legal election where the majority spoke.  While the anti-8 crowd claim the court discriminated against the minority, they are, in essence, calling for the discrimination of the majority.  Yeah…hypocrisy is their creed.

May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

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Words cannot express the deep felt gratitude I have for the thousands and thousands of American men and women who have fallen in service of this country against the foes of freedom, liberty and justice over the last 233+ years.  Their sacrifice…what has been called the “Ultimate Sacrifice” has permitted me, my children, and countless others to live in this country free to pursue whatever our hearts desire, whether it be to become incredibly wealthy, to start their own business, to work with their hands, work with their minds or just be bums…it is all due to those who have come before and given their lives and everything they were, everything they would ever be, simply for us.

They would never know what their sacrifice would become.  They would never know the outcome, however we all live right now, in the outcome.  We are their legacy.  We are what their deaths have become.

Over the last 40+ years, this nation has gone from one that openly honored and appreciated those who wear the uniforms of the various armed forces of the United States to one that openly despises and mocks those that wear it.  Sometime during the 60’s, the very children of those that faced down and defeated the greatest evil this world has ever seen, made spitting on, lying about, and ridiculing the men and women that fight for them “cool”.  They made anyone who supported the military out to be evil, made them out to be “War Mongers”.

I have spoken in the past, just two days ago as a matter of fact, of those people and just how very wrong they are.  These people now run this country.  They are now in the Congress, the Senate and yes, even the White House.  They are the ones who have these men and women’s lives in their hands.

On this Memorial Day, 2009, I would like to call on every single American to turn the tables on them.  It is far past time when we return to honoring those who were the various uniforms of this nations military.  It is time we return to the days when our children look upon service to their nation as something to aspire to.  It is time we take each and every one of these people that scorn the military and the memories of those who gave their lives in service to this nation, to task and make THEM out to be the pariahs they are.

Stand up for those who have fallen for you.  Stand up for those who are fighting and have fought for you.  Do not let their service be in vain.  There are those right now, in various parts of this world who are falling in battle for this nation, for you.  Do not let them fall in vain.

On this Memorial Day, we are reminded in GREAT DETAIL of how dangerous this world is, by the very fact that North Korea, a nation we are still at war with over 56 years after a “cease fire” was signed, detonated an underground nuclear nomb as well as a missile test.  There are many evil men and women in this world who are right now planning to kill and destroy every single one of us for the mere fact we are American.  Those in the military are the ones who stand between us and them, and unfortunately, there will be countless more that will die to defend us.

Stand up for them.  They have stood up for you.  When you see a person in uniform, go to them, shake their hand and say, “Thank you”.  It is a small gesture.  If you see them in a restaurant, go to the waitress and pick up their tab.  Another small gesture of thanks, and one they appreciate greatly.  After all, they make a hell of a lot less money than you do.  And for Christ’s sake, NEVER let some Liberal piece of filth talk poorly about someone in the military in front of you.  Call them on it.  Let them know just what they are doing and what ungrateful pieces of filth they are.
Thank you to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family.  Thank you to them…and to their families as well.

May 23, 2009

Obama Makes One Hell Of A Hypocritical Speech For Memorial Day

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Obama Cannot Pledge Allegiance to America

President Obama had to make a speech that you can just tell he hated to make.  See, one of the problems with being the Commander in Chief of the United States Military, is that you can no longer show your disgust and hatred of them.  In fact, you actually have to show them respect and occasionally say nice things about them as well.  Of course, this has not stopped him in the past, however this being Memorial Day Weekend, the weekend where we, as a nation, are supposed to be honoring and memorializing those brave men and women in our military who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and liberties that we all enjoy, and a great many, take for granted.

However, something happened to the children of those who suffered and sacrificed more than any other since the Civil War in this country.  I am referring to the group of whining, spoiled citizens called “The Baby Boomers”.  That group of people who were the children of those who served and fought in World War II and, as a result of the Depression and all that their parents saw and experienced during that time, became spoiled as their parents did not want their children to ever experience the things they did.  This lead to all the entitlements that the Government doles out, all the whining for more entitlement programs and, some how, a deep seeded hatred and loathing of the military and those that serve which began sometime in the 60’s, after President Kennedy was assassinated.

See, it was Kennedy that got us into Vietnam, and it was his stirring speech where he made the challenge of, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”  that got a good deal of people excited about serving their country in the military, the Peace Corp and other ways.  Yet after he was murdered, something happened in the minds of the Baby Boomers…and one can only link it back to all the mind-altering chemicals they ingested.  Suddenly, the words of their greatest hero and the sacrifices of their parents meant NOTHING.

They spit on those returning from Vietnam.  They called them. “baby-killers”, “rapists’, “murderers” and any other foul name these “hippies” could come up with.  They burned their draft cards and spit on every single symbol of authority this nation had.  Well, those doped out hippies only got older, and being the hypocrites that Liberals are, they are now running this country.  They are the reasons that we pay the astronomically high taxes we pay to fund the outrageous entitlement programs this nation has that does nothing more than keep people lazy, unmotivated, and on the Government dole.

And one more thing carried over.  Their hatred and loathing for anyone who serves in the military.  Yet they learned from their mistakes.  They learned, from the 80’s and the strength that Ronald Reagan brought to this country and that allowed “Generation X” to again become proud of their country and to honor those that serve, that they needed to change their tactics.  This is when they came up with that entirely false and hypocritical statement, “I am for the troops, but against the war”, or, “Support the Troops, Bring Them Home”.  Forget that both of those statements are actually insults and in no way make sense.  Forget that you cannot stand around and claim, “I am against the war, the things the military does, the things they say, but all for the people doing it”.  In the real world, such things make no sense.  I have no clue how they do in Liberal world.

They made everyone scared to “question their Patriotism”.  What this did was allow Liberals to say the most attrocious things against this nation and the men and women who are in the military, and then claim they are not traitors or seditionists.  They could call for the assasination of the President, the destruction of the military, they could work against this country, they could aid and abet the enemy, and then claim they are patriots and forbid anyone from saying anything to the contrary.

Well, I could go on, however most people who don’t read Kos or DU or watch “The Daily Show” to get their news already know all this.

So what does Barry Hussein Obama do on his very first Memorial Day Weekend as illegal President of the United States?  He insults those that have NOT said anything against the military and who actually DO support the men and woman who serve, and even more those who have given their lives so that we have the freedoms and liberties Der Fuhrer and his minions in the Congress are working feverishly at taking away from us.

In his speech, he says:

And yet, all too often in recent years and decades, we, as a nation, have failed to live up to that responsibility. We have failed to give them the support they need or pay them the respect they deserve.

We as a NATION?  Is he kidding?  Unfortunately, no, he is not.  See, it is just this type of thought that has made the Liberals what they are today…unbelievable hypocrites who think the world is nothing more than what they can see with their own eyes right in front of them.

Well, let me tell you something B. Hussein Obama…when you sit in a “church” for 20 years and listen to someone spew anti-American filth and do nothing to stop it, you hardly are in a position to lecture anyone else on the way the military has been treated or viewed.  When you have allied yourself with the likes of a home-grown terrorist name Bill Ayers, you have no foot to stand on when it comes to lecturing about the way people treat the military.

And when you belong to the party that represents the very people who spit on soldiers and who have treated the men and women who serve in the military like dirt for more than 40+ years, you have no right what-so-ever to tell people how to be.

It has been the Liberals and the Democrats that have acted that way, Mr. Obama…not the Republicans and most definitely NOT the Conservatives.  In fact, it is you and the people in your party who have repeatedly mocked us for the way we have tirelessly supported and defended those serving and the service itself.

How DARE you lecture us.  How DARE you make such a blanket statement without acknowledging those like Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and the rest of the current Democrats in the U.S. Congress that have spit on the military and their mission every single chance they have had.  How DARE you say what you did when it is YOU PARTY that has repeatedly called for massive cuts and massive weakening plans to the military and those that serve.

Maybe this whole “Love my Country” thing is new to you, but it is not new to MILLIONS of Americans who not only did not vote for you, but used the way you and your minions treat the military as the prime reason not to.

Don’t preach to us about how to treat the military and those who serve…we already do.  Just remember…actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words, and so far, we all might as well be deaf, for we have heard NOTHING in the way of your actions and the actions of every single Liberal in this nation.

There are two wars currently going on utilizing our military.  There are at least three more brewing and could bust out any moment.  Save your lectures, save your speeches…and demonstrate to us all that youactually do understand what it means to honor those who serve and have served.  Only when you practice what you preach, will anyone but your sycophants listen to you.  You can begin by having all those who, for the last 8 years, spit on the military and those serving in Iraq and elsewhere in this War of Islamic Aggression apologize and begin behaving like aduts and not the spoiled rotten little whiney brats that represent the Baby Boomers you belong to.

Just so there is no misunderstanding, Mr. Obama, I would like for you to look at these pictures and tell me just who it is you should direct your comments to in the future.  Here’s a big hint…they all VOTED FOR YOU!!!!













There it is.  Just a miniscule example of just who it is that has been treating the U.S. Military and the brave men and women who serve like dirt.  They are Liberals.  They are Democrats.  They ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES, and you, Mr. President, need to recognize that and you need to make sure you clean your own house and clean your own backyard before you go around making statements that include and insult those that have been treating those who serve in the military like they deserve.
Shame on you….but then no one is surprised.

May 20, 2009

Religion Of Peace Strikes Again…Proves Why GitMo Is NECESSARY!!!

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In New York today, three “jailhouse converts” to Islam, that oh-so-peaceful religion, were arrested as they planted what they thought to be C-4 under cars and around the grounds of a Synagogue in New York, and had what they thought to be a Stinger Surface-to-Air missile in their car with which they planned to bring down an aircraft at the airbase in Orange County, New York.

The FBI was working on this case for over a year.  The three were allegedly carrying out this plot as revenge for the War Against Islamic Aggression being carried out in Afghanistan.  One of those arrested was the son of an Afghan.

Now remember, three of the four arrested were all converts to Islam IN PRISON!  The same prisons that the Obama Administration and Liberals claim will be absolutely no problem housing the Terrorists now in Guantanamo Bay.

According to the Obama Administration and Liberals everywhere, since they will be in SuperMax prisons or in High Security prisons they will not be a threat.  they are not planning on releasing them here, after all, so what possible threat could they be?

Well, I would say the arrests today more than demonstrates why they would be a threat.  It more than demonstrates why Git-Mo is most definitely needed to house the Islamic terror suspects picked up during this war.  They are not regular prisoners, they are dangerous terrorists taken off the field of battle.

Do you idiots who are supporting the closure of Git-Mo really in support of allowing these thugs to be around those in our prisons who ARE getting out and will be wandering your neighborhoods?  Are you really thinking that they will not be allowed to talk to other Muslims and other murdering scum while in a regular prison?  Do you really want these thugs to be the ones to talk to new converts to the Islamic Religion in prison?  Or are you really all just that deluded and incredibly stupid.

Thanks to the FBI for their vigilence in getting these murderous thugs off the street.  However, it seems to me the way to make sure we do everything we can to not make more of these murderous thugs in the future is to keep those who have already been taken off the field trying to murder American soldiers as far away from the United States of America as humanly possible…not invite them into our country and allow them to recruit even more of their kind from those already predisposed to destroying human life.

Unfortunately attempting to reason with a Liberal is the same as trying to reason with a terrorist.  It gets you nowhere and all you are left with is a headache from trying to figure out how anyone could possibly be so stupid.

May 18, 2009

Just When You Think Biden Couldn’t Get Any Stupider…

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What is it with Democrats…Liberals especially…that they seriously cannot get their miniscule brains around the fact that there are really bad people in the world that want to do really bad things to Americans?  I mean, we all see the same things on the news, right?  We all watched the same reports almost 8 years ago when 19 insane men hopped up on the lie that they were about to fulfill some sick sex fantasy all because they died slaughtering Americans, didn’t we?

I realize, of course, that there are your average people who go about their business every day that never give a second thought to what would happen should the entire government of the United States were taken out.  I realize there was and still is a large segment of American society that finds the fact that the President of the United States needed to be kept safe during the minutes and hours first following the attack on New York, Washington D.C., and in a field in Pesssylvania…especially since it still has yet to be known for sure whether or not that plane that crashed in that field was meant for the White House or the Capital Building really, really funny.  They have no idea that we actually were dealing with the first attack on American soil in over 150 years.  And I also realize there are even more people who think the whole “Cheney was in a secure, undisclosed location” during that same period of time to be absolutely hillarious.  Heck, even now, almost 8 years later, there are jokes made about that, and the man is not even the Vice President any more.

But one of the last people anyone would expect to be making jokes about, let alone actually giving away the precise secret location of where this greater than Top Secret, secure bunker that housed the Vice President and his staff in those days following the attacks of 9-11-01 would be the current Vice President, Joe Biden.

Is this guy really that stupid?  I mean, Biden has made one hell of a name for himself for being the gaffe master…to the point that Obama has made sure he was neither seen nor heard from during the times he needed to force his agenda through the Congress so as not to let anyone know exactly what it was he was doing, but to be giving away an immensely important secret such as where the second in command of the United States Government is hidden during the time of war or severe crisis is just insane.

He has basically made that location totally useless.  It can now be directly targeted by our enemies, and if it can be targeted, it can be destroyed, allowing our enemies the opportunity to get to the Vice President and any other member of his staff, the Government or anyone else that should be taking refuge there.

Also, there is a large expense here as well.  These bunkers are not cheap.  They are built at a cost of MILLIONS of tax payer monies that could and should be going to other things.  I realize that the Obama Administration is all about taking as much of our money as they can possibly get away with, but creating these issues when they need not have been is just ludicrous.

It just fascinates me that we have an Administration that just plain doesn’t seem to take things seriously.  Not the security of our nation, the security of our people, or even the security of the Government itself.

Democrats and Liberals have mocked the War on Islamic Aggression since it began.  Go to any Liberal site and you are guaranteed to be met with any number of idiot making the insane claim that there is no such thing as Islamic terror threats, that all we need do is give them all a big hug and everything will be just hunky-dory.

Make no mistake…there are, at this moment, any number of Islamic nut-balls out there who would like nothing better than to take out our President and/or Vice President, and have been training/trained for just that outcome.  These people need to be taken VERY seriously.  Maybe Joe Biden thinks the whole thing is a joke, and maybe he doesn’t care, but there are those of us that do, and would appreciate SOMEONE standing up to these childish boobs currently running the Government and telling them that this is a very dangerous world with dangerous people in it that would like nothing better than to destroy our country, our government and everything we hold dear.  It is time to grow the hell up and take their jobs and the safety and security of our  nation and government as seriously as our enemies do, if not more.

Joe Biden…you are the Vice President of the United States of America.  You are one heartbeat away from being the most powerful man in the world.  It is far past time for you to grow up and start acting like it.  Enough is enough.   If you can’t keep that big mouth of yours shut, then at least find a secure location that you haven’t given the location of away to our enemies, and sit there until your time as Vice President is up and someone who DOES take the job of Vice President seriously is voted in your place.

Oh to have grown-ups in charge of the country again.

May 15, 2009

The Obama Card…Should Have Left Chicago Without Him

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Wanda Sykes Needs A Lesson In Who The REAL Traitors Are

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SYKES the REAL traitor

Well, in a previous article I mentioned the filth that spewed out of Wanda “Can’t Get Any Show That I’m In To Not Get Cancelled” Sykes while Der Fuhrer sat and laughed.  While she stood up in front of the Washington Press at their little annual dinner, telling everyone how she wished that Rush Limbaugh would not only have his kidneys fail, but that he was a traitor and should be dealt with accordingly, B. Hussein Obama just sat there laughing it up.  Of course no one should be surprised by this.  After all…did he get up and leave when Chavez and Ortega stood before him and bad mouthed America?  No…so why would he get up and leave after Sykes went far beyond comedy and into just plain evil and mean?

Well, apparently in Sykes mind, and the minds of all those who have come forward to not only defend her, but to attack anyone who found her statements way too far over the line and in no way funny, that not wanting this country to be turned into a Socialist utopia is treasonous and those people need to e dealt with accordingly.

See, because that is what Rush Limbaugh means when he says that he wants Obama to fail.  Of course, Sykes, along with about 99.9% of all the other Liberals who say bad things about and speak out against Rush Limbaugh have never actually listened to his radio show, thus they do not know what he meant.  They merely go onto their Liberal hate sites or, more likely, just listen to one of their other uninformed Liberal friends and make an opinion based on nothing more than what they THINK he says or does.  All Sykes knows is someone, somewhere told her that Rush Limbaugh stated he hoped Barack Hussein Obama…the man who refuses to provide evidence that he is even legally eligible to be President, fails in his goals.  Now, as anyone who actually pays attention to what his goals are and not just “Hope” and “Change”, they will know that he is sending us straight into the world of Socialism, thrashing the Constitution in unimaginable ways, crushing our economy, driving inflation up higher than Carter could have imagined, destroying our security, destroying and weakening our defenses….need I go on?  And THAT is what Rush, me, and every other Conservative and correct thinking American means when we say we want him to fail.

For B. Hussein Obama to succeed would mean disaster for everything this nation has been through and become for over 230 years.  It is a complete reversal.  It is…well it would be a disaster.  The problem is, just like the Germans in the 1920’s ans 1930’s, it will be only AFTER a specific thing that Obama does hits them personally that they will see and understand just what it is he is doing, has done and what is and has been going on.  But like in Germany, by then it will be far too late.

See, they only deal with feelings.  Nothing that resembles facts or reality.  So, as long as it “feels” like Obama is doing something beneficial, they will be all for it, and never look further into what it is to see what the future effects are and how bad it will end up being in the long run.  they are only concerned with the now, with the instant gratification.  Forget the future…it is not in their belief structure.  The dangerous part is that their leaders KNOW this and KNOW this is the way they think and operate, and thus this is not only how Obama got elected, but how he has been able to force what he has forced through the Congress and Senate to this point.
So, you want to know who the REAL treasonous people are Mz. Sykes?  Well, they were all there that night, from your false god on down.  They are the ones who released the interrogation techniques to the press.  They are the ones that release classified material to the public.  They are the newspapers and their reporters that allowed our enemies to see and read all about them.  They are the ones who caused, either directly or indirectly, from those things, men and women in our military in Iraq and Afghanistan to die as a result of any and all of that information to get out.  They are the ones who were at the “peace” rallies who were telling people to shoot their superiors in the military.  They are the majority of your friends in the Entertainment Industry who, for eight years, spoke out against this nation over seas and worse.  They are the Code Pink traitors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars DIRECTLY to our enemies in Iraq in order for them to resupply their weapons and kill American soldiers as well as extend the conflict.  How about any and all supporters of Amnesty and those who REFUSE to secure our borders and instead allow anyone with disease, or terrorist intent to cross our borders?  Or how about just take our jobs?  Drive up the crime rate?  Rape our women?  Murder our children?
So, if you think that someone who doesn’t want this nation to turn to a system of government that has not only failed everywhere it was tried, but is actually responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of people, and not the people who actually have worked for the downfall of this country and given aid and help to our enemies, then you really need to just shut up and go home and maybe learn about these things you choose to speak of yourself instead of relying on hearsay from your Liberal friends and HuffPoo and Kos.  You are nothing but a hate-filled, hateful, bigot and hypocrite…otherwise known as an A-typical Liberal.

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